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11CT-190- Experience Divine Love

2011-12-18. Experience Divine Love

Location: Michigan, USA #190
Date: 18 Dec 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about Divine Love.  We have spoken many times about this most essential element of creation, for without it, nothing would exist.  Today my friends, we would like you to consider yet another discourse and application of that love that you may not have considered.  For the many of you that say you have never experienced Divine Love in any tangible way, let me illuminate your mind for a moment and demonstrate that you indeed have experienced this most precious estate and you see it everywhere in the world if only you would notice.

For some of you students on the path, you do indeed feel this divine presence and the blissful feeling of utter peace, waves of warm embrace, assurance, completeness, unconditional acceptance, and a high vibration of love that sweeps through every cell in your body where tears begin to flow from the love and beauty of the experience.  For these ones have allowed the Divine to enter in and dwell in the soul locked for a moment in total union with the God presence within.  This, my friends, is what we all strive for, to find that place of oneness with the Creator and to actually feel the Divine Love radiating in and through our being.

Those of you who have not experienced these moments of oneness, I tell you that you are not far from it, you only need to recognize it in other forms.  Most of you have experienced love in some form whether it be from a lover, a spouse, a child, a mother, a father, aunt, uncle, or beloved friend. When you experience a tender moment with someone who you really love because of their unconditional love, kindness, patience, non-judgmental acceptance for who you are and what you believe—someone who is there for you, who has helped you through a trial in life or has taught you how overcome and rise above the confusion of the world.  It is in these ones that you hold so dearly in your heart that the divine signature is made manifest to you.  They have opened themselves to the channel of divinity and have let it flow through them and out into the world.  When you sincerely say, I love you with heartfelt revere to some person, you are acknowledging the experience of divine love coming through that person and into you.

Divine Love is a constant in the universe, for it showers down continually on all people in all places, but it is for many that you live your life with an open umbrella to shed this divine love through misunderstanding, selfishness, unbelief, logic, materialism, and all manner of distracting activities.  See the divine in every person, my friends, and soon you too will experience that blissful moment of complete oneness and unconditional love that the Creator wants to have with you, for you are His child and He wants to have those intimate moments with you throughout your life, to know Him and to love Him.  Sit in the silence now, collapse your umbrella, and ask for this Divine Love to wash over you.

Peace and love to you, The Circle of Seven


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