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11CT-55- Obedience and Failure

2009-05-02. Obedience and Failure

Location: Michigan, USA #55
Date: 2 May 2009
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s lesson is on obedience and failure. This is an important lesson for all humans and especially for those workers of light who so love to abide in the will of the Father, but being as they are human, they are sometimes subject to failure and disappointment, which can cast doubt on one’s ability to interpret the Will of the Father through feelings of guilt and unworthiness. Let me say this to you all: you are not alone, for all those on the path will stumble and fall—none are immune. To be human is to be imperfect, and so you were created this way and for good reason.

The Father, in all his perfect knowledge, omnipresence, and omnipotence is still growing in experience. You say, “How can this be so?” It is so because only wisdom can be had through experience, and you, the children of the most high are his experiential partners. You are the eyes, ears, and hearts of Him in the universe, and you are so very much loved that he calls you to be like him. It is this calling that draws us to him and through the experience of living on the worlds of time and space can we gain wisdom through our trials and tribulations; our stumbling and falling; our getting up and shaking the dust from our robe; and our triumphs and victories.

Only through obedience can we overcome our lower nature by constantly checking in with the spirit, asking for guidance, and praying for deliverance from the shadows of the past that haunt and taunt us to fall back into unconscious living and material pursuit. Just when you feel that you are making great spiritual progress and everything seems to be in perfect harmony in your universe, the lure of some guilty pleasure or unhealthy passion; anger or bigotry; selfishness or pride; creeps in and knocks you from your mountain top and drags you into the dungeons of guilt and unworthiness. Yes my beloved, I have walked these darkened paths, and I have overcome just as you can and will, for the Father is rich in love and mercy.

It is important that when these things happen, we immediately recognize and acknowledge our failure. Ask in prayer for forgiveness and for the strength to overcome the weakness in the future. Systematically analyze and dissect the events that led to the failure and try to understand the nature of it and why it is so. By doing this, you can more easily recognize the warning signs and diminish the power it has over you. This self-analysis is helpful in shaking off the dust so to speak, and to move on. Do not let shame and guilt dwell in your consciousness, for what good will it do? It will only delay your progress and dim the light of your joy in the continuance of your work to interpret the Will of your paradise Father. Go now and begin anew. May the peace and love of the Father be with you all.

Good day, The Circle of Seven


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