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POD105- Death & Dying – Part 2®

2020-12-27  Podcast Series 105 – Death & Dying- Part 2.

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Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast with Monjoronson

Wisdom from Our Planetary Manager

Podcast 105 – Death and Dying- Part 2

Welcome to the Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast #105.

This podcast series will consist of excerpts from the various transcripts delivered to our planet from Machiventa Melchizedek,  our planetary manager. & perhaps other celestial personalities who are here to assist us depending on the episode topic. The topic for today is on. Death & Dying Part 2.

What you’re about to hear are excerpts from Machiventa’s bi-monthly presentations with follow on question & answers sessions. that have occurred regularly over the past twenty years and still continue. These are available at: If you have any comments or questions you may send an email through that website.

Here now is Monjoronson. His second talk on Death & Dying Part 2.

Good Day. This is Monjoronson.

The process of dying oftentimes begins long before death when the person realizes that they are in the waning state of their existence. Those individuals who are God-centered who have striven to become integrated in the grand scheme of the universe in their life’s mission and their infinite ascendant career prepare for this. They begin putting their house in order. They begin putting their thinking in order. They begin preparing the closing out of the books, so to speak, in the ledgers of their life.

So the accounts are even and not to wreak havoc or vengeance upon their former enemies. but forgive them. to see them too as on their ascendant career. This progressive dissolution of life is one which can then be graded consciously which can be engaged easily the individual can actually participate consciously in crossing over as their spirit lifts from their body-mind mechanism and is guided to the mansion worlds. Few individuals of your world experience this glorious transition.

However. we see more and more individuals doing that. Many individuals die almost unexpectedly as though it were a surprise. Yes. there are accidents. People do get killed instantaneously in horrendous accidents of automobiles and airplanes and so on, or they are murdered or however they pass violently and quickly. For those who do not, death is oftentimes a surprise, as I said, that they unexpectedly say. Huh?. Well how did that happen? They are shocked by this occurrence.

And so there are many who have refused to engage the light. They don’t move forward toward the light and they don’t cross over easily. They are unaware that their body has died and their spirit remains here and many times it is not consciously known by them that they still remain here. They have not been trained to have curiosity about being God-knowing and traversing the ladder of light. as you might call it to the ascendant realm. Death is surprising to them.

I point out that death and dying has more to do with living than with the person who is dying. It’s a process of helping the individual reconcile their own life and living with the individual who is crossing over and passing out of their present spiritual existence. The reconciliation of death and dying is vitally important for those individuals who remain, particularly in the Western cultures. Your remaining here is often seen as shameful & you feel guilty for remaining while the other person crosses over.

Western cultures that see death and dying this way really are antiquarian. They are very, very primitive in this death process. We are not suggesting that you approach death as Ho-hum. It is just another latte but that you see it as an event that has significance for the individual who is crossing over. There is tremendous selfishness in Western cultures about the process of dying. Selfishness is always on the part of the living that they must do everything possible to assist the person who is dying to remain living! And this is simply very, very difficult for everyone concerned. The easier acceptance of death as a natural progression of life and the spirit needs to be incorporated. We applaud those cultures which have engaged a thoughtful analysis of the process of dying and have it put into a rational schema for them. It assists everyone when the event of death occurs. Sudden death is something which few cultures can adjust to or reconcile easily as a person whose heart has stopped will be dead within four minutes or less.

The cessation of mind-mental activity begins the dissolution of death and though the heart stops, and though the mind registers no brain activity, there is still dying going on, there is time in the minutes that pass from the cessation of mental activity for the body to give up the spirit and the spirit to release itself from those bonds. Those moments are precious it is needful at that time of dissolution after cessation of mental activity to guide the spirit forward. A hospice worker could be very, very instrumental in the passage of the spirit to the mansion realms in a speedy manner rather than remaining in a confused and uncertain state of their existence. Too often medications are given to deaden the pain process from the nerves to the brain. What would be much more advantageous is to assist the individual to engage a transpersonal experience of an altered state of consciousness rather than the dead-numb of a brain that has been dosed with heroin or morphine to such a great extent.

The person then is virtually breathing. but dead as a spirit. The option of assisting the individual in having an altered state of consciousness. a spiritual experience. assists them to bypass the pain episode and to engage the higher realms of spirit and the body and the mind. This would be new territory for your medical professionals. It is almost shamanistic in many ways but it is helpful to the mind to grasp the altered states of consciousness that are precursors to death and the cessation of mind activity and avail themselves to the ascendance of the spirit towards its career in the mansion worlds. It would be helpful for you. as a spirit guide in the flesh. to assist the spirit by saying. You have died. Your body is no longer an instrument for you to occupy. It is now time for you to engage the light over your shoulder or before you and move ahead toward it. so that you may engage the rest of your life. You would be quite amazed how this is appropriate and functions well for those spirits. as there would be fewer disembodied spirits wandering around in a confused state on your world. These individuals do not respond well to even the midwayers. or to those guardian angels who are there for them. This is a state of existence which few understand. but which we strive to lessen & lessen as times pass.

I hope my blunt speaking about this personal era these moments after mental cessation do not shock you but it is hoped that you can grasp the incredible importance of these moments for yourself and for your responsibilities as an aid and guide to that spirit which is moving on. This is Monjoronson and I thank you and I bid you all a Good day.

This concludes the discussion on Death and Dying Part 2. We also encourage you to read & become familiar with the Urantia Book. That’s spelled. U-R-A-N-T-I-A. You can find it on Amazon or any other book reseller. Additionally. you can search the entire text on or or other your Urantia book websites.

Please consider supporting our sponsors and this podcast series. All monies generated from the advertising on this podcast series will be donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to the spiritual uplifting of our world. You may also listen to. or read the many transcript documents from which this podcast was derived by searching the website If you have comments or questions you may send an email through that website.

As mentioned earlier, many celestial transcripts documents and other related resources may be found and searched on the website Additionally, other links to discussions on the 7 core human values and several sustainability concepts may also be found on the website We hope you enjoyed listening and found this podcast informative. Thank you for listening and until next time. Peace be with you. Be safe & well and may God bless.

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