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11CT-237- “Why” Many Questions

2012-12-16. “Why” Many Questions

Location: Michigan, USA #237
Date: 16 Dec 2012
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today, my friends, there are many on your world asking “why.”  Why is it that a loving Creator would allow such injustices to occur on your world without divine intervention?  Why do innocent children have to fall victim to the evil machinations of a twisted and misguided individual where they have been robbed of the opportunity to live a full life on an evolutionary planet and be deprived of that valuable life experience?  Is there such a thing as universal justice?  What happens to these child victims—where are they now and in whose care?

What about the perpetrator of this heinous crime—what is his fate?  Volumes of books could be written to attempt to answer these many questions about the way the universe works and why such things are allowed to happen, and still you would not comprehend the depth and breadth of universe meanings and mechanics, yet we will attempt a “legal-brief” consolation to these questions.

Evil is not a necessary choice, my friends, but it must exist in potential to facilitate the functioning of free will.  Only when a will creature makes a conscious choice to embrace evil (sin) does it come into existence.  Like a stone thrown into a pond, the ripples from the impact spread out and echo in every direction.  So too does the collateral effects of both love and evil touch many lives when a will creature chooses to bring thoughts and ideas into reality.  The root cause of all evil acts is due to a lack of love and understanding—a disconnect from Source.  This is a systemic problem on your world where so many are lost and have no clue to what life is really about.

The consequences of free will belong to the Creator and He sees all from the end to the beginning and He brings all things to light and to justice.  These little children who have been taken against their will, without choice, will be compensated in eternity as will their suffering loved ones who remain to carry on with terrestrial life void of their presence.  We cannot see the end from the beginning and so we cannot understand or see any good from such a seemingly unjust act, but when the wind stills, and the ripples from the stone become placid in the water, all shall be made right as the energy from the stone obeys universal law.  If we were to follow every ripple from every exponential cause and effect from such a tragedy, and could lay it on a scale, then would you understand and see divine justice at work and see how love really triumphs over evil in great disparity.  Knowing this however, brings little comfort to those who have lost their beloved little child in this moment in time.

Those little souls are now safe and lovingly cared for in the foster care of the angels on the nursery world of our local system who will love and nurture these little ones in a family-like atmosphere and provide education unlike anything you can imagine here on your world.  They will grow up just as do the children on earth except they will not be subject to all the ills and psychological dysfunctions of a world in rebellion—they will excel and evolve in an environment filled with love and kindness while they learn about the earth and its “real” history and why people act as they do and why they are so disconnected from God.

The trauma of their demise will leave no scar in their ascendant careers and many of them will grow and become teachers to many of you when you arrive on the mansion worlds.  They look forward to the happy reunion with their loved ones when they arrive and are allowed special privileges to know about the welfare of their parents and siblings while on earth.  After a time of grieving is over, it is helpful for these little ones to know that their loved ones are happy and continuing with their lives knowing how well they are cared for on the nursery worlds.

We may not comment about the fate of the perpetrator of this crime except to say that he also was once a child brought up in an environment of dysfunction and misguided love with little moral guidance—a consequence of indolent free will.  It will be up to that individual to accept the mercy of Christ Michael and all that comes with compensatory rehabilitation.

Let the disparity of love over evil prove true, my friends, and let us use this tragedy to take a deeper look at ourselves and where we are going as a race of free will beings.  May it heighten our awareness of the oneness we all share as children of the Creator Father—all indwelled by His spirit, all seeking perfection through love—brothers and sisters of the human race.  Only through love and understanding can we be truly free.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven

Receivers note:  This message refers to the school shootings at Newtown Connecticut where 20 children were killed by a gunman.


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