Cosmic Insights

Our world is changing rapidly day by day. Sometimes we feel alone, like we’re the only ones out here among the stars. This Cosmic Insights section is being created to provide the reader with insights, knowledge and opportunities to discover just how much we are NOT alone. There are other beings/people out there who are friendly, who wish to help us grow and evolve into higher states of awareness, civilization. They wish us to join in with them and they to become known to us, and then, participate together with our huge cosmic family. We have been introduced to the notion of, and contact with, the many celestial/spirit family members, as well as, the Midwayers through the Urantia book and the Teaching Mission & Correcting Time efforts. The next step in our journey is to become aware of our off-world or cosmic family, if you wish. We are all One and an important part of this One-ness. We and they (all of the above) are all a part of that same One-ness. Now is the time to come together again. Without fear. A family reunion of a sort. The information as it comes forth from our Cosmic Family (our off-world brothers and sisters) will be arranged topically for ease of reading and searching. Q&A opportunities will exist. If you have questions please send them through this website’s ‘Contact Us’ menu item. We will respond. Q&A’s will be addressed at our discretion depending on content and demeanor. Thank you and they all look forward to developing our relationships further as we move step by step into our future. Stay tuned for more information. Peace be upon you.

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