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11CT-224- A Lesson on How to Love

2012-09-09. A Lesson on How to Love

Location: Michigan, USA #224
Date: 9 Sep 2012
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The lesson for today is about how to love.  Many on your world are confused about this and have wrong ideas about what love truly is.  The love the Creator has for you is divine and it is the kind of love that allows for complete freedom—free will.  It is unconditional and demands nothing.  God shares all, and He only gives as much love as you willingly allow, for there is no limit to His love for you—it is infinite and eternal.  God’s love is patient and long-suffering, for He is far seeing and knows the potential each of His children have to love and He provides the opportunities for you to grow into the reality of real love.  How then is it that so many are confused about this and place so many constraints and conditions on how they love their fellows?  The answer is simple.  It is because they are willingly disconnected from the love of God.

To know God is to know real love.  The greater your connection to God, the more will you understand this love and assimilate that love in your relationships with others.  Within each of you there is the potential to become a Finalitor—to ascend the heavens and to become like God, and when you reach this pinnacle of reality, you will know how to love as the Creator loves.  As we all live and move and have our being in God, the entire cosmos, as one organism, is evolving and moving toward perfection and this is known as “Light and Life.”

Since we all have this potential to become perfect and to know “real” love, what does it matter that we now hate, kill, causes strife, be fearful, be jealous, be possessive, be unkind, cheat, steal, and abuse?  Will we eventually get to this place of real love?  All these maladaptations and confusion we have about love has an exponential effect on the entire planet and human race, for each trespass we make, causes a reaction to occur in the life of another, which in turn causes more misunderstanding and confusion in yet another and so on and so forth.  It causes an imbalance and a delay in the divine plan (Light and Life) and also a separation from the divine love that flows continuously from the Creator to the child.  Inversely, when men and women learn to love and reflect the love of the Creator onto their fellows, this exponential effect works and moves creation forward toward perfection.

The real danger to mortals is that the willing “disconnect” caused by this confusion about love will become ingrained and they will continue to drift farther from reality (real love) to the point where they will have no part in the co-creation of the universes and may at some point willingly choose cessation of identity because they have hardened their heart to God’s love—and so, when a unique personality chooses this path, the entire creation will lose a unique aspect of creativity that can never again find expression in the divine plan.  The creation must then adapt to this loss.

My friends, the love of God flows continually down upon you.  It is you that opens the umbrella of confusion and sheds this love away.  Learn to love by allowing the Spirit of God who indwells each of you to teach you this “real” way to love.  There is only joy in this love.  If you have not joy, then you have not love.  Seek the way of love.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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