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ATL290- Monjoronson Dialogues 5

2012-09-26-Monjoronson Dialogues 5
At Large #290


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Monjoronson, the man
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Vicki Vanderheyden
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 The Teachers
 3.2.2 Urantia
 3.2.3 Materialization
 3.2.4 Humanity, Magisterial Mission
 3.2.5 Discipleship
 3.2.6 Tradition
 3.2.7 Discernment
o 3.3 Closing
 3.3.1 Unity

Topic: Monjoronson, the man
Group: At Large
Teacher: Monjoronson
TR: Vicki Vanderheyden


Dear Father: Please accept our gratitude for this opportunity to engage Monjoronson in dialogue today. And assist us to hear with clarity and openness so that we may better understand and serve. AMEN.

MONJORONSON: Greetings little one. We are glad to see that you have agreed to join us for another public session.

Vicki: Hello Monjoronson. I’m looking forward to this session especially since you’ve agreed to answer some questions on a topic that I find intriguing and informative. The main topic today is about YOU.

MONJORONSON: : (laughing) Well then, let us begin.

The Teachers

Vicki: Monjoronson, have you served before as a Magisterial Son on a material planet that have experienced rebellion?

MONJORONSON: : Yes, I have performed emergency missions on planets due to a rebellion of one nature or another. However, little one, none would compare to the rebellion that took place in your sector of this universe and the multidimensional effects it created. Keep in mind not only is there tremendous variation in material worlds, but within that variation many degrees of challenge that ascendant beings engage in during the evolutionary process of each world. What one would consider a challenge on one planet, another would consider merely a scratch or a minor bump in the road on another. Yours, with a history of multiple defaults presents a complex and very difficult set of challenges for its inhabitants that over the years of your evolution have multiplied and thus interfered with a progressive and continual growth in many areas of your planetary development. When you consider that your earth, Urantia as some call it, from the beginning of its inception was designated as a decimal or experimental planet on top of this, the variables then increase and present a landscape of considerable complexity. These challenges extend to those of us in the spiritual world as well who are engaged in assisting you toward a more sustainable future.


Vicki: Can you explain how Urantia being an experimental planet adds to the complexity of our problems?

MONJORONSON: : If you were to view other worlds of nativity and compare them to your own, you would find much less variety in landscape, flora, fauna, and diversity of living species than you find here. Your Urantia is a planet of tremendous variety and in that variation is magnificent beauty. However, as variety is added to one’s environment, the ability to sustain each one of those living things increases in complexity. You then become much more dependent upon each other to maintain and sustain an environment that supports all.

Vicki: Then would you say that what we see in the way of dysfunction on our planet is rare in the Grand Universe?

MONJORONSON: : Not only is rebellion rare little one, but to the degree that it has manifested on Urantia is very rare.


Vicki: And now you as our Magisterial Son will soon arrive here in the flesh. I am not sure we have a clear picture of what to expect when you arrive Monjoronson. Can you address this for us?

MONJORONSON: : Let me begin with this. There will be no trumpets. There will be no parade. There will be little fanfare and no parting of the seas or sky. I plan to arrive quietly. We have spoken often of the complexities of your world. It would do little good to arrive with huge display in a world where there is much in the way of conflict, diversity, and confusion even among those who anticipate my arrival not to mention those who have no idea of what is soon to take place. Considering these complexities, it would only make sense that I and members of my staff will need time to acclimate. Wouldn’t you agree?

Vicki: Yes, that would make perfect sense to me.

MONJORONSON: : Indeed it may be years before some are aware of my presence.

Vicki: Well, then can you tell us, Monjoronson, What will you be like?

MONJORONSON: : To many, I will appear simply as a man of your times. And as that man, I will participate in the everyday tasks of life as you do. I will not be free from illness, error, or imperfection for even a perfected being who enters the realm of experience, often learns through trial and error. I may stumble on a stone, skin my knee on the sidewalk and cry out in frustration. I will feel human pain and express human emotion. I will laugh, cry, dance and sing. I will paint and I will pray. You may question my dress at times, observe a naivety in something I do or hear a slight snore in my sleep. As a human, you can expect that I too will have my own idiosyncrasies.

Vicki: Will you know who you are outside of your human existence?

MONJORONSON: : Within my awareness I will have a knowing of who I am beyond this world and a compass that guides me without much doubt though doubting is human is it not? And above all, I will be human.
Nevertheless I will come with an understanding of all that is perfect, good, true, and beautiful. I will have within me a curiosity and I will come with questions to ask. And with that you may notice I will be quicker to learn than most though I will have my stronger and weaker abilities. And you will grow to know me as one with a humility and respect for the human condition and the world that surrounds us.

Vicki: You sound … approachable! Someone I would truly feel comfortable with.

MONJORONSON: : (laughing) Well, I would hope so little one. I would consider that as a worthy compliment.

Vicki: (laughing) Yes, it was meant that way. Now, what will you need Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: : What will my needs be? If I were to ask you, what your needs are then you may be able to answer this question quite easily. I will have need for sustenance, for sleep, for exercise, for work, for shelter, for recreation, for travel, for assistance, for solitude, for conversation, for contemplation, for companionship, and for love. And I plan to participate as fully as I choose in all aspects of human life. There will be times when I may need a bed to sleep in, a ride to the airport, or an introduction to a friend. There will times when I may need a hug. Though I will come prepared to perform my duties with the commitment and skill of a magisterial son, there will be smaller earthly tasks I will need to learn and for those, I may need your assistance.

Vicki: I think you will find many who would be honored to assist you in those tasks. Monjoronson, there have been many stories passed down of superhuman feats by those in the past we considered to be of high divinity. Can we expect from you similar displays of superhuman action when the need arises?

Humanity, Magisterial Mission

MONJORONSON: : There may come a time when I may demonstrate abilities that some may consider superhuman yet I will know these abilities are within human potential and human reach. You see little one, those of you who are so young in your ascendant careers know little about your true human potential as you know little about what falls into the realm of human possibilities. Understand that it is my wish and my mission during my stay on your Earth to model for you nothing more or less than the highest level of humanness. Does this answer your question?

Vicki: Well, it opens my mind to much more. I’d better think about it first before I ask another question related to that topic. So let me present this: There are some who have heard that one like yourself is coming and they fear you and your arrival, Monjoronson. They anticipate huge disruptions and condemnations and see you as a warrior of God, ready to strike those who step out of line.

MONJORONSON: : Oh there will be disruptions but not of my choice or making. It is that very fear that keeps one human being from embracing the other. And in the wake of disruption, nothing serves better than a calm, compassionate hand. Know that when one approaches another with words and acts of condemnation, little is offered in the way of positive direction. Yes, there are times when one must identify an ace as an ace and a spade as a spade. Yet much can be said and demonstrated without words of condemnation, without creating the defensiveness and divide that closes one’s heart and mind to a different way. I am coming to show you this other way.

Yes, some may accurately see me as a warrior of God but without sword or weapon and only in the sense that I will stand firmly yet humbly at peace and in line with God’s benevolent will. I would hope that you will know me instead as a steward for peace, mercy and forgiveness, a repository of knowledge and wisdom, a friend, guide, and brother who wishes to walk beside you experiencing life together while freely and openly demonstrating compassion, generosity, tolerance and love.

Vicki: You’ve spoken a bit now about what you will be like when you arrive on the Earth as a human. And it appears that you will be somewhat more restricted than you are as pure spirit. I would think that it would be very difficult for you, Monjoronson. Can you tell us what this will be like for you?

MONJORONSON: : Though I am aware of some changes that will occur from previous experience, there is still much for me to discover as this process takes place and I adjust to these changes. Everyone is restricted within human form…but the human personality can escape the human bond and develop further than the normal container. The key word is development for this is a growing and learning experience for me as it is for you and requires much knowledge, effort and skill to develop what I will need in order to perform my duties. Yes, this is a challenge and yes it will have its difficulties commensurate with my capabilities. There is no other way for one of my kind to truly understand the human condition unless one lives and functions in the human form. It will require that degree of understanding to effectively guide you during this journey toward a more sustainable future for your planet. For me, it is both a sacrifice and an opportunity.

Vicki: Well I feel that you’ve given us a good picture, Monjoronson. At least there is enough here that may spur some additional questions from our readers. Certainly, this paints a different picture from what some may have expected and maybe not as different as others may have perceived.

MONJORONSON: : Regardless of how much we attempt to prepare you for my arrival, there will be some among you who will cling to their preconceived images and notions following after others who fill those shoes and in doing this, they will walk past me with little recognition. There will be others who without one word of preparation will know me for who I am. And as it is on your planet, there will be many who will continue with life as they know it, completely unaware that there are beings of high divinity in their presence. Be assured that those of you who demonstrate a willingness to lovingly embrace your fellow brothers and sisters unconditionally and who sincerely wish to serve this mission in the spirit it is intended, will be called upon when the time is right. You will feel a sense of this within you and you will know and then respond.


Vicki: I believe you mentioned in a previous transcript that you will not seek disciples as did Christ Michael. Could you speak to this, Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: : Within each of you is your own definition of the word, disciple. It is a word used on your planet with multiple meanings dependent upon one’s own interpretation and that is problematic for our purposes. So let us discuss this a bit.

If for you a disciple is one who follows a teacher, then I am here to tell you, it is not about the messenger, but about the message. Organize yourself and your thoughts first around the truths and issues that come to bear as I speak.
If for you, a disciple is one who is learning and an apostle is one who has learned with all answers, then I am here to tell you that only through perpetual discovery will you rise higher in your understanding. Truth exists at many levels, is discovered through many paths, and is a continual process of discovery well beyond the confines of one’s life on earth. Even I who come as a magisterial son with a knowing of all that is true and perfect will have things to discover and learn as the man that walks among you.

If for you, a disciple is one who ventures out to preach this message, then I am here to tell you, it is not in the preaching but in the living and modeling of the message that will bring others closer to an understanding. There will be great need for many to listen and to observe. You will see as you listen and digest what I say and do, then live it out in your life and share with others what you have discovered, that this will naturally expand the membership to include those who regardless of their diversity, their roots, feel that connection to one another.

If for you, a disciple is one who gathers others in a group and defines in detail the boundaries of belief, then I am here to tell you that you have already confined and distorted the message I bring. This mission will not exist within the confines of a particular group, a sect or a religion except for that which includes all. It begins with your personal communication with He who is all. And within that communication you will discover and understand who you are as a part of him. God resides in all of you along with all that he represents, all that He is.

That means that within you resides all and this truth in its entirety is at the fingertips of each one of you. If you listen and discern, you have the ability to hear him. You have the capacity to reach out to others with your arms and pour from your fingertips all that you are which is all that they are and all that He is. Touch others with that openness and they will feel their connection to you and the Father.


Vicki: Monjoronson, as is reflected in the multiple religions on earth, there appears to have been many who lived and understood enough truth to create a discipleship, a following, a sect or a religion. I am wondering that with so much diversity in belief, so many following different leaders how you will be able to address this in a way that unites this world. I am thinking that by discussing this you may be able to assist those of us who seek to be bridge makers to have a better understanding of your approach. Can you speak to this?

MONJORONSON: : Certainly. It is true that some have walked your earth as representatives of the Father with a destiny and a desire to provide humankind a clearer picture of God’s nature and His will. Through the ages much has been believed, some with truth and some with misconception as to the message of these representatives and their roles in the creation and development of those in your world and the universe they reside in. It is true that these representatives sought others to carry their message and that over time the message then became distorted as religious sects were formed. Some became religions that worshiped the messenger rather than the message. Other sects were formed through the manipulation of those in power who wished to control. And many religions have contributed to both the spiritual progress made on this world and the division of one human from another as well.

It is also true, that those same representatives of the Father continue to serve both on earth and in the spiritual world. And some will return to Earth. They will unite with me to dispel what has been misconstrued by others over time. It will not be my role to disclaim these masters, these prophets, these representatives of the past, present or future, nor to make my claim as the one and only with a true and valid message to share. It will be my role as a leader of this mission to represent the Father for who He truly is and as I adjust to my life as a human, to represent mankind to the Father. I will bring with me a philosophy that will unite this world around common truths and values of universal law. And I will support those who assist me in doing this and who work to develop what is required for mankind to create a sustainable future on this earth regardless of their affiliation.

There are many paths to the Father in this process of human discovery, and many will come who will resonate truth. As a part of humankind, each of you will follow your own unique path and in doing this will discover through different sources, segments of truth at very different points in your journey. It may be many ages before you as ascendant beings will truly understand the nature of these representatives who have sojourned to your world of nativity as ambassadors for the Father. And it will be many ages before the people of earth can unite under one religion one set of beliefs and see that we are all virtually one.

In the meantime, the survival of this planet and the lives of those living on it are at stake. This cannot wait or there may not be an earth for others to journey on. We must begin to put in order what has been buried, lost and disregarded over time. It will be a slow arduous journey with a few steps backward as we push forward all the same. At this time, it requires more than one man with a destiny and a set of disciples. Many will venture to this world to assist in this process each as a disciple of the Father in his own right. This is an undertaking like no other that has taken place in your universe as thousands flock to your earth to assist in this mission.

I will serve as the repository, the one who seeks to unite and coordinate all who gather around the guiding principles of universal truth and law. Know that in this effort I will not serve as the lone master or representative of this some call the Correcting Time.


Vicki: Well, then I assume that there will also be those who will misrepresent these principles and mislead or confuse others. How will we know who or what to believe?

MONJORONSON: : You will know by the message they give, the lives they live in accordance to that message and your own ability to openly discern the difference in falsehood and truth. Do you see little one why it is so important that each and every one of you develop within yourself, your own relationship with that divine fragment within you? The answers and the direction to those answers lie within you. It is what will save some from living with fear and misconception. It is why we continue to encourage you to develop your own skills of receiving and of discernment so that you may have access to the spiritual realm of God and his helpers to guide you.

Vicki: Yes I do see and I benefit from that guidance everyday! But for me I know Christ Michael who I see as the sovereign and the creator son of this universe. What about those who do not see him as I do and who instead follow someone else on a different path? How will you intermingle or navigate through this maze of diverse groups?

MONJORONSON: : Understand that Christ Michael in his infinite and perfect wisdom had one primary purpose and that was to assist humankind in knowing the Father and following for themselves a life that aligned with His true nature. With this in mind he served as the vehicle and through the example he set as he lived out his life, he provided the path. Know that at this young stage of your journeys, others may follow a different path using a different vehicle that will eventually lead to the same destination. Those who serve as representatives of the Father understand this and so you will find that I like Christ Michael during my sojourn on Earth will respect these many paths and we as representatives of the Father will work within these frameworks to highlight and teach the truths. In this way, over a long span of time, paths will begin to converge.

It is difficult for many who are currently sojourning on this earth in the midst of much divisiveness to see that those who choose to understand and to follow the will of the Father are all on the same team. There is no separation…only these multiple paths with different vehicles. From these many paths come arrays of different understandings at different times where certain truths are explored and identities are disclosed at different points in one’s unique journey.

Along the way and over many centuries misconceptions develop about the true nature of the Father and the principles of universal law as well. One cannot assume that those who have chosen a certain path are the only ones who have segments of truth within their sects and belief systems. Indeed there are those who have chosen alternative paths and may have developed a truer understanding in some aspects regarding these principles. There is much benefit for those of different paths to come together in a spirit of openness and share with each other the truths they have discovered. There is room for all to grow. And so I commend those who listen with an open ear because by doing so, they have the greatest potential to learn and to self-correct. Until mankind acknowledges the worthy contributions each has to offer and identifies the common threads that bind them, our work will not be done. I will come as Christ Michael did with a respect and compassion for all who venture on earth.

Vicki: Whew! You make it sound so easy and yet I know better. I see so much dissension, violence, confusion, apathy and strife, I know that it will take much to sort out this web of complexities and it will take the skills of a master to even be accepted safely into some groups much less to present a new perspective.

MONJORONSON: : (laughing) “Easy” does not describe this mission little one. There will always be those who will j-walk their way through life, fighting the ebb and flow of progress. Success will depend upon individuals who feel within themselves the need and conviction for this to happen. This is not the work of the feeble minded or feeble hearted. This is not the work of weekend warriors. This requires an inner transformation in many that is so deeply ingrained that it follows them and informs them in all aspects of their lives. And though it is not necessary for all to participate, it will require a critical mass of right-minded individuals who work to transform themselves and then contribute in their own unique way. And it will require a huge improvement in the communication between spirit and human that has been neglected for too long, so that we in spirit may prepare the way, direct the path and help you stay the course.

I say these words, not to overwhelm you but to expand your thinking so that you understand that this is a plan that began its development thousands of years ago, that it continues to unfold, and that it will require many more years, decades and centuries. You have a place in its development at this time, on this planet and I am coming to guide you, support you and salute you for your efforts. You are already disciples my friends. The efforts you make to move things forward no matter how small will be felt for centuries to come. See yourselves as the front-runners and take time to appreciate not only the work you do but the efforts of your fellow humans as well, no matter how different their paths are from yours. Allow yourselves the time to feel the depth of this connection there is between you.

Vicki: Well this has been a truly informative session and probably more than enough for us to digest at one time. Would you like to share a closing statement with us Monjoronson?


MONJORONSON: : Yes, of course. These are indeed different times that you live in my friends. And as you may now see, it would not serve to designate a small group of disciples to service a population in the billions. Nor could they adequately represent the diversity that exists among the people on this planet. You have reached a point in your evolution where the very survival of your species requires that you cooperate to create sustainable systems. It will soon be evident that, when life as you know it begins to collapse under its own weight the only answer will be to unite humankind around certain universal values and goals that most can agree upon and work toward regardless of race, nation, sect, creed or affiliation. This involves an inclusive approach, a welcome to all who can support this effort. It is time for humans to see themselves as members of a united global citizenship that holds these common values and goals above all other differences, distinctions and diversities.

There will be a tremendous need to have individuals around me who will support these efforts and will lead others in such a lofty goal. My arrival and participation will not remove the need for ground breakers, for bridge makers, for groups to form and organize themselves in support of such a grand effort. Imagine a network that stretches itself across the globe connecting vast numbers of diverse groups whose commitment to promote social equity, freedom to grow as individuals and a quality life for all supersedes any of their other identifications or memberships and who are all interconnected and united around sustainable values such as these. This is the grand plan and this is the co-creative work we will do together.

I send you my blessings as we discuss and anticipate together the journey that lies ahead of us. May you feel the love and the hand print of our Father in your lives and know that it is through Him that everything is possible. Good day!

Vicki: Thank YOU Monjoronson.

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