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11CT-267- Beautiful Exercise for Raising Your Spiritual Vibration

2013-07-28. Beautiful Exercise for Raising Your Spiritual Vibration

Location: Michigan, USA #267
Date: 28 Jul 2013
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today, you students on the path will be assembling the code that will bring about the most profound change in your spiritual vibrational signatures which will raise the level of your consciousness.  If you take me at my word and sincerely go through this simple exercise, you will know that what I am leading you through will elevate your spiritual strata and bring you into the presence of the Father on Paradise.  It requires that you be alone, at peace in mind, and in a condition to send and receive love.

What you are about to do is to make a conscious connection with the Father and so I would like you to first get comfortable.  You may sit, or lay down.  Take three deep breaths—one at a time, very slowly, and very deeply.  As you breathe, imagine you are breathing in love from the Father, and when you exhale, you are giving love back to the Father.  Do this now with great sincerity.

State aloud: “Father, it is I, “(your name) your faithful child, and I wish to be in your presence in this moment.”  “I am so very grateful that I have this moment to come to you and tell you how much I love you and to thank you for giving me this life I have where I am free to think and feel and do as I will.”  “I am learning so very much here, Father, and I want to express my love and appreciation for this opportunity to be your experiential child, your partner and co-creator.”

“You have shared with me, Father, this perfect piece of yourself to guide me through this life and to teach me how to love.”  “You have placed within me a compass that will draw me back to you Father.”  “As I raise my spiritual vibration to match yours, Father, I am becoming more like you.”  “Fill me with your perfect love—fill me from my feet up to the top of my head with your love, and when I am full, I will give all my love, with every fiber of my being back to you, for we are One.”

Breathe in and out three times, breathing in the Father’s love, and breathing out, returning your love to the Father.  Now, imagine a warm bucket of water being gently poured over your head.  This is the perfect Love of the Father washing over your soul, bathing you in light, and raising your spiritual vibration.  Imagine that as the water falls you are becoming more brilliant, brighter, and glowing with celestial light.

Imagine a light beam emanating from the top of your head going out through the roof of your room and up into the heavens like a laser beam which is fixed on the Paradise Father.   As the beam goes up, imagine hearing a high frequency tone that is increasing in pitch and becoming so high that it soon becomes inaudible to your human ears.  Imagine your inner light expanding and moving out in circumference to fill the entire room you are in.

Now, quickly as in hyper speed, see yourself  being born into this world as a baby, see yourself taking your first steps, then see yourself as a young child going to school, having a birthday celebration, riding a bicycle without training wheels for the first time.  See yourself as a teenager, then a young adult, and then as you are now.  Let your life flash before your eyes as if you were dying in this moment.  Now, with all the love in your being, give all these experiences to the Father as an unconditional gift of yourself.

Sit quietly now and receive what the Father has for you.  Today, my friends, you are more perfect then you were yesterday and your spiritual vibration is higher than it was before.  You are one degree closer to god-likeness.  Well done!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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