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POD102- Podcast Series 102 – Forgiveness®

2020-07-29  Podcast Series 102 – Forgiveness

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Wisdom from Our Planetary Manager.

Welcome to the Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast #102.

This podcast series will consist of excerpts from the various transcripts delivered to our planet from Machiventa Melchizedek, our planetary manager, & perhaps other celestial personalities who are here to assist us depending on the episode topic.  The topic for today is on.  FORGIVENESS.

What you’re about to hear are excerpts from Machiventa’s bi-monthly presentations with follow on question & answers sessions that have occurred regularly over the past twenty years and still continue. These are available at:  If you have any comments or questions you may send an email through that website. Here, now, is Machiventa Melchizedek on Forgiveness.

Good Afternoon, this is Machiventa Melchizedek  Complete forgiveness occurs when there is no more resentment or hostility against that individual. When there is total acceptance that they are a child of God who has made the wrong decisions in their relationship with God.

Even though those decisions may have had a harmful or negative impact upon other people. It is simply accepting another as themselves but not being in alignment or agreement or resentful towards those actions that that individual took in the past. The way to the days of light & life are through decisions by individuals who accept patience, tolerance, forgiveness, love & so on. The expression of all those wonderful values brings about personal peace, family peace, community peace & global peace.

Only then will your world have the possibility of becoming sustainable. The universal answer for forgiveness is one that is completely applicable to humans on this planet — You forgive, & forgive, & forgive, whether it is seven times, forty-nine times, or four-hundred & ninety times, or 700 times. You forgive until there is no more emotional energy left in the episode which caused you to need to forgive.

It is the emotional energy that ties you to that event. If you continue to harbor resentment, hatred, loathing, & murderous thoughts, then you surely have a lot of forgiving to do. When you have eventually forgiven that person earnestly, & asked for your Thought Adjuster’s assistance to do so thoroughly & completely, then, eventually in time as you continue to do this with sincerity & earnestness & to persevere against the dark thoughts of your small mind.

Then, you will see that you will be a person who has forgiven. It is not necessary to forget, as these incidents are learning lessons both for you & for the other person. They are particularly important to remember, that as you mature past those episodes of hatred that require forgiveness, you then become a real living teacher & mentor to others who are going through the same process.

It is a method that the forgiveness continues until there is no more energy, coloration, or even an occasional thought about what occurred. It is as though that other individual who hurt you or harmed you has become just another stranger on the street. There is no forgiveness in vengeance. It only exacerbates & solidifies the justification for vengeance. & for destroying those who have destroyed others. You have sunk to the same level as those individuals.

And if a person is self-righteous enough to think they have been forgiven in doing their vengeance, then they are grossly & eternally mistaken. As for the forgiveness for those individuals whom you have never met, who have caused such great destruction. It is a matter of rising to the crisis of Jesus on the Cross, when he forgave those people because they really did not know what they were doing. You know what you are doing in your life, so you would never do those things.

You would find no justification in harming other people. Thus, you can forgive these people in the same way. They have not harmed you, but they have harmed your fellow brothers & sisters in another nation. This is a difficult thing to do. It is essential that you rise also to the level of a Planetary Manager, who does not necessarily abide by what occurred & does not agree with what occurred but sees that this is as evidence of the many foibles of humans who have not evolved in their consciousness to come to love other people as they love themselves. For those who have a continuing penchant to be evil, to do harm to others, it is necessary to forgive them for their nature, but also to hold them personally accountable. It is essential that forgiveness be applied, &, as well that remediation be applied.

This is the true proof of the value of the soul that the individual carries with them & the potential contributions that they can make to themselves, their society, their families & to their world. Without remediation, without education, without that thorough healing of the individual by themselves, they cannot succeed & proceed. You have within you to understand this yourself, as there are things in the world you cannot control.

It is essential that those things that you do have an influence in be used to the betterment of others, which gives you a greater maturity of your spirituality & your personality.  Now, do you see, when you think about the Palestinians & the Israelis, & the psyche of the Middle East, & other nations & other cultures, other ethnic groups. How lack of forgiveness is a perpetuation of violence? Un-forgiveness creates violence within yourself.

It prevents you from maturing & growing into the greater person who we see as coming forth into being in your years. This is an essential part of your transition to the morontial realm & to the level that you arrive at for your first group meeting with others. What level will you arrive at when you cross over? & so, when you then look at this whole lineage, this whole array of forgiveness & of the dynamics of spiritual growth, you really begin to see why Christ Michael came here.

Why Christ Michael has invoked the Correcting Time program on the planets that were in quarantine. & why he has vowed to return. He is surely a courageous individual, one who is capable of incredible forgiveness, even before the offenses are committed. You are your mental thinking, the choices you make, the values you have, how you were raised, how you react to how you are being raised, how you now think of your own life & develop your own life. 

When you think of your life in terms of that compared to the other person.  Surely you must come to understand that it is far easier to forgive that person.  They have become a product of their own thinking. They have become a product without thinking parents or loving parents or concerned parents—maybe they had no parents. You see, when you achieve the status of enlightenment & of being a master, equivalent to the Master Jesus, then you have an understanding of how this person came into being. How they could react to that situation. Where they saw the necessity to kill others for their own egregious existence. With them, it is a form of completion, an ending. & in that trauma of such a tragic ending & closure of their life, can you forgive them? That does not mean that you approve of what they did.When you associate the event with the individual then you have come to a grave error in your thinking of forgiveness. The event is not the person. The person is not the event.

The person was the actor of the event. What you are forgiving is the way this individual thought. The decisions that they made. When you come to full understanding, then you come to forgiveness. Holding a grudge means that you do not understand the whole situation, either of the individual or yourself. Holding grudges & being unforgiving, being resistant to & lacking tolerance is something that is a decision. Some people do not think about that.

You, as a believing individual, do think about that & we ask everyone to observe their thinking, their decision-making. You come to a point in your life even in your own maturity, where you will say, “That was a strange decision, that thing I did. What prompted that? What was I thinking? Maybe I wasn’t thinking.” Then those values somehow came to the forefront of the decision & so you reacted in that way. We thank you for the opportunity to understand Christ Michael’s capacity for forgiveness.

For some beings, as angels & others, forgiveness is automatic, there is no question about it. It is not an issue for decision. It is a fait accompli upon their own creation & so they are able to work with you in positive ways. They are able to be proactive in your life to encourage you to bring out the best of yourself in all the things you do. This is what we wish for you. These are the things we are actively doing with you and for you and for all future generations.

For do you not see that as you make decisions in the Correcting Time, as you make social progress & evolution, that there will be fewer mean people. That there will be parents & grandparents & great-grandparents who made wonderful decisions to assist the peaceful growth of their children, their grandchildren & future generations.

It is true that the hand that rocks the cradle does form the future of civilization. Christ Michael is rocking the cradle of Urantia & he is forming the future for you today & for all future generations to come. Good Day.

This concludes the discussion on FORGIVENESS. We also encourage you to read and become familiar with the Urantia Book, that’s spelled. U-R-A-N-T-I-A and you can find it on Amazon or any other book reseller. Additionally, you can search the entire text on or or other Urantia book websites.

Please consider supporting our sponsors & this podcast series. All monies generated from the advertising on this podcast series will be donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to the spiritual uplifting of our world. You may also listen to, or read the many transcript documents from which this podcast was derived by searching the website If you have comments or questions you may send an email through this website or the big mack speaks dot life website.

As mentioned earlier, many celestial transcripts, documents & other related resources may be found & searched on the website Additionally, other links to discussions on the 7 core human values & several sustainability concepts may also be found on the website We hope you enjoyed listening & found this podcast informative. Thank you for listening & until next time, peace be with you. be safe & well. & may God bless.

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