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The Institute of Christ Consciousness is dedicated to both personal and planetary transformation.  

We are now in the phase of planetary evolution to prepare our world for the materialization of the divine personality, known as Monjoronson, who will help us create a heavenly planetary culture over time.  Along with Him and His entourage, many people are being prompted to participate in this great planetary event.  

At the ICC, We collaborate with Monjoronson and various spiritual personalities along with our Planetary Seraphim who minister in our social and cultural institutions.  This is conducted through twice monthly conference calls wherein we hold the space for our divine and celestial helpers create the conditions for more transformation to occur.  This is a meditation experience, and any and all are welcome to participate.  If you are interested to join with us, please click on the link:  calendar-of-events.html and scroll down to the Planetary Seraphim Collaboration with Monjoronson for more information. 

Additionally, other transmissions are provided from magisterialmission.org since they are both related to the Monjoronson’s Magisterial Mission.

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