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11CT-149- Having Fun

2011-02-27. Having Fun

Location: Michigan, USA #149
Date: 27 Feb 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about having fun.  Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, or we get caught up in the drama of life—earning a living, paying bills, taking care of others, worrying about the unknowns of the future, or taking on the concerns of the world as we are bombarded with information overload.  We need to stop and close that door of wants and needs for a moment and just laugh and have fun, for it is as they say, good for the soul.

Relaxation and recreation is a necessary component of perfection attainment.  Sounds strange, does it not?  We often think that soul perfection means to stay in our darkened room and meditate, or serve in some ministry that helps our fellows—and these are good and necessary things that are a part of this learning experience, but to round out your experience and to add that friendly glow to your already beaming soul, you must learn to laugh and have fun.

Much of what you do in eternity will involve reversion, for there are so many astonishing things and places to go and see and experience, that you will never find yourself bored or uninterested.  Eternal life in God’s playground of the universes is an unending joy when you balance service and reversion on your way to perfection.  In your journeys on other worlds, you will find that the most advanced personalities there have a most wonderful sense of humor and they are a delight to be around.

Have you ever noticed how often children laugh and play?  They, for the most part, live in the moment and are not concerned about all the seriousness and problems of the world.  They are enjoying life because they feel safe and secure under the watch care of their parents—all their needs are taken care of, and so nothing enters into their consciousness but what comes natural to them.  They want to explore, enjoy friends, laugh, and use their imagination (exercise their creativity).  You must learn to feel safe and secure in your heavenly Father and have faith that all your needs will be taken care of.

Is it no wonder that the Master said that to enter into the kingdom of heaven, you must become as a little child?  Ah-ha!  You see how much sense this makes?  Think about what friends you have that you feel most fond of.  Do you laugh and forget yourself when in their company?  Yes, it is a reflection of the Creator to laugh and be joyful, so why don’t you lighten up!  Renew your spirit, renew your outlook on life—laugh, relax, and find joy in all that you do.  It will make your short stay here much more profitable and joyful. The problems of the world will still be here to solve, but why not tackle these problems with a joyful heart?  Love and laughter are the medicine of the body, mind, and spirit. See that you take your medicine today—it taste delightful!

Good day, The Circle of Seven


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