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POD106- The Importance of Family, Ethics & Values®

2020-12-28. The Importance of Family, Ethics & Values.

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Wisdom from Our Planetary Manager.

Welcome to the Machiventa Melchizedek Podcast number 106.

This podcast series will consist of excerpts from the various transcripts delivered to our planet from Machiventa Melchizedek, our planetary manager, & perhaps other celestial personalities who are here to assist us depending on the episode topic.  The topic for today is on.  Families.

What you’re about to hear are messages from Machiventa’s bi-monthly presentations with follow on question & answer sessions that have occurred regularly over the past twenty years & still continue. These are available at: If you have any comments or questions you may send an email through that website. Here, now, is Machiventa on Families.

Good day, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. Families are the bases of all social existence. Families are the beginning of an organized social existence and an organized social existence depends upon ethics & morality. When we talk about organized social existence, we mean city councils, governments, education, corporations, insurance & health, and all organizations that have ever existed are part of organized social existence. and for all of these you need values, and you need families to produce the leaders of those organizations, children who have been raised with the ethics & values and who are steadfast for peace & social stability. You will never have the Days of Light & Life, peace, or social stability until you have leaders who thoroughly understand the consequences of immoral & unethical behavior.

There will then be people who are so aware of ethical & moral behaviors, that for them, there is no need for proscriptive punishments for wrong behavior. they just simply know the punitive effect of immoral & unethical behavior over time. It is the disintegration and the ultimate decline and collapse of societies & civilization. What do you want to bequeath your children?  your grandchildren? your great-grandchildren? Would you want the same chaos in their world that exists now to be prevalent in their lives or even worse? Certainly not! Good parents, ethical & moral parents, would not wish that for any child. The right of self-determination can work against as well as it can work for social sustainability. Humans are uniquely, almost solely uniquely so selfish as to exclude anyone else from enjoying the benefits of self-determination as well.

To be told that you can only have 3 children per procreative couple flies against tradition and the history of all humankind. Yet, those people who hold that opinion do not realize is that they are condemning their own 4, 8, or 10 children to a life in the future of diminished resources & social opportunities. The selfishness of a couple to have so many children does not take into consideration that they would have far more resources available to their children if they had only 2 or 3. To have more children than is necessary to replace them, causes tremendous disparity between the generations now &. future generations.

It is selfishly & historically blind to the future life that those children will have. The family of origin: mother. father & children provide the environment by which the tremendous, infinite, innate potential within the child can begin to be explored and that is an era of opportunity to expose the child to various situations of learning to engage their curiosity rather than stifling it. Answering their questions rather than telling them to be quiet. This training that begins in the family of origin usually expresses itself in midlife by failure to be curious and to explore their own potential when they are on their own and responsible for their own development, education & living.

What is missing from your social milieu is transparency. There must be a willingness, an eagerness, even an ability to talk about all issues that have been closeted in your culture. There are topics that are outside of open conversation in almost all societies. It is important for social sustainability & the sustainability of individuals at the local and global levels that there be complete transparency about the production of children and how they come into existence.

There must be complete transparency plus the offer of low cost or free medications, procedures & devices to limit procreation. Further, there must be an intentional effort to educate and train all reproductively capable individuals on how to use and prevent pregnancies. That this education be freely available to all pre-sexual individuals; which means pre-teens & even younger so that when they become older and join in reproduction with a partner they can educate their own children in these processes.

When you have emotionally immature adults raising infants you cannot expect to have much different results than what you see in the emotionally immature adult parent. It requires the individual to have the self-awareness that they do not have information. Knowledge or skills enough to raise this child sufficiently well to become emotionally independent and to therefore seek assistance. This is where the God-conscious person has an advantage, in that they pray to God, to their angels & teachers to find resources to assist them in the parenting roles that they have and be open and receptive to those resources as they come to them.

There must also be assertiveness on the part of the parent to seek out information to assist them in childrearing through these most difficult situations. The arrival of children at the most opportune time and in the  process of parents developing family is extremely important. It is important to the parents and it is important to the child that this child be intentional, that this child be planned and this child has all the resources necessary to grow into their fullness and to explore and exploit their potential for the good of themselves, their future family, and their society.

Your nation, your world, is then in a situation where there is a rising number of individuals who are spiraling upward for the great benefit of themselves, their neighbors, and their children. Their self-awareness is that they are inadequate to understand or to manage the situation for the benefit of themselves or others and they seek assistance. You are talking about the fundamentals of a sustainable society and a sustainable society begins before birth, as we have said. It begins even before the moment of conception, becomes a part of the thinking of the parents-to-be, the procreative couple that they will be self-conscious, self-aware as individuals, and as parents and teach this to their children.

This is how a society spirals upward; as it increases its knowledge of itself, its spiritual development and its emotional development which extends itself into the societal levels, that it becomes more mature. If you truly believe in what you are doing here today then you must have hope that we will guide you through this daunting task and the hope is that you, -you as an individual, you as a father and you as a mother have begun to teach your children and grandchildren the ways of peace.

And the ways of internal and personal growth that will assist them to live in peace & love & affection in their own families of procreation. And when they look back upon these years and decades, they can be thankful for what their father & grandfathers, mother & grandmothers gave them during this time.

This is Machiventa and I thank you for this time together and I bid you good day and be in peace.

This concludes the discussion on Families. We also encourage you to read & become familiar with the Urantia Book, that’s spelled, U R A N T I A and you can find it on Amazon or any other book reseller. Additionally, you can search the entire Urantia book text from the several direct links provided on the bigmacspeaks website. 

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As mentioned earlier, many celestial transcripts, documents & other related resources may be found & searched on the website Additionally, other links to discussions on the 7 core human values & several sustainability concepts may also be found on the website We hope you enjoyed listening and found this podcast informative. Thank you for listening and until next time, peace be with you, be safe & well and may God bless.

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