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11CT-299- What does it mean to “Be in Your Peace?”

2014-03-23. What does it mean to “Be in Your Peace?”

Location: Michigan, USA #299
Date: 23 Mar 2014
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus


What does it mean to “be in your peace?” We hear many of you refer to this state of being for someone who has made the transition to the mansion worlds—that somehow by shedding the flesh they are transformed to this new way of being and that all their cares and struggles are over. Although there is some truth to this, for living on the mansion worlds does certainly bring peace to many, for others however, the struggle continues because they find they are not prepared for this new way of life where food hunger is absent, no money economy to master, no competition or corporate ladder to climb, and no mask to hide behind—all is revealed. To “be in your peace” means you are “not in conflict” and prepared for what comes next—not that you know what to expect, but that you have the understanding that your ascension career is an adventure and that no real harm can befall you—that life is an astonishing journey and the challenges you face are all meant to teach lessons and provide opportunities to perfect your soul and to become more god-like than you were a moment before.

You, my friends, have the opportunity to live in this state of peace now on this world. How do you do that—by living fearlessly? Think about all those things that upset this state of peace you desire. What keeps you from it? Do the failures of the past haunt you? Are you worried about the future? Are you in fear that you cannot maintain control of other’s thinking and actions with regard to your welfare? Are you concerned about world affairs and how they will impact your material life? Will you have a job? Can you pay the mortgage? Will you get sick? Will your children choose a different path than what you expect for them? Will your spouse, friend, or companion, grow apart from you? Yes, you have many fears and most are phantom fears because they are not real and they are not a part of your “now moment.”

If you think about it, those fears you have are actually creating the life you have now and it does affect your future path. Example: Does worry not bring on physical stress? Does stress not bring on physical disease? Yes, it certainly can and so by worrying about getting sick or having some catastrophic illness can and does bring on the onset of sickness by inducing stresses on the body through emotional programming. Are you over concerned about what others think about you? If so, you may be acting in ways to mask your true feelings and the way you hold yourself in the world. These false projections of yourself are driving the perception of what other see in you, and therefore, the very thing you fear, you are actually creating by not living authentically. You can drill down the list of fears, my friends, and find that each fear you have creates your life and affects your future. Opportunities vanish in the face of fear.

The universe was designed to respond to your desires, for as a child of the Creator, you are providing the experiences that God requires to obtain “all experience.” Therefore if your mind is filled with fears and worry—negative thinking and feelings, the universe will provide more of it because it was designed to respond and manifest those things that you think about, whether it is positive or negative. Choose your thoughts wisely, my friends, and let the universe bring you joy by living in the moment fearlessly and with hopeful anticipation for better days and a joy-filled future. Love is the path to the greatest most joyful experiences. Always choose the path of love (not fear) and watch the universe work miracles for you. “Be” therefore, “in your peace.”

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven



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