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MLV26- Free Will

2020-12-23. Free Will

Quebec, Canada, December 23 , 2020.

Teacher : Monjoronson 

Subject : Free Will

Message received by : Michel Levasseur

Monjoronson: « “Hello my friends, I am Monjoronson and in this time of celebration for many of you, I want to give you some information that will help you better understand the nature of changes on the horizon.

My friends, human is an evolutionary species that has free will. This free will is a gift from God to each and every one and no one has the power to alienate it in any way.

Currently, your free will is threatened with being taken away or at least negatively altered by individuals who have a different view of the normal evolution of mankind, which is totally against the will of the Father for his creation.

Be aware that this will not happen and that no one can repeal terminate or alter this fundamental and universal right that is free will. ”

We are monitoring this very closely and we will not let this situation go beyond a certain limit.

My friends, the future will be bright, but it will have to rain before we see these rays of light. Good day to you all. »

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