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11CT-151- What is Truly Important

2011-03-13. What is Truly Important

Location: Michigan, USA  #151
Date: 13 Mar 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today is a sad day for many as they try to put their lives back together after a horrific earthquake and tsunami, and as we have discussed previously, there will be many more of these events as the Correcting Time unfolds.  You see, the things that were once important to many have now become less important.  It is now human relationships and values of love, compassion, and sympathy that are most important in these uncertain times.  These are tremendous opportunities for soul growth and transformation, and these are opportunities for you, students on the path, to re-think what is truly important to you.

Your short stay on the worlds of time and space may be even shorter for some, so it is best to live each day with gratitude and enjoy the moments you have with loved ones, for tomorrow change will come upon you, and you may never again get the chance to tell someone how feel about them, how you love them, or how important they are in your life.  I admonish you to be conscious of this temporary estate you inhabit and stop wasting days in mundane sleep giving care to material matters—reach out to your fellows and enjoy the moment with each and every one who crosses your path.

Events are moving very quickly now, my friends, and many of you feel that time is speeding up.  This feeling of time change will continue to increase as the events of the times unfold.  Stay grounded and focused in the days ahead, and take the opportunities that are placed before you to help your less enlightened fellows to understand what is truly important—be a councilor of light by giving words of comfort and hope.  Plant the seeds of eternal life and let the acceleration of the changing times water and nurture these new thoughts in the darken minds of the sleepers.  It is so very important, and with so little time, that these multitudes become prepared.

You, my friends, are the ambassadors of light in this world, and you will be given much love and attention from the spirit world in your efforts to make a difference in the lives of your fellows.  New power from on high is available to you.  Drink it into your soul now and let it burst forth from you like a shining sun.  You are all light anchors, and wherever you are, when you walk into a room, or into a group of your fellows, imagine yourself to be a sphere of light that is growing in intensity, filling every darkened corner of the room, and passing through every person near you, bathing them in this wonderful light of love, compassion, and sympathy.  This is not just an exercise for your own benefit, but it is a real spiritual outpouring of light and power that has a real effect on other persons who’s indwelling spirit will bear witness to the light. It is the soul that will receive this light and information to be used in these changing times that are now upon us.

Godspeed my friends, The Circle of Seven


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