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11CT-119- Growing Pains

2010-06-13. Growing Pains

Location: Michigan, USA #119
Date: 13 Jun 2010
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about growing pains.  Children often experience this type of pain as a result of bones growing at a rapid rate—faster than the surrounding tissue.  Thus, the joints will ache and they often complain having never experienced this type of pain before in their short lives.  The same is true for those young souls that have just recently awakened from a life of purely material awareness into one that has become spiritually aware.  These newly enlighten souls have a great thirst for truth and spiritual knowledge and often times they become confused and disappointed by the slow progress of acquiring spiritual gifts and abilities.

The Universal Father calls us to be perfect as He is perfect, and when we accept this invitation, the Father shows us the way—His way, not our way.  We shall in most ways, become like him in power and glory as we progress though the Grand Universe and onto Paradise where we will stand in finality before God having achieved perfection and sharing in his power and knowledge.  Yet we shall advance to no sphere or level of perfection that we are not ready for, and will be given no power that we are not responsible enough to wisely use.  In simile, a weapon in the hands of a skilled hunter can be a very useful tool that can sustain a family or even a whole village, and yet this same weapon in the hands of a child or a person of immaturity can be a dangerous thing to that person and others.

God teaches us how to use spiritual gifts as we mature in our thinking and in our ability to use them wisely for the benefit of others.  As we continue to embrace truth, beauty, and goodness; and maintain a heart of joy, love, compassion, and mercy; God bestows equal amounts of spiritual gifts and powers as our soul expands by the measure of our fruits.  As we learn to align our will with God’s Will, we will understand the wisdom of His methods to bring His children along slowly, safely, and purposefully where these gifts of the spirit can have a maximum benefit (soul growth and forward progression) to both the individual and to beneficiaries of those gifts.

Have patience my beloved friends, and wait on God as you diligently seek His Will.  Spend time in the schoolroom of silence and listen to God’s instructions.  Hear His word and apply the lessons in your own life by reaching out to your brothers and sisters bearing the fruits of God’s gifts.  Let us walk before we run so we do not stumble.  It is often our skinned knees that remind us of our immaturity and our need to regroup and master the self.  These are the lessons of life that will precede the changes in spiritual awareness that we desire.  SEEK—FIND—KNOCK—ENTER.

Peace, The Circle of Seven.


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