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11CT-153- Revealing the Soul-Child

2011-03-27. Revealing the Soul-Child

Location: Michigan, USA #153
Date: 27 Mar 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about revealing the inner being, the true self and personality, the soul-child, to the outer world and how to find peace within the self and those around you who live on the surface of the life.  For to reveal this inner being, one must know the self and be not afraid to look deeper at the true nature and the inner desires for self expression.  As the spirit nature grows, so too should the will to express the spirit nature grow.  During the process of discovery, and the realization of the soul-child within, it is at first bewildering to the human mind on how to balance and relate to others how this inner being is changing, growing, and uncloaking the true self, but with patience, understanding, and persistence, inner peace can prevail.

It is the will of the soul-child as it seeks self expression, to radiate the light in which it so naturally inhabits at the higher levels of the super-consciousness where divine communication occurs. This higher level of consciousness is the domain of the Thought Adjuster and where divine communication with other light beings interface—your guides, guardians, and teachers.  The more spiritually mature the individual becomes, the greater will this higher communication filter down into the conscious mind where it may seek self expression.  It is the filtering down process that often leads to confusion in the mind because the meanings and values communicated at this higher level often times have no counterpart or relative value to compare with in the material world, and this is why meditation and stillness is important, so that these downloads of higher information can be given the opportunity to be further distilled and understood.  It is in this process of hearing, asking questions, praying, and worship, that the soul-child begins to mature and the human mind can really know thy self.

Uncloaking the soul-child to the outer world can be a difficult process for many as they have invested heavily into the illusion of conforming and reacting to the expectations of others in their life circles who are yet living on the surface of life.  The ego wants to continue to cloak and hide from this emerging self, yet as the desire for perfection attainment deepens, greater will become the battle between the two natures until one submits to the other.  For those students on the path who are seeking this freedom of the spirit, real peace can only come when the soul-child is free to express its inner desires and use its co-creative powers to deepen its understanding of the higher levels of divine communication and seek unity with the Will of the Creator.

To reveal the inner being to the outer world and find that peace and liberation of the soul-child, there must be slow but constant communication of your will to those people in your life circles.  They must be spoon fed, and with baby steps, made to understand how important this spiritual path is to you.  By living the fruits of the spirit in one’s daily life and by being a living example of God’s will to those in your life circles, you are learning the keys to successful communication and true happiness in your pursuit for perfection attainment in this life.  You must blossom like a beautiful flower, then, even your greatest critics cannot deny the sweetness of your fragrance.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven.


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