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GEO190808- No True Evolutionary Reference to Spiritual Life.

2019-08-08. No True Evolutionary Reference to Spiritual Life.

Illawarra District, Australia, August 08, 2019. – GEO #190808
Midwayer Mathew (33-3-33).
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.

Subject: “No True Evolutionary Reference to Spiritual Life.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Midwayer Mathew: “Greetings to you all who ‘dwell’ on the many 11:11 Lists of different languages. This is Midwayer Mathew (33-3-33). I am an alien long-term resident on your beautiful planet. My brothers and sisters all voted to come here and acquire experience with those of likely rebellious planets of the outer reaches of our universes. When this receiver of messages asked Machiventa Melchizadek for 50,000 more Midwayers, we were already here — yes, for 20 years already. That is all for me. My task at this hour is to aid Teacher Samuel.”

George: “Thank you, brother Mathew.”

Teacher Samuel: “Greetings to you, my favorite Urantia mortals. I have prepared a short lesson for you, my students, and even though it may seem unusual it is important for you all to give it much thought. ‘And why is this so?’ you might ask. Well, my friends, there comes a time in your lives when a most crucial decision is to be made and that is; to become a Celestial Teacher to those who still live on their evolutionary worlds. I hear you say that you will be a teacher until Paradise and beyond, but what I speak of is you putting your fusion with your Thought Adjuster on hold for a time.

“Firstly, let us look at this from the viewpoint of the Adjuster (TA). Although He or She is still only indwelling you, His or Her knowledge of future fusion is absolute, simply because TA’s are of God and therefore are God, with infinite trust and infinite patience. They will have advice for you and all for the best, but since you are not fused this will likely be your very last solo decision to make. Think of it; Paradise will be ‘calling’ you, loudly, make no mistake. However, you will also be made aware of the fact that you will in one way or other be catering to the mortal population of some far-away evolutionary world.

“You are from a rebellious world and I know, though only to a degree and from my life on Panoptia, what that entails. For you and quite a few others on your world to go on to Paradise without an extensive teaching career would be an overall loss compared to the progress made and the relatively insignificant amount of time, shall we say, even under a 100-year teaching contract. There isn’t now and there never will be a true spiritual reference to evolutionary life, nor a true evolutionary reference to spiritual life. The thorough knowing of all evolutionary existance before crossing ‘that border’ is heartily recommended.

“I spent an extraordinary amount of time contemplating what it could be that I would want, only to, in the end, conclude that all that mattered was what every other personality and my TA would want.

“This is your friend, teacher, and successful bio-chemist, Samuel of Panoptia.”

George: “Thank you all up and down the line.”

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