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ATL276- Fortification of Light

2011-12-29-Fortification of Light
At Large #276


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Focus in Light
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Metatron
o 2.2 TR: Michael Xavier
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Focus in Light
Group: At Large
Teacher: Metatron
TR: Michael Xavier


METATRON: – On behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light and the many that are converging on this sphere to raise ascension consciousness and self-realization prerogatives. I AM Metatron that brings to you encouragement and fortification of light integration within your field of Being and in your individual undertakings.


METATRON:  It is time to begin expanding your awareness and mind – I speak to those that find this avenue of information from the realms of light that continue to cling to a single perspective or viewpoint based on limitation and non-expansive mind. It is time to put aside all judgment that remain in your consciousness. It is time to begin to see all as a reflection of yourself in your consciousness.
Take inventory to see every moment if you have something in your consciousness that you hold in any other thought form than love and acceptance then it is there to teach you, for you to move forward into higher elevated states of awareness and to come into a greater realization that you are reflecting and have drawn every relationship in your life to you through your own Creator prerogatives.

When this is accepted then you can begin to glean the understanding that you are in control of your reality in co-creation with spirit to bring about the fullness of your individual divine destiny and inheritance which you were created in. It is time beloved ones to embrace all as the Universe embraces all of you in unconditional love and acceptance. It is time to step out of the box of wanting to over think and conjecture in regards to your spiritual journey which is meant to be experienced along with spirit in love and in joy.

All writings, all tools, all things that you come across in your ascension are there to better guide and teach you to better expand your consciousness – never to remain stagnant – never to remain in a singular sense confined to a small point of view. When you breach elevated dimensional thinking in higher levels of awareness you will quickly “see” how you will not be able to define or intellectualize these experiences – for they are meant to be embraced and experienced on Eternal Soul level.

This world has much erroneous programming that has taught you erroneously what to speak, say and feel in regards to expansion of mind to higher levels of dimensional thinking. You may be able to read about archeology and study this, but it is not until you go out and experience “digging in the dirt” to find priceless artifacts that you will come into new levels of understanding. This also speaks true of your spiritual progress and process which is experienced through your soul that will bring you the greatest treasures on your ascension.

I remind you all that Ascension happens within you, not without. Focus within yourself, for you are the embodiment of the kingdom of God, and you have a Divine Spark of the Paradise Creator within your hearts and minds to lead you ever Inward to Paradise. You are a reflection of God’s kingdom – Many will be drawn to the light that shines from many of you beloved ones that shine and reflect this light.

Many still will be afraid of it and attack it – but be not concerned of these things. Remember that that nothing can come or rise against you who are already standing in the light. It is simply up to you to shine your light in the coming times to show the way to the ones still stumbling in darkness, fear and judgment. No matter what people speak or say in regards to your light, it will not come near you, so be strong and courageous – No weapon formed against you will prosper – children of perfection and eternity. You will also draw kindred spirits to yourself in this light to come together and manifest a greater revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven on each of your individual earths.

Keep in mind that only you see the world through your eyes the way you see it, so take notice about what you see. No two eyes see the same, so always take inventory of things not of the light. Acknowledge them, forgive them and move on from them for they cannot come where you are going. You are made in the image of Divine perfection – truth beauty and goodness – anything else is the forgetful self that has forgotten this.

Love each and every man, woman and child as yourself – See in each set of eyes you are graced to behold the reflection of the kingdom and all will see this in you. This is true reflectivity As you begin to see in the cosmic mirror of reflection – you will begin to understand that you have never been separate, but in the forgetful state of illusion, and your higher mind and soul self have implemented many lessons for you to teach you how better to not be separate.

There will be many changes in the upcoming months on your sphere, as the final dispensations from the realms of light are visiting and are cleansing the aspects of remaining error and illusion from the ascension process. It is not important for you to know the details of these many dispensations, but only important for you to remain ascension consciousness minded at all times.

Know that you are the embodiment of the kingdom of God and are a divine son or daughter of the Creator and have been made it this image. It is time to claim this divine birthright and inheritance in these upcoming months. It is time for each of you beloved ones to step fully into the full embrace of the kingdom of God where you are accepted without condition, where you are accepted for who you are, not based on what you have done in the past.

Find not fault but seek the truth. Find not error but see the truth. Keep in perspective to not point out why something is not in line with a specific viewpoint or book or point of view, rather glean from each individual experience as it unfolds to greater reveal the nature of an un-revealable Infinite Being which is God. You are the books of the Life. You are writing the pages daily with your every action word and deed. Color it with love, color it peace, color it with unconditional acceptance for all you see.


METATRON:  I leave you always in the peace and light of the universe of love.

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