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11CT-181- The True Realization of Self

2011-10-09. The True Realization of Self

Location: Michigan, USA #181
Date: 9 Oct 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about the true realization of self.  What do I mean by this?  The true realization of self is the state of recognition that one has when the culmination of personality and spiritual awareness becomes integrated into a new paradigm of philosophy about his or her existence as a part of creation—that moment of realization that one has become an ascending son or daughter of the Creator and their viewpoint of life widens to a juxtaposition of life on earth, and life in the hereafter, as a related continuum of events that has a purpose and a goal to attain perfection and function as a part of the whole.  Simply stated, the moment the part becomes aware of the totality of the whole is the moment of true realization of self.

For many of you, much of your life is lived in separation from the whole.  Your thoughts are shielded from this realization of self by social conditioning and survival instincts—consumed by the daily grind and the distractions of material wants and entertainments. Often times it takes a great crisis to jolt the consciousness out of its path of blind ambitions to realize that he or she is mortal and will be forced into a transition by the termination of physical life.  Only then do the thoughts of eternity and the continuation of identity begin to surface as a precursor to this true realization of self.  Unfortunately for many, these are fleeting thoughts that are soon pushed under and filed away as something to think about in old age—a travesty really.  Still others will embrace this opportunity to change their thinking and really begin to live life with this broader perspective of an eternal continuum—for these souls, life then becomes precious.

The development of your world is something of an oddity in the universe.  Most worlds in Nebadon that have reached this stage of technological advancement, as has Urantia, have also attained a much higher degree of spiritual and sociological perfection which better prepares the souls of that world for their next life on the morontia training worlds of their local system.  The true realization of self is something that is instilled in these individuals from birth and continues throughout life.

For those of you who have triumphed over this handicap of confusion imposed on you by the sin of rebellion by your deposed caretakers in the Lucifer insurrection, have truly won your stripes and will become much sought after as valued universe administrators in the ages to come.  Your capacity for mercy and understanding of the evolutionary struggle is paramount to great success and leadership as ascending sons and daughters of the Most High.  With this in mind my friends, keep this broader perspective and view of your life in eternal meanings and values while you gather your experiences in the totality of the whole.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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