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11CT-280- Techniques for Receiving Divine Guidance – Part 1

2013-11-10. Techniques for Receiving Divine Guidance – Part 1

Location: Michigan, USA #280
Date: 10 Nov 2013
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about receiving guidance from within, for this form of spiritual communication is something most everyone experiences to greater or lesser degrees, yet all will receive some form of divine guidance whether they are aware of its source or not. You students on the path can learn how to become more aware of this divine input by practicing a few techniques to allow your conscious mind to notice the difference between your own thoughts and the leadings of your Indwelling Spirit, Guides, or Guardians. Most of you will be surprised at how much information is directed toward you for the growth of your soul or for the benefit of others, and when you learn to recognize it, you can benefit even more because you are less likely to dismiss its gentle prompting.

Whenever you wish to receive divine guidance, you need to prepare your mind for spiritual input. The animal mind, with its electrochemical operating system, is not optimally “tuned” for spiritual input because its normal state of awareness works in layers. The first layer of consciousness is primarily concerned with terrestrial input—the interpretation of events that are stimulated by the sensory organs: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. This type of stimulation produces a chemical release in the brain which allows electrical energy to travel the neuron pathways of the body in response to the various kinds of sensory input. This first layer of consciousness is the primary interface of awareness through which all input, sensory, subconscious, or super-conscious must pass before you may process it in the brain and make decisions.

The second layer, the sub-consciousness, seeds the first layer and influences conscious decision making through the circuits of the Adjutant Mind Spirits: intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship, and wisdom. These are like radio stations from the Mother Spirit that broadcast their influence to the subconscious mind and which will find lodgement in the first layer as it “seeps in” like water through a sieve. This second layer of consciousness is vibrational which requires that the first layer interpret those vibrations and turn them into electrochemical responses. This is also true for the third layer.

The third layer is the Super-consciousness. This is the “soul mind” and this is where the Indwelling Spirit operates coordinating all spiritual input. This layer is the farthest removed from the conscious mind and of the highest vibration and so it is the most difficult to be interpreted by the first layer, the conscious mind. Like the second layer, it also “seeps in” yet only when the first layer is conditioned to receive its gentle voice. It is in this “conditioning” that we would like to direct your attention. Those who live life on the surface and are spiritually unaware have yet to condition their minds for spiritual input because they have nearly filled the conscious mind to capacity with terrestrial stimuli.

In order to open the pores of the first layer to receive the higher, finer vibrations of the third layer, you have to “consciously” elevate your mood and thoughts (raise your vibration) to receive spiritual input. We will speak about the steps necessary to prepare the mind for third-layer input in Part 2 of this message.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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