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11CT-121- Life Mission

2010-06-28. Life Mission

Location: Michigan, USA #121
Date: 28 Jun 2010
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today I would like to talk about the human concept of a life mission and pre-destiny.  Of those souls that are beginning to awaken to their spiritual natures, many believe that they have some pre-destined mission in life that they are called too, but they know not what that is, and spend much time and contemplation waiting for divine direction or instructions to start them on this path of destiny.  It is for some, that a  true mission may be in store for those humans who have been selected for the Corps of Mortal Destiny, yet most of these individuals may not even realize that they have been selected for emergency planetary service and may be called upon at any time.  Generally speaking my friends, for the rest of humanity, your life mission is to attain personality survival.

The path to personality survival is not predetermined as many would believe. What is predetermined is that your Thought Adjuster, your guides and guardians, will attempt to awaken you to this purpose of personality survival using every resource available to them in the mortal lifetime that does not infringe on your free will.  Once an individual has clearly awakened to the fact that they are a child of the Creator and they have the supreme desire to seek for God and to become like him, then and there has your mission been given and your path is set-up for the grand adventure of eternity—the offer of sonship is yours, yet it is not predestined, and you may at any time reject this offer and follow a path of unreality which leads to personality dissolution.

Your life mission is largely determined by your own desire to seek for God and to know His Will.  The affairs of your daily life, the people you meet, the decisions you make, create the mosaic of life from which the soul is built by harvesting the experiences of survival values vital to personality survival.  Your occupation in life has little to do with your life mission, for not all of you will become missionaries or church builders, yet all of you who have awakened will become teachers of truth to those searching souls who are hungry for what you have, but who still linger in darkness.  This my friends, if ever you could coin a mission, leading others out of darkness would be your greatest attainment.

For as you start down the path of this great mission, your thoughts and desires begin to align with God’s Will.  More and more will you realize the oneness of life and begin to see the interconnectedness of all things and beings.  Your awareness of spiritual leadings becomes more acute and you see that life on this planet is just a beginning of a long and glorious journey to become perfect as the Creator calls you.  Your faith as agondontors (those who believe without seeing) will see you through the mission.  Worry not about your standing in the Father’s house, for He holds nothing over your head, only his outstretched hand to join Him in the eternal adventure.

You have your orders, now go and live it!

Good day, The Circle of Seven.


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