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11CT-447- Insatiable Curiosity and Imagination

2017-09-03  Insatiable Curiosity and Imagination

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, USA – 11CT #447
Date: 3 Sep 2017
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

OPHELIUS:  Dear One, you are beginning to use your god-given imagination in your spiritual life and asking Spirit to assist you in various ways. This is an excellent way to build real faith in things unseen and hoped for and to discover new ways to expand your consciousness. You are learning that there are many things your guidance team is willing to do for you: “Ask, and it is given.” Human mind potential is beyond the imagination of most people on your world because of their conditioning. You are breaking away from this conditioning and discovering there is a vast universe of mind and energy that can be utilized and experienced in ways only the imagination can tap.

The Supreme Being—the Deity of Experience in time-space, wants you to explore all things, for the Supreme emerges into wholeness from the cumulative experiences of all sentient creatures in the universe. That cumulative experiential knowledge and wisdom within the Supreme then becomes available as a pool of interstellar wealth to you if you know how to drink from it. Your imagination is the key to accessing this great storehouse of universal goodness. The discovery of these hidden treasures makes for a valuable experience for you and for the Supreme.

You must think deeply, and imagine possibilities outside of the same ground you run over day in and day out. A successful inventor will try a thousand ideas that fail until he finds that one idea that unlocks the potential that changes the lives and experiences of generations of people. It’s not necessarily genius that discovers these things, but someone with insatiable curiosity and fearlessness to know the unknowable and to bring forth something new and useful from the pool of interstellar wealth—the mind of the Supreme, and form it into something unique to your world.

Your relationship with your Indwelling Spirit and your guidance team is the key to accessing this pool of wealth. When you are in stillness or in conference with us, your guidance team, we can share our thoughts together and work out the problems you have with the ideas that are not clearly defined. We can then point you in the direction of the one idea that may prove successful. Without your imagination and faith, there is nothing to work on. Running over the same ground day-in and day-out produces nothing new for you or the Supreme.

When you work with us, and you have an idea, first ask if the idea has a growth potential for you and or for others? Listen for an answer. If yes, then ask for our assistance in bringing this idea co-creatively into manifestation. I want you think about this word, “co-creatively” because this is the one thing many people fail to understand when they ask spirit for assistance. You must be actively involved in the process—your mind, your desire, your insatiable curiosity and imagination to see it come into manifestation. You must work with us “shoulder to shoulder,” so to speak and see yourself as if standing beside us on the same team.

“As above, so below.” If you wanted a team of scientists to test a theory for you, would you only send them an email with a simple idea and then never contact them again? It would most likely not be acted on because you failed to establish a relationship with those who you are asking assistance from. It would be more likely that if you persisted in an exchange of communications finding out what is possible and what could be accomplished with the resources available you may likely find a path forward via a working relationship with others. “Relationship” and “co-creativity” are necessary counterparts to success.

There is a lot of information coded between the lines of this message. Please use your imagination and relationship with Spirit to see it!

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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