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2008-05-29-WAVE & LIGHT

At Large – ATL#161


1Topic: WAVE & LIGHT
2Group: At Large
1Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson
2TR: Henry Z.



Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.


Lapine, OR


Greetings Monjoronson, I am here today to seek guidance, information and inspiration as I seek to become one with your energy and connect with the spiritual circuit which is necessary for us to share today. As I deepen in your presence, I become aware of so much. It feels so accessible to connect this way, like the way in which seeds, your thoughts, sprout into concepts and ideas within the ground of my intellect. It is here where I sense my mind being inspired by your brilliance sent from the light. Thank you. I don’t intend to deify or worship you, just acknowledge within you my soul’s sensation.

I acknowledge my parents, Michael and Nebadonia, my true self, the Thought Adjuster, our universe spiritual director, Machiventa and the Magisterial Mission staff as well as you, Monjoronson, my partner in restoration. It is good this day to give thanks for choices, potentials and actualities.

There are a series of questions on the table that I will list:

Will you speak to me about Wave and Light?
What is the name to call this order of being?
Are there other beings of this order around the planet? If not, will there be?
How does this order of being assist you, Monjoronson, as well as assist us?

I thank you for these questions and their answers.


Michael: My dearest children, my presence is everywhere you are. My intention and desire is love for each of you. Like water which seeks to become one, so are we as spirit acting as one. We are of one thought, one presence and one concerted effort as concerns Urantia. It is my desire to acknowledge the effort that has been put forth at this time on your world. There is a great intention to seek earnest and concerted effort here. The prayers you send ask for help. Just reach out and grab my hand. It is extended towards you. Accept that help is here. I ask my brother Monjoronson at this time to augment my desire that this earth be brought into Light and Life in a most timely fashion. You who live in the times which seem to offer the most the earth is capable to give, also must contend to accept and learn what it is the earth will certainly bring you as a planet. Certainly it becomes a time in which your effort and choice become consecrated to my desire. I desire for you to begin to live in a greater respect for the presence of the Father which indwells everyone, and a greater tolerance in accepting and dealing with the human characteristics in each of you. I greet you all today in our spirit of love.


Monjoronson: As Michael said, we as spirit are one. As spirit we work effectively to achieve the goals of desire in the effort of this time. It is in this respect that we have begun to acknowledge your commitment and effort helping to augment your true intentions. This is the origin of Wave and Light. These beings were created through your efforts and intentions as groups, in augmenting the groups’ acknowledgment of taking responsibility to begin to act in accordance to our plans. Wave and Light are of a service-oriented group. They acknowledge a particular group. Just as midwayers are a service-oriented group to the planet at large, Wave and Light serve a particular group’s interest. These beings are everything your groups are.

They embody the vitality, desires and the higher aspirations of the group. Their order has no name, therefore you may call them whatever you like. There are other beings that are similar to Wave and Light. They serve the midwayer ranks on your world and the y were brought into being the same way. Some of them are known and most are not. They are a liaison between you and us. They speak for you. Through them we are able to augment your group’s working abilities.

Throughout the universes there are many different orders of beings. All are important yet function in different orders and capacities to give the universe the ability to have beings which are capable of making decisions. The local universe Mother Spirit has many beings brought into existence that function within a single concept of operation. These beings are capable of functioning within whatever framework they are designed to function. In the realms of space, beings are designed to monitor gravity fluctuations from paradise and adjust on a universe level, segment by segment until all is brought into the correct alignment of the adjusted gravity fluctuation. In all efforts of creating beings, considerations for the parameters of operation are wisely taken into account.

It is not until the mansion worlds that an ascendant learns that life can be given to thought form. Even a flower is designed on the spiritual worlds before its form is infused with the ‘breath of life’, and thus becomes part of a colorful landscape on your world, one that is full of wildflowers. Thoughts are real and only wisdom can discern which thoughts warrant life or not. This is much the same consideration to acknowledge a group’s consecration to service here on Urantia. Every effort is being made to move forward. Much of the future, the new, will have to be brought here to move from hundreds of years of operating from the past into operating in the present and making decisions which will bring about the desired results. Therefore, always will there be a segment of society that will be able to move into the future of desired results easier than another segment that is more comfortable with the familiar and more common aspects of undesired results.

It was the original intention and communication in the creation of Wave and Light to keep this within the group. This discussion and identity were meant for the group only. As a group began to actually experience a greater dynamic through the use of these beings, it would give more of a viable actuality and validity to what a group has created to meet its effort. Apparently this has not been the case. It is still the intention for the individual group to work with their respective beings. Other beings will be brought into reality as groups begin to warrant such. This is another experimental effort on the part of co-creation that intends to bring the human group more into alignment with the spiritual counterpart.

Begin to experiment with the creative aspects of life within your own being. Begin to sense and experiment bringing your own sense of self-hood into being. Your truer self, that is, the one you are becoming, the one that smells of the Father’s fragrance. No being becomes greater than its creator. Brought into life as a helpless babe, having to rely upon parents to care and nurturing to the best of their abilities, the babe thus becomes a lesson for itself and as well a lesson for the parents. Whatever has been lacking in the upbringing, which you feel deservedly due yourself, can be brought into being by the ability of the creative aspects of your own mind. It becomes your desire that activates the soul search that formulates in your mind the idea that you, yes you, have the ability to bring about the necessary change and adjustment within yourself to accommodate that which you desire.


Wave’s and Light’s importance and use to us is only reflective to the group concerned. If the group discontinues, these beings will be absorbed into the ranks of those helping the planetary midwayers on this world. I hope that this has helped to shed light onto your concerns today. In an effort to bring Michael’s plan into a reality on this world, I am Monjoronson. Begin to use the faith you truly have and trust this faith.

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