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11CT-256- Spiritual Unity: “A View from the Mountain Top”

2013-05-05. Spiritual Unity: “A View from the Mountain Top”

Location: Michigan, USA #257
Date: 5 May 2013
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The message for today is about spiritual unity and the relationship we all share in with the Father as ascending sons and daughters.  As one would look upon the surface of the Earth, they would see a world that appears to be discordant and far from having any kind of unity, yet when viewed from above (spirit) we see billions of lights divinely lit (the parts) that are interconnected and all serving the One (the Whole) in unity of purpose.

The unity of purpose is for souls to progress toward perfection and to share the experiences of life here and hereafter with the God of experience, God the Supreme.  It is the quality of that experience and the disharmony of consciousness that divides men and women and prevents them from seeing the view from above.  If only but one fact was known to all on your world—that the Creator’s Spirit indwells every man, women, and child, all would realize that they share in the unity of spirit, and consciousness would begin to move from chaos to harmony—from darkness to light.

At the very root of the Correcting Time initiative, the goal has been set to bring planetary consciousness into spiritual unity with the knowledge that God’s spirit lives within all people.  Currently on your world, this is known only to a small percentage of the population, and even within this small segment, there is division of consciousness because each views his or her own progress as a competition or as a deficit in comparison to others progress.  Religion further divides this unity by separating groups by beliefs and creeds.

Do you not know that God requires diversity?  Diversity enriches the unity of purpose and no matter where you are on your spiritual path and progress, you with your unique personality, abilities, and potentials, are serving to expand the possibilities of creation.  Like climbing a mountain, each of you is unified in reaching the top, yet all will climb at a different rate, a different day, a different time, according to his or her abilities.  With each step, you reach for the next stronghold and your view changes.  You see those below you just starting out and you see those above you going higher surveying a greater view.  What is needed now is for the climbers to reach up to those above them as they reach down to pull those below them up, while they find truth, beauty, and goodness in the climb along the way.

This cooperation in purpose is unity of spirit, and what you all share is the vision of reaching the top of the mountain.  What you believe that vision to be will be as diverse as each unique soul thinks.  Without this ebb and flow, this push and pull, this cooperation to share the vision, all progress in the universes would stop.  So you see, dear friends, you, no matter where you are on your path, you are just as important to the Great Plan as any other.  You are a link in the great chain of souls that contributes to the purposes of God—to experience Himself in the creation through the experiences of all His children.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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