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11CT-210- Is There Really a God?

2012-05-20. Is There Really a God?

Location: Michigan, USA #210
Date: 20 May 2012
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The message for today is about the evidence of God and the conditions for which one may receive an answer to validate God’s existence.  Where is God, and how do we know there is a God?  Many on your world ask this question, some in sincerity, and some in skepticism. Those in skepticism are trying to disprove the existence of God by asking this, always pointing to the physical sciences of what is known to the puny mind of man, while those who ask in sincerity are looking for answers because they really do not know, yet they feel some kind of innate curiosity to find out.

The skeptic is closed minded and has already decided for himself that God does not exist.  The sincere individual is open to knowing truth and therefore has set in motion the vibrations necessary for the universe to answer, and the answer shall surely come to that open minded individual in ways he or she may not expect, but will recognize, none the less, as their God fragment points the way working together with the Spirit of Truth to validate the evidence in the heart of the individual.

Where is God?  The question is not, Where is He, but where isn’t He?  Look around you my friends, and really survey your surroundings.  Look at the earth, the sky, the trees and vegetation, the birds and fauna, the flowers.  Look at yourselves, your children, the incredible consciousness you have and share with others like yourselves. Think about your complex emotions and the feeling of love you have for another.  Do you really think all this was a cosmic accident?

Close your eyes and create something from nothing.  Use your imagination and create some beautiful castle sitting high on a hillside.  See the color of its great stonework shimmering in the sun.  See the tall watch towers looking down at the world and see the great wooden drawbridge—now see the great many windows in its facade.  What have you just done?  You have created something from nothing—you are a creator!  Where does this imagination come from?

You were created in the image of God and therefore you shall do the works of God.  Life on the material worlds of time and space is just the beginning for you, and so your co-creative powers are attenuated to a safe level for you to operate in.  Those that believe in this creative power can bring the visions of their imagination into reality—the proof being the existence of real castles on your world.

The skeptic will never receive an answer because he is like a bucket full of stagnant water never willing to empty himself to allow fresh water to come in—the ego never wanting to be proved wrong.  In contrast, the sincere individual is open to receiving an answer and is willing to ask it.  Be willing to ask questions my friends, not just about God, but anything you desire to know.  Remain open to receiving the answer having faith that the answer will come and you will recognize it when it does in whatever form it may show up.  When you receive that answer, think about how or where that answer came?  Was it a happy accident that brought it to you, or was it something more?

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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