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11CT-116- Preparedness -Part 2

2010-05-22. Preparedness -Part 2

Location: Michigan, USA #116
Date: 22 May 2010
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message about preparedness (part 2).  We spoke previously about preparing of the soul for survivorship and the meaning of values that are truly important for those awakening souls who are to live through this Correcting Time. Because you live in a body of flesh and blood, you must not only prepare the soul, but you must prepare to sustain the body through these difficult times ahead.

How many of you are prepared for an emergency or a disaster?  Do you have an emergency plan in place?  Do you have stores of water, food, and medical supplies? Do you have a means of auxiliary power?  These cataclysms can come upon you without warning my friends, please begin to plan for your survival.  This message is not to alarm you or to put fear into you, yet many of you take for granted that the services of modern living are perpetual and will always be there.  The survivors of hurricanes and earthquakes know how fragile your infrastructures are and these folks are better prepared than most.

Mother Urantia is going through many changes now, as are all the planets in your solar system.  The Sun is awakening to a new cycle that will bring about many of these changes to the planet.  The earth will travail like a mother giving birth to a new child, and when she has given birth, her joy will be complete.  And so you must endure the pangs of birth along with her and await the hour of this new life which will come forth—the age of Light and Life.

Christ Michael needs responsible, awakened individuals to lead the way into this new dispensation that we are about to enter.  The old regimes and systems of greed and separation will crumble and fade giving way to the values of love and brotherhood. New leaders will step up and lead with a new spirit of unity and act in accordance with the needs of the many.  It is you my beloved that will step up and lead with the light of the Creator as your compass wherever it is that you find yourself in this new era.

Prepare yourself now by making plans to see that your families are provided for in these changing times.  It is essential that you put aside time for stillness, and not just you, but your whole family, to receive inner guidance and strength as you pass through the hours of travail.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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