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11CT-271- Meditation for the Expansion of Spiritual Awareness

2013-08-25. Meditation for the Expansion of Spiritual Awareness

Location: Michigan, USA #271
Date: 25 Aug 2013
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Dear one, you have asked us about a practical application for building spiritual awareness and we acknowledge that many of you students on the path are interested in doing that which will expand your abilities to hear and receive from Spirit.  We have considered this and so we will suggest an exercise that may help you discover new ways to interact with us as well as discovering something new about yourselves—a sort of  “new twist” on an old theme.

As we and the other teachers have said to you students many, many times: the greatest way to expand your awareness is to “meditate, meditate, and meditate!”  When we say, “meditate” we do not mean to merely clear the mind, but to have an intention for your meditation, and this is the key to success for what you are looking to accomplish in your meditation.

The universe is a very big place and mind can go anywhere in it, for it is not bound by time or distance, so therefore your imagination is the vehicle for exploration.   To use your imagination as the fuel for learning, you must be open and curious.  You must also be prepared to receive and acknowledge what you have experienced in the meditation.

We would like you students to “pair-up” with a spiritual friend, someone who you are comfortable sharing spiritual experiences with, and create an intention for a synchronized meditation where you will both be participating in the meditation at the exact same moment.  If you are in different time zones, make arrangement for simultaneous interaction.  Use the following steps as a guide for your meditation:

Choose your partner and agree on a meditation time.

Predetermine an intention for the meditation.  This can be anything: healing a patient or each other, sending loving energy somewhere it is needed, meeting a guide or teacher, discovering a hidden place in the construct, or even holding a meditation within your meditation!  Your imagination is limitless, so use it and make that your intention—there are no boundaries.  The important thing here is to go wherever it takes you.

Choose a meeting “place.”  This is a construct that you agree on.  It can be a real place or something you create in your imagination, but you both will want to hold that construct in your mind for the duration of the meditation.  If it helps you to “see it” then find a picture of a place of beauty or somewhere you have visited in your past that is inspirational and share it with your partner.

Prepare yourself for the meditation and place your consciousness into the construct.  Try to experience the environment of the construct as vividly as you can—see it, feel it, smell it, and hear it.  Explore the construct and make note of what you find there.

Meet your meditation partner in the construct.  Greet each other and explore the construct together and participate in the agreed upon intention, whatever that may be, and record the event in your memory for the duration of the meditation.

Soon after the meditation, write down your experiences and share it with your partner.  Compare notes and discuss the significance of the experience.

This is a most excellent way to expand your spiritual awareness by being accountable with a spiritual partner.  Bringing together the power of two minds can expand the possibilities of your super-conscious experience—something we highly recommend.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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