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ATL266- Clarification of the Reflectivity Circuit

2011-05-30-Clarification of the Reflectivity Circuit
At Large #266


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Reflectivity Circuits
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Majeston, Rayson
o 2.2 TR: Michael Xavier
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Reflectivity Circuits
Group: At Large
Teacher: Majeston, Rayson
TR: Michael Xavier


[Preface from T/R Michael Xavier – Hi my fellow brothers and sisters in the service of the Father. I received clarification from Majeston regarding the reflectivity process that is now in place on Urantia and how this will affect us all here on the ground and what it is for. I will allow the personalities to explain as I will be utilizing the reflectivity process for this transmission in conjunction with the above listed personalities. This has been approved by the auspices of the Ancients of Days in regards to clarification of Reflectivity on the sphere of Urantia on this 30th day of May 2011.]

• How does this reflectivity circuitry take place?

Michael Xavier: The first order of information that I will undertake to explain is how this takes place from a human point of view. Being on this reflectivity circuitry I can pull information that has previously been transmitted instantaneously from archived messages and directly from the Urantia book via leadings of spirit. When these methods do not cover my question or thought, it is answered to the capacity of my understanding on any focused personality that is available in all Creation. The Adjuster will allow only what you can handle at any given time so as to not confuse you. I had a question regarding the way that reflectivity was done in the past and I was lead immediately to this information via this circuit.


Excerpt: (Teacher): Ah, but true reflectivation, per se, is not something that any person on Urantia at this time is capable of uttering or displaying in any other form. However, in some cases what you hear from the mouth of the TR does come to the TR in a form employing some of the styles of reflectivation, but it is not pure and simple reflectivation as I have described for the universe circuit message. Does this help to clarify or does it only confuse matters more?”

Bill: “When you said that reflectivation is unconscious I flashed in my mind someone in a trance state or what has been regarded as channeling. Am I right about that or am I off completely?”

RAYSON:  “True reflectivation might be compared to the ancient practice on this planet of two men on mountains separated by many, many miles of valley. At noontime one man holds in his hand a mirror by means of which he reflects the light of the sun overhead to his comrade on the far distant mountain. His comrade, in turn, also possesses a mirror by means of which he as well may not only reflect the light of the sun to the first man but also may reflect the first man’s reflection to yet a third man on another mountain.” )End Excerpt)

MAJESTON:  I wish to elaborate on this information [referring to the 1995 excerpt published above] in regards to the way it was done before. This was on circuitry that was in Nebadon and on Urantia as it can be understood. If anyone was brought onto circuitry outside of this universe it was approved and allowed on a case by case basis as is standard procedure on the spheres of time and space.

There were and still are specially encircuited T/R’s that are connected to the higher personalities on Urantia that are being updated to this new reflectivity process. This new reflectivity process takes place through many avenues and channels that will go well beyond the capacity of human understanding as even celestial personalities are unable to identify exactly how this takes place. I will try to convey it to you in a way that your human intellectual processes may be able to correlate. The T/R can be likened to a television connected to a cable box. When you want to switch to a channel you simply push a button on the remote and the channel becomes visible and audible. This allows many people in homes all around the world to access this information simultaneously even though they are in different locations.

This connectivity takes place through spirit. Information to be received directly by the personality can be focused on and tuned into by the transmitting personality. This extends from Paradise to Havona to the Superuniverses to the Universes right on down to the individual planet to the individual personality. This connection is also a two-way connectivity. When there is information that is pertinent in regards to the broadcasts on the local or superuniverse headquarters it can be flashed instantaneously via the T/R via the archangel circuit. This is led by the Adjuster for specified pertinent information. This is being given in terms that are crude examples, but nonetheless pertinent to the explanation of relation to the human mind.

Michael Xavier: I asked for clarification in regards to this circuitry through a way in which my mind could understand. It is amazing to be linked in this way to the vastness and grandeur of creation and through spirit a few nights ago I received a visual and audible answer from Majeston in vision while I was in unconscious sleep. I found myself on a Paradise circuit as there were signs and symbols that I knew were from Paradise in this vision. Majeston was conveyed to my mind as a brilliant beautiful light that cannot be described in words.

He was showing me a telescope and he was conveying to me how there was nothing like it in all creation. I was informed that all I needed to do was to focus my vision through this telescope and I would instantly see what it was I was looking for and there was no where that this telescope could not see. I understood what he was trying to convey to my human understanding as this is in lines with the reflectivity that can be focused on any point or personality to receive information in all creation by simply focusing in on it. Spirit works in ways that our minds can understand and it is a privilege to see and experience these things and to be brought understanding in this way.

 How will this reflectivity circuitry affect those on Urantia?

This reflectivity circuitry will not affect the majority of people on the sphere. It has been brought online here and connected for many reasons, a few of which that will be clarified below. The most important reason this has been established at this time is for the Magisterial Mission and the personalities that will be involved with it. This connectivity is necessary for the mortal staff and superior personalities that will be involved alongside the Magisterial Son when He is on Urantia.

This reflectivity and connectivity will be necessary to understand, see, and communicate with the Magisterial Son and the staff as they arrive on the sphere and undertake the assignment of shining the light of the Paradise Father on Urantia. Through spirit you will recognize the Magisterial Son first, and in accordance with the Father’s will you will be brought to see and understand more as things progress in conjunction with your role alongside the Magisterial Son. Your “eyes” will be opened in due time. Many did not “see” Michael when He was here on his final bestowal, even when they were standing right in His midst. When you are encircuited you will be able to “see” and “hear” beyond the scope of human seeing and hearing, so to speak.

The reflectivity will be utilized for teaching information and connectivity beyond which the majority can understand at present. This will be understood by those selected to be a part of the Mortal Staff of Monjoronson. This includes the ones who have undergone the Morontia blending of the mind spirit aspect in personality here on “the ground”. You will know if this encompasses you and will be brought to the proper personalities that are involved as they are capable of discerning if you are undergoing this process. This transformation borders on the cosmic mind but is wholly different. Only those who have undergone this can convey it appropriately as it will go beyond understanding to those who have not undergone it. There is a human contingent who is leading this aspect and you will be put in contact with the personality if you are willing to undergo and undertake this highly specialized aspect of service for the Magisterial Sons bestowal.

This connectivity is being utilized also with volunteers of all aspects of personalities in creation. Included in the connectivity are higher personalities who are starting to understand though self acting and specialized adjusters their role in this Magisterial bestowal on the ground here on Urantia. Many orders of personality ranging from all types in creation are working in conjunction with the undertaking on the sphere of Urantia are “awakening”, so to speak, to the knowledge and understanding that they are here for specialized reasons and are being “activated” in conjunction with the Adjusters leadings. This is all that will concern the human aspect of understanding that will be elaborated on presently, as there are reasons that will go beyond the capacity for human understanding in regards to this reflectivation connectivity anyway. Can personalities on Urantia be connected to this reflectivity?

This reflectivity circuitry is special because of being able to instantly flash to the presence of higher personality. You may entreat your Adjuster to be brought onto this circuitry, but you have to have a role in the upcoming dispensation and bestowal of the Magisterial Son. This is not just for T/R’s but for those serious about being a part of the Magisterial Son’s staff. The aspect is being lead by Serena, the Magisterial Son’s chief of staff. If you are put in contact with her you will know that there is something happening, but you will clearly be lead and adopted if you are chosen to be a part of this. Remember you have to be chosen for this after you make yourself available. This is something you will know without the shadow of a doubt is happening when it takes place.


That’s all that we have for today in regards to the reflectivity and its inter-working at present. More information will be forthcoming as Serena and the Magisterial Son deem appropriate. This is a brief overview of just some of the aspects of this reflectivity that has never before been on Urantia. This is now fully operational. You will see personalities being lead to proper information now that the reflectivity process is being used to broadcast information to the selected personalities for guidance and direction to the “appropriate” avenues.

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