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11CT-276- Alignment: The Key to Inward Movement

2013-10-13. Alignment: The Key to Inward Movement

Location: Michigan, USA #276
Date: 13 Oct 2013
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The message for today, Dear one, is about the relationship between the Spirit and the soul—how both are necessary to answer the Creator’s call to perfection through the accumulation of those experiences that are derived of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Growth of the soul is attained through cooperation with the Indwelling Spirit, yet free will choice determines the quality of the experiences for which the Spirit will retain and counterpart those experiences for both the soul and for the Supreme Being. Finding that “alignment” with the Will of God ensures the experience and the wisdom gleaned thereof will be deposited in the seat of the soul where progress is made and the character of that personality is more perfected and god-like than it was a moment before. “Alignment” therefore, becomes the key to inward movement, growth, and unity with God.

Life on your world and the struggles you face in your daily life provides the opportunity for you to choose which experiences you will have and how those choices affect the lives of those in your circles. Alignment with the Father’s Will occurs in two general ways:

1.) When a connection is made with other souls where what you do or say has an influence that shapes the thought life or the path of that individual in a positive way where they “move” inward from where they were before having contact with you.

a.) Seed sowing

b.) Leading by example

c.) Selfless acts of love and compassion free from judgment and recompense

2.) Spirit inspiration

a.) The realization of truth and the free will capitulation of error

b.) The appreciation for, or the co-creation of beauty

c.) The free will choice to do good works (positive intention)

In either case, “following the heart” leads to alignment for both the God knowing individual and those that are moving toward divine awareness. Those that serve the self or gratify the selfish desires of the ego are not in alignment with the Will of God and so those decisions and experiences are not likely to survive and become a part of the soul-character unless they are the catalyst for positive change—those experiences that teach lessons that “move” the individual to think and act in “alignment” with God’s Will.

The Indwelling Spirit, as the Master Operator, coordinates and guides by giving you the opportunity to look inward before making choices, thus providing you the inspiration to act in alignment with the Will of God. When you pause and look within the deep pool of divine love and knowledge, the contrast with the desires of the ego become apparent, and your decisions then become a matter of self-will to act in whole or in part with the Divine Will.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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