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ATL250- When You Are Shattered

2011-04-30-When You Are Shattered
At Large #250


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: When You Are Shattered
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: When You Are Shattered
Group: At Large
Teacher: Michael
TR: Paul Conklin


MICHAEL:  My dear child, this is your Father Michael. Have you ever dropped a glass and watched helplessly as the glass struck the floor? The glass slipped out of your hands and you weren’t able to catch it. You could try with all the effort that you have, but you would not be able to knit those broken pieces together. For once a glass is shattered the deed is done. All that you can do now is get a broom and a scoop. You brush the broken pieces into the scoop and you throw the broken pieces into the trash.

But that same method is not possible when it is your life that has been shattered. You can’t very well pick up the broken pieces of your life and scoop them up and throw them into the trash. For some of you may feel this way. Your life is like a glass that you watch as it strikes the ground. You try to stop the inevitable smash upon the ground, but there is a sickening crash and the pieces of your life shatter all over the floor. When your life has been shattered can the broken pieces be knit back together? Can a life once broken, be knit together again? Can the glass of your life that lies on the floor shattered and broken be glued back together, smooth and seamless?

Such a thing seems impossible, does it not my children? How can the broken pieces of your life be pieced back together? Don’t you know my children that I am the resurrection and the life? Don’t you know that I have the power over death? If I have these powers children do you suppose that I can help you mend the broken pieces of your shattered lives? I am eager to help you. I look forward to picking up the broken pieces of your life together. For together nothing is impossible my children.

When your life lies shattered in pieces on the floor come to me. I am a kind and humble shepherd. When I see a sheep lost and all alone, bleating plaintively, I hoist that one upon my shoulders and bring that one back within my heart. For every tear that you cry is precious to me. I count them all and place them in the confines of my heart. When your life is shattered come to me children. For when you come to me there you will find deep and abiding peace. For isn’t that what you all need?

For that is one of my many titles. I am the Prince of Peace. I give this peace out freely. I don’t look for payment or remuneration. For such a thing is tied up with my very being. Imagine how different the world could be my children if this peace was something that was a possession of all people. Peace is so precious, so vital, and yet peace is so lacking in the world today. There is so much anger, so much heartache, so much bloodshed, so much violence. My dear Urantian children you would all benefit so much if my peace entered into your heart and stayed there as a permanent companion.

There are so many things that can cause you anguish and pain. You may feel that the decisions you have made in this life has led you to disaster. Now you stand amidst broken glass, alone and bleeding. There can’t be anyone that understands. No one else has lived through what I have lived through. I can assure you my children that you are not alone. I can assure you my children that the things you suffer are quite common. But when you are suffering from these things it does feel like you are very alone. You don’t know what has led you to this point. It feels like a series of dominoes were set up. One domino hits another and they all come crashing down. Life can be like that my children. You weep because you don’t know the way out. You weep because your woes have accumulated to such a point that going on seems pointless.

I am the resurrection and the life my children. If I have the power over death then I certainly have power over troubling emotions that have built up over time. If you live in my heart then I will dry your eyes. I will wipe away your tears. The peace that lives in me shall live within you. There is nothing that comes your way that will disturb your peace. These things that you are suffering are temporary my children. When you are suffering deep and seemingly permanent distress come to me. For I shall open my heart and let you in. Cry no more children. Weep no more. For here I am the Prince of Peace come to your rescue with the love in my heart. For her I am the Prince of Peace come to your rescue with the peace that is a very part of me.

For you all think that when a glass falls from your hands and shatters on the floor that there is nothing to be done. But when the glass of your life falls from your hands and strikes the ground with sickening force come to me. For at one time you were scattered, shattered and broken into pieces. But then my peace surrounds you and the impossible becomes possible. A glass once broken is now knit together. A glass once broken is seamless. A glass once broken is whole once again.

I can do the seeming impossible my children. For a life once shattered and broken on the ground can be whole yet again. I shall pick you up from the ground and I shall glue back the broken pieces of your life. When you were once in pieces lying on the ground, you are now restored, rejuvenated, whole. For I am the resurrection and the life. I take the broken pieces of your life and make it whole again. You stand before me whole and perfect. A life restored from the glue that I possess in full measure.

Oh, don’t you know children that the glue that holds the fragments of your life together is my peace? When you lie on the ground shattered and in pieces come to me. When you weep because the pressure and the pain has become unbearable come to me. When you feel that you cannot go on come to me. When you feel that this life is pointless come to me. Come to me my children whenever you are down. Whenever you lie on the ground in the fragments of your broken life come to me. Come to me and I shall surround you with my inexhaustible peace. When you receive that peace you will raise your eyes to heaven and say, “I am whole, I am whole, I am whole again!” The once one shattered and broken on the floor is whole once more because the glue of my peace has knitted your life back together again. My dear and precious children please come to me whenever you are broken and I shall restore you to life once again. Always my children, be in my peace.

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