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ATL278- Curiosity, Discernment, Communication

2012-04-02-Curiosity, Discernment, Communication

Monjoronson Dialogues 2
At Large #278


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Communicating with Spirit
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Vicki Vanderheyden
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Inquiry, Communication
 3.2.2 Dialogue, Problem Solving
 3.2.3 Reading, Curiosity
 3.2.4 Growth
 3.2.5 Transmitting, Fallibility
 3.2.6 Discernment
 3.2.7 Support, Privacy
 3.2.8 Transmitting
o 3.3 Closing
 3.3.1 Inquiry

Topic: Communicating with Spirit
Group: At Large
Teacher: Monjoronson
TR: Vicki Vanderheyden


MONJORONSON:  Good morning, little one. You appear to be bright and cheerful. Are you ready to begin a new transmission?

Vicki: Yes, I woke up early and am ready to engage! I have more questions Monjoronson, related to the topic of communicating with spirit. Do you wish to continue on this topic?

MONJORONSON:  Yes, please do ask me these questions. This is a perfect opportunity to review and possibly add some additional yet important aspects of communicating with spirit.

Inquiry, Communication

Vicki: Well first of all, I have learned that asking questions has been my in-road to both understanding and engaging spirit. However, in this process, I’ve found that spirit is both willing and then at times hesitant to answer them depending on the nature of the question. Could you give us some guidelines?

MONJORONSON:  Certainly! You are correct in your perception of the importance of asking questions when engaging spirit. This is a skill and a practice that will serve you through your entire ascendant career so it is important that in you understand that even when you cross to the morontial world, what you receive in the way of knowledge and understanding will often be determined by the questions you ask.

Vicki: Some say that just by asking the question, it indicates that you are ready for the answer. What do you have to say about this Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON:  Though this may indicate a degree of readiness, what is more accurate is if your question reflects whether you have an understanding of the foundational information required to answer it. Some do and some don’t. It may merely indicate that in your flow of thoughts, you are formulating a curiosity or need for more information in a given topic. Often a question arises that begs for the asking of preliminary questions so that a better degree of understanding can be achieved

Vicki: Having asked you hundreds of questions, I can understand this. It is when I ask and you say… “Well little one, this is “complex”… that I realize I’m jumping ahead with a question that requires much more in the way of understanding on my part before I can fully grasp the concept. And there are some I will never be able to grasp, without additional experience beyond my current capabilities as a physical being.


Problem Solving

MONJORONSON:  Yes that is correct. There are times when explanations cannot replace experience, when your current existence as material beings limits your ability to fully understand a reality beyond your perception. Know that an absolute answer to a question is not necessarily a product of the question. We need to find out what the root of your question actually is and that requires discussion. Then the path that grows from the root can be ascertained. There are those times when we may respond to your question by asking you another question. In doing so, it also allows you to construct another tier of understanding. It is after several of these types of interactions that you may finally be able to receive an answer to your original question. This is often true when your question reflects a need for problem solving.

You will find that we are constructivists in our approach to your spiritual growth. We as spiritual beings are not the Wikipedia of the spiritual world where you connect to us for quick and easy information to everything. We choose instead to first foster your ability to seek your own answers as you tap the current knowledge and experience you and those in your world have gained. This is why some refer to us as ‘guides’. We guide you around the path you have chosen.

Vicki. Yes, that has been my experience in the problem solving process with you. It is not very often that you tell me what to do. And in those rare times when you do offer a suggestion or two, you offer them after considerable discussion. Instead you tend to expand my perspective and offer me other options to consider. Would you agree with that perception?

Reading, Curiosity

MONJORONSON: Yes. It is also why we encourage you to read widely from several sources in many fields of study. This allows you to build a foundation of knowledge that is within your grasp and then you can approach us with questions that result from that base of knowledge and experience.

Vicki: I do seem to ask you a fair amount of questions that result from my readings. I am often curious to know your perspective from a spiritual being’s point of view.

MONJORONSON: And that is often quite appropriate. You speak of our hesitancy to answer certain questions some of which fall in a category of what you have defined as curiosity questions. There was a time when some felt we refused to answer all questions of a curious nature. This is simply not so. We view curiosity as both healthy and necessary for your growth and development. Curiosity is often what drives an imaginative mind. And imagination opens the window to creativity, invention and progress.

For example, if it were not for the curiosity and imagination of your scientists, engineers, and inventors, little would be gained in technological or scientific progress. Indeed it requires the wonderful endowment of your imaginative mind to believe and perceive the spiritual world beyond your logical and concrete sensory perceptions. In our eyes, there is no question too stupid or low to ask us. We honor curiosity and approach your questions with respect.

There are other reasons though why we may respond to certain questions with answers that perhaps will not fully satisfy your curiosity. Some relate to the current level of knowledge and understanding that has been accomplished on your planet at this time. We are careful not to intercede in the natural flow of your evolutionary progress and take from you the opportunity to discover concepts and understandings on your own. In turn, there are other times when a simple answer from us can distort and indeed misdirect your understanding of those concepts.

We also consider the audience. You may find that we can be more forthright and candid in our answers to one privately who demonstrates readiness than we can in a public forum where readers are diverse in not only their cultural predispositions but also in their readiness.


MONJORONSON:  The main intention and focus of our communication with you is to facilitate spiritual growth and social awareness among the inhabitants on your planet and in so doing, foster a positive and progressive co-creative relationship between human and spirit. It may be a good idea when formulating or submitting questions, to ask first, “Why am I asking this question?” “How will this question facilitate my spiritual growth?” Or “How will this question inform humankind in a way that promotes spiritual awareness and social progress?”

If we perceive that a question has no social or spiritual value at the time or that it might send you down a path that may be detrimental to your progress, we will limit our responses. It is not done to degrade you as ascendant beings or to undermine your intellectual capabilities. We ask that you trust us in determining what we feel is appropriate to answer at the time and understand that there are well founded reasons based on our substantially more developed perceptions of your world for the decisions we make in this regard.

Vicki. Sometimes I feel an attachment to the questions I ask and am genuine in my pursuit for an answer. I am sure this is true with others who submit questions as well. This may help us all understand why they may not receive what they consider to be an adequate response.

Transmitting, Fallibility

I am also curious about the nature of the transmitting process. What guidelines can you share with us that will inform our transmitting and receiving practices?

MONJORONSON: The process of transmitting and receiving is as individual as the messages received. The protocols that work and are agreed upon between one transmitter, team or group and their spiritual guides may be very different than those that are used by others. Much depends on the resources you have available to you at the time,the ways you receive, and the venues you choose to transmit in. Expect to see some variation in these practices and do not be afraid to experiment with your spiritual teachers for we too are experimenting with you.

It is common for transmitters to engage in both private and public sessions with a spiritual teacher. These private sessions are helpful in that they provide a time to become comfortable and acquainted with one another before entering the public arena. They can also be used to assist you in preparing for or previewing content for a future public transmitting session.

To further our discussion regarding the questioning process, there are times when you may notice that a question may be answered through one transmitter and not through another. This is often due to the receptivity, disposition and ability of the transmitter at the time. There are some human transmitters who are just not comfortable transmitting certain topics for a variety of reasons. There are others who courageously transmit a topic or message from us that may be currently unpopular or that challenges the belief of many others. We ask that you respect them for the decisions they make in determining what topics or discussions they are or are not comfortable transmitting.

Vicki. Thank you, Monjoronson. I especially appreciate this since I am new at publicly transmitting. Could we cover another topic related to this that also concerns me?

MONJORONSON:  What might that be, little one?

Vicki: The issue of contamination in transmissions. In the past, this created much conflict between readers and transmitters to the point that it discourages both the well seasoned and the newly developing transmitters from performing this important role for all of us. It certainly slowed down my willingness to step up to the plate. For a long time, it was enough for me to worry about whether I was hearing you correctly for my own use, much less allowing you to talk through me for the benefit of others. What do you feel is important for us to know about contamination in transcripts?

MONJORONSON: First let me say again as has been said many times… EVERY transmission has at least a small degree of contamination in it. It may be something as harmless as a grammatical error or a misrepresented word. At times, it is something that is so substantial, it changes the meaning. Some transmissions are contaminated in the demeanor of the message where in the past, the spirit who is transmitted has been represented with an air of arrogance, sarcasm, impatience or anger. That is highly unlikely and not typical in the nature of spiritual beings of light.

Keep in mind, transmitters may or may not be aware of the degree of this contamination, so it would do little good to take them to task for it. It is more productive to approach the ‘concept in question’ and initiate discussion among peers in an atmosphere that is open, friendly and sensitive to the feelings of others. With the correct intentions, you will find that often a wealth of knowledge and understanding surfaces from these discussions far beyond the initial concept you question. Even so, I recommend that when you are receiving for public transmission that you remain ever vigilant in your detection of contamination though it may not always be easy to detect and that you monitor your demeanor at the time so that it does not taint or color the message being transmitted.

We as spiritual beings accept these imperfections in the public transmission process and know that in light of this reality, these transmissions are worthy and valuable sources of knowledge and wisdom for readers to be nourished with. We appreciate the time and commitment given by those who facilitate this process. Whether you are the moderator, transmitter, transcriber, one providing questions or the reader, you are co-creatively sharing in this process with us. Tolerance, compassion, respect, and acceptance for each other are necessary elements in providing the very best learning experience for all.


Vicki: It seems that this discussion about contamination is probably somewhat incomplete unless we have some further discussion about discernment. Is there anything you would like to share about this?

MONJORONSON: Most important to the process of reading and digesting spiritual transmissions is the readers’ responsibility to discern what they read. I remind you again, Truth is in the eyes of the beholder. You all have the tools within to assist you in the discernment process and we count on the fact that you will use these tools. You may even detect within yourself at the time of discernment that your understanding may not be quite right. When this happens, you may notice that you continue to process this information until a level of better understanding is achieved.

We suggest that you approach the discernment of these transcripts, with humility and the kind of openness that allows you time to explore this feeling of uncertainty in more depth. You are then more likely to get valid results than if you immediately dismiss a message that at first may not ring true or accept without discernment, a part of a message that you are uncertain about.

Vicki: This discussion on contamination and discernment was truly helpful, Monjoronson. It reminds me that we as readers must also monitor our demeanor or moods and be aware of what emotionally triggers us during the reading and discernment process as well. Do you agree?

MONJORONSON:  Absolutely! It is easier to read or hear and discern when you are somewhat neutral in your emotional state. It is wise to be aware of those ‘hot buttons’ that trigger a strong emotional response in you throughout the transmitting and receiving process. That is why we suggest that you prepare yourself ahead of time whether you are functioning as a public transmitter or the reader of spiritual messages by entering into an open, relaxed and neutral state.

Support, Privacy

Vicki: Can we move away from the topic of public transmissions for a moment and talk about private communication?

MONJORONSON:  Certainly.

Vicki: Though in a public forum it is important to enter communications with an open, relaxed, and neutral state of mind, on a private level, there are times when I am truly distressed and that is often when I need spiritual support the most. Some of us do not seek spiritual help at those times but turn away from spirit perhaps because we are embarrassed or wish to deal with our distress alone or perhaps because we are so engrossed in our troubles that we may be unaware of your presence and unable to communicate. Can you speak to this dilemma?

MONJORONSON:  Certainly. Haven’t you called out to me during those times, little one?

Vicki: Oh yes! As you know, I can cry out for help like a baby!

MONJORONSON: (laughing) And at those times what have you experienced?

Vicki: Well, it varies depending on if I am capable of hearing you at the time or not. Actually, whether I’ve called on you or not I often sense your presence when I am upset. I see your colors in my visual screen. That in itself is quite comforting.

MONJORONSON:  Yes, we attempt to maintain a presence with all of you and as you develop your communication skills, you may begin to perceive our presence as well. As your spiritual guides and teachers, we have a deep sense of compassion for the moods and experiences humans have and appreciate as well their potentials for growth at all levels of development. We hope that you will find our willingness to engage you at any level of your development or emotional state comforting and safe.
It is not always easy for us to know how best to respond to emotional upheavals in human beings.

There are times when you struggle to maintain an emotional balance, that we sense your need to be alone and we honor your privacy. Other times we choose to step back and allow you some time to sort out those conflicting feelings and disturbing moods you experience. We are concerned that any message we send you would be distorted by the emotional color of your mood at the time. However you may also find that we send you a short but very well placed remark, insight or message intended to guide you out of your confusion or distress.

Indeed there are times when we sense that you are so distressed that you cannot hear our response to you at all. For whatever reason you may struggle to hear us, understand that though you may be limited in your ability to communicate with spirit at the time, we hear you quite well and attempt to respond to your desires, needs, your questions and petitions in appropriate ways and we do so in the way we perceive you may best receive our response at the time.

Vicki: I truly appreciate your presence when I am upset, Monjoronson and I do find these comments comforting as I hope others will too. Yes, I have heard those carefully placed remarks before and it always surprises me. They are often quite simple yet profound enough to often jar me out of my distress.

MONJORONSON: Your expression of appreciation is well received, little one. We spiritual beings are often passive in nature and unless we feel you are open to our input, we quietly sit by your side in your times of distress. Know that like your Thought Adjuster, the Father Fragment and God presence within you, that we do not leave you, you are never alone, and that you are continuously and lovingly monitored whether you are capable of perceiving us or not. Seek us privately when you need us without concern for your state of mind and know that an answer will come when you are receptive or ready to receive it.


Vicki: Thank you for that, Monjoronson. Now returning to the topic of public transmissions, is it valid when one is reading a transcript to receive additional information at the time?

MONJORONSON:  Yes, at times. Transmitting and receiving is an energetic process where in public transmissions, the field of energy not only expands beyond the transmitter to moderators, transcribers, and readers but often beyond spoken or written words as well. So in a manner of speaking, we ask you to read between the lines. If you find yourself receiving a personal insight, or understanding beyond the written or spoken words, practice discernment, but also consider this content as something to contemplate as well. In saying this, in the public forum try to monitor your own state of well being and know that what you may receive from spiritual beings of light in addition to the spoken or written word will always be transmitted in loving and nurturing ways.

Vicki: That supports my experience. I have indeed received additional information in the form of images, feelings, insights or even sensations that goes beyond the actual words I read or hear. Sometimes, I can only grasp a ‘gist’ of something and it takes awhile for me to sort and sift through it, before I see the connection or determine if there is one. I call these ‘downloads’ and I often have to unzip them bit by bit. Is that perception accurate?

MONJORONSON: (laughing) The simple answer is Yes. I would consider that an appropriate metaphor. It is quite common to receive additional information from the spiritual realm in many forms whether you are engaged in private or public communication. It allows us to tap the most effective ways you receive and provide a space for contemplation as you digest large chunks of information one bite at a time. We do not wish to overwhelm. Instead we hope you will take your time to digest the contents you receive as you would a juicy fruit of your choice, engaging the full spectrum of your taste buds. Sip the nectar, take a bite, chew it, roll it around, and experience the fullness of its texture and flavor.


Vicki: A ripe, juicy, peach comes to mind. Hmmm… I am monitoring the length of this transmission since our first was quite long. So, if it is alright with you, Monjoronson, I will save the rest of my questions for another session.

MONJORONSON:  Yes, I agree. Let us keep these transmissions at a reasonable length.

Vicki:  Is there anything else you would like to share before we close?


MONJORONSON:  Yes. As some of you reach higher levels of sophistication when developing questions to answers you seek, others are just coming on board and require some foundational information. It has been our experience that not all readers choose to delve into the vast repositories of former transmissions to learn these basic tenets, though we encourage you to do so. We wish to address the needs of all readers and to periodically provide basic guidelines with a bit more detail in a concise fashion for all to benefit from.

Developing the ability to ask questions in ways that elevate one’s level of understanding is a process that takes practice. Rarely is one question sufficient to provide a well rounded understanding of these concepts. You may notice as you read many transcripts that when questions are asked more than once and in more than one form, that the answers compile themselves and the true answer is revealed.

Vicki: Thank you, Monjoronson. This review was very helpful.

MONJORONSON:  You are most welcome, little one.

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