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ATL260- My Return

2011-05-17-My Return
At Large #260


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: My Return
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Lessson
 3.2.1 Humility
 3.2.2 Crucifixion
 3.2.3 Obedience
 3.2.4 Second Coming
 3.2.5 Destiny
 3.2.6 Harmony
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: My Return
Group: At Large
Teacher: Michael
TR: Paul Conklin


[Preface from the Transmitter: Dear Friends, The love of our Creator Son is legendary. He willingly submitted to the perfect will of our Heavenly Father. Such submission to that One’s will taught all of us so much. It taught us how to love in seemingly impossible environments. Love cried out in its agony and we all benefited. We were taught how to sing the perfect song of love and beauty by that one. As more of us learn to sing the melodies of love we pave the way for the return of our beloved Creator Son. Father in the heights, please let it be so.]


CHRIST MICHAEL:  Dear children of Urantia, how I love you. You have always held a special place in my heart. I knew that when I chose this humble sphere for my final bestowal that great things would happen here. It was here where I revealed to all of you the love of the Eternal Father. For it was that One’s will that I was demonstrating for all of you. If you all really knew the will of the Father how much you would rejoice. His will is beauty. His will is a marvel. His will is joy. His will is the cure for all that ails you.

When I hung on the cross, during the last few moments of my life, I gave up my life to the Eternal One. All that the Father asked of me I accomplished. ‘It is finished,’ I cried out. It is finished my dear Urantian children. The will of the Father now lives in your hearts. The will of the Father comes in the form of His well nigh infinite fragments of Himself. These fragments find joy in working with all of you. These fragments want you to feel as I did when I accomplished what the Father asked of me. It is so true children, you will do works far greater than I ever accomplished here.


It is a humbling experience to put oneself completely under the direction of the Eternal One. It takes the faith of a little child. I had to humble myself the way that a little child humbles itself before its father. That little child knows that its father loves him so much. That little child puts full trust and devotion into its father. My dear children of Urantia humble yourselves before the Eternal One. Put your hand into His and follow His direction. He will never steer you wrong. He always has your best interests at heart. What may seem to be a crushing hardship and privations are put in your path to enable your soul growth. Do you think that I really wanted to die in the way that I did children? I did not. But it was the will of the Father that I acquiesce to the free will of my earthly children. Such acquiescence led to my death on the cross. At first glance it may appear that such a requirement was cruel. Why would the Infinite Father require that I submit to such a test? Why would the Infinite Father require that I submit to such cruelties? Because in this way it could be demonstrated that love would have victory in the cruelest of circumstances.


That day on the cross it was like love was singing out in a beautiful fashion. Did you all hear the melodic strains of that music? Did such melodic strains move your hearts? These were the melodic strains of beauty. These were the melodic strains of love. These were the melodic strains of joy. For when I hung on that cross languishing in pain for many hours, love sang an everlasting melody that even now reaches all the hearts of my Urantian children. Not only that, but these melodic strains of love have reached into an entire local universe. All creatures great and small heard the melodic strains of that music. Would these creatures great and small have heard these strains if I had not submitted to the Father’s will? All of these creature would have strained to hear, but they would have heard nothing but stark silence. Submission to the Father’s will started a new melody, a new creation. A new creation of love that can flourish even in the harshest environments. There is so much beauty in that my children. There is so much poignancy in that.


So, my children, what will happen if you submit to the Father’s will? Will the strains of your beautiful music be heard throughout Urantia? Will the strains of your music be heard throughout Nebadon? I tell you my children not only will the strains of your music be heard throughout your sphere or even throughout Nebadon. The strains of your beautiful music shall be heard in the capital of the superuniverse. The strains of your beautiful music shall be heard throughout Havona. Then a melody arises that shall touch even the heart of the Eternal One. He sits quietly and passively listening for your composition. For even there on Paradise your melodic strains shall reach the ears of the Infinite One. An entire universe, an entire universe shall hear your music.

Your music of beauty they shall hear because you have chosen to submit to the perfect will of the Eternal Father. How it pleases that One. Here is His little child singing out and singing strong. Here His little child sings while sitting in the darkness of rebellion. Love has found that little child’s heart and that one’s song becomes a melody that shall always be remembered. An entire universe becomes silent as they listen to the songs of this little one. What beauty there is in that song. What joy there is in that song. What love there is in that song. And such beauty has arisen from submission to the Eternal Father’s will.

For what does submission mean my children? It simply means that you humbly bow to the Eternal One because His knowledge and wisdom are infinitely deep. You do not understand, but you trust that the Heavenly Father has your best interests at heart. He wants you to live everlastingly. To live everlastingly requires that you become as that One. Is that harsh my children? No. It is not harsh because we all need to learn the lesson of love and harmony. That is so necessary since there are countless beings from thousands of orders that you will eventually fraternize with. These lessons of love are necessary so that you will learn to get along with all of your brethren. And you all know the chaos that results when love does not reign as King. When love does not reign as King conflict arises. To become perfect as the Father is perfect it is necessary to learn about His perfect love. It is necessary to learn about His perfect love and to exhibit that love towards others.

Second Coming

I know that all of you here wonder when I shall return. I cannot say at present my children. But when I do return it shall be in the power of my spiritual presence. Why would I share with all of you the above? Because I return here when all is properly prepared. Those fragments of the Father are working diligently to help you all to sing the song of love that the Eternal One sings. Those fragments of the Father are providing for you all a challenging environment that will produce more melodic singers. These fragments are teaching you all to do the will of the Eternal One. When enough of you turn to the direction of your Father fragments my return shall be imminent. These are the ones that are paving the way for my return. They are expert at what they do. They help you all to become as One with the Father. Do you not remember when I said that I and the Father were one? You too can become one with the Father. When you humbly submit to the directions of your Father fragments you will learn to love as the Eternal One loves. Even when the darkness surrounds you, you will sing the melodies of love while girded by the forces of darkness.


One day this world shall become the temple of my Eternal Father. It shall become that temple of God because you will have responded to the leadings of your Thought Adjusters. Upon a high mountain top you sing out loud and you sing out strong. You sing the song of love. You sing the song of perfection. Upon my throne in Salvington I shall hear that song ever increasing in tone and in frequency. I will be silent as I listen for your tender expressions of love. There will come a time when your performances reach a crescendo. That will be my time to return. Pave the way for my return children. For you are the ones that will make it happen. Your melodies will reach across Nebadon and enter my heart. My children of Urantia perfecting the will of the Father on their humble sphere.

When I do return it will be a time for joy and thanksgiving. It will not be a time for a warrior King to return. Such a thing is a myth. When I return I return with the love of the Father. When I return I return with the peace for the ages. For I am the Prince of peace, am I not my children? When I return I do not bring more of the same that you all have suffered for so many years. It will be a great jubilee! A time for unparalleled joy and gratefulness. I look forward to that time when I can personally be with you all again. You shall all see me with the eyes of the spirit. There will be a spiritual energy unmistakable.


My dear and beloved children listen to the melodic strains of love that the Father fragments are teaching you. They are teaching you how to sing a new song. They are teaching you to sing a song of glory. A song of love. A song of love that you can sing even when you are in the pits of despair. A song of love that you can sing when you feel that you cannot go on. A song of love that you can sing when the lashes of hatred causes stripes upon your backs.
One day you shall cry out, ‘It is finished.’ For just as I accomplished all that the Eternal Father asked of me, so shall you. Your songs of beauty shall carry across the universe and they shall reach the ears of the Eternal One. “Hush, hush my children’, the Eternal One will say, another song has arrived. A song of beauty and a song of love that was sung on a darkened world beset by rebellion. Do you hear its melody? Let us be mesmerized by the beauty thereof. For another child of mine has learned to sing the song of perfection and love. May my tears roll down my face in gratefulness and appreciation. For another child, another child has learned to sing and its melody shall ever be sung as it finds its way across my vast universe.”


CHRIST MICHAEL:  My precious children, pave the way for my return. Learn the perfect song of love and perfection. Humbly submit to the Eternal Father. Grasp His hand with the trust of a little child. Sing a song of beauty that shall touch my heart and soul. Drink in my peace which I shall provide for you everlastingly.

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