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11CT-138- The Two Egos

2010-11-14. The Two Egos

Location: Michigan, USA #138
Date: 14 Nov 2010
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today I would like to talk about having two types of egos.  Type-I is the ego of the self and it is this type that we are most familiar with.  Type-II is the ego of the higher self, and this is not a part of your indwelling god fragment, but it is subsequent to the development and attainment of god-consciousness.  Both types are present in the life of every mortal on the worlds of time and space in varying degrees, yet the god conscious man or woman will seek divine assistance in the development of Type-II, while he or she diminishes the influence of Type-I.  This is the first step in the transformation of mind from the lower to what the Midwayers call, the mid-mind.

Type-I is your animal ego, the ego of survival; the ego of selfishness; the ego of self-importance.  This is a part of the nature and personality that every man and woman on your world is born with, and it functions instinctively in the mind.  Type-I is the seed from which Type-II may be born, and it is this lower mind that becomes a necessary component to the self-realization and the subsequent development of the mid-mind through faith and moral choosing.

You may think of the two types as containers, Type-I is akin to a survival kit—something to get you through the wilderness as a temporary means of sustaining the body.  This small container is packed to the fullest and provides no room for anything but the self.  Type-II is like a suitcase that is methodically packed for a long trip for which every consideration is given to insure survivability in a new and unexplored land.  The container of the ego-self (Type-I) only has enough rations to sustain the self for a finite period of time and it is selfishly guarded by the self through fear and suspicion from other survivalists that may happen to cross paths with the self. The container of the higher ego self (Type-II) has in it more than enough provisions for which consideration for the sharing of provisions with others, or for bartering, has been provided for. The Type-II container is very large and it also contains empty space for the storage of treasured items that may be acquired along the journey.  Type-I has no capacity for future needs.

God consciousness takes the self out of the wilderness, and faith becomes the travel brochure that inspires us for the journey ahead.  Moral choosing provides the insight to plan well and to insure the safe passage of the soul into eternity.  So you see, the ego of the self must not be subdued, but educated into the care and development of the higher self—the child of the universe—the human soul.

Good day, The Circle of Seven


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