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ATL312- TM Members

2017-08-14-TM Members
At Large #312


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: For TM Members
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Mantoube
o 2.2 TR: Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: For TM Members
Group: At Large
Teacher: Mantoube
TR: Jim Cleveland


Good morning TM members. Mantoube steps up and is insistent upon sharing today. As always, transmissions speak for themselves and free will minds respond as they will. Do you have a transmission to share? jim

MANTOUBE: Namaste to you all. I celebrate your intention to live in Spirit and follow the Father’s guidance from within. You are richly endowed with the ministering spirits you need and you only need to bring them up into the dimension of action reality.


MANTOUBE: Your actions are now largely taken in response to material that you now consider reality, and minds that are largely responsive to animalistic stimuli. Fight or Flight? You have no need for either. Defend and Protect? Against whom if not yourselves. You few largely see this small band in a stale light, beset by your illusions of societal realities. The true reality is found within your being, the cool dark cave of the Father’s Indwelling Spirit. The enhanced reality is the Spirit of Truth, your eternal access to everything that Jesus taught. Your one and only task/mission in this Network is to respond to those who seek you out for questions about Stillness — its inherent aspects of worship, prayer, spiritual intent and the certainty of personal teacher connection for those who ask.

Sharing this eternal ‘reality’ with those humans who inquire can be altogether easy for your contact members. You can be glad to meet new friends who share this search for spiritual values, without fear of what doubts and questions that might emerge. Or, it becomes difficult when you shrink in fear from this obligation, not altogether being willing to deal with those who might come before you. Many are ’too busy’ in their lives already, a matter of life priorities and deferring to the ‘real’ world that is essentially unreal in an eternal sense.

Truly, realize that your Network of ready apostles is doing what Jesus did, when he went away to immerse in Spirit. Your Stillness practice is your immersion, and your expression of intention, a step in faith. This is immediately and fully rewarded. You are empowered with higher truth, beauty and goodness, all rewards for your personal Faith Quest.

Please know that your Stillness prayer and connection to the Universal Father has never been subverted in all of history, any and all folk tales to the contrary. It can be stronger than ever in these Times of Correction when spiritual values are surging forth into the minds of vast numbers of ever-learning humans and will ultimately bear fruit in the re-creation of societies with higher values.

Your Chair wishes to build membership and your numbers are indeed small in materiality. But a few people can publish good news and higher values to the entire world, and the opportunity stands before you. We have helped shrink the world with technology so that you can stretch your loving arms around it all. Be ONE. Do your part as a Generation.

Membership in this circle of friends then can be very easy or it can be difficult, in which you should not join. You need to make a commitment to Christ Michael to be a member, and you need to seek his personal counsel. Your fellows are just fellow seekers; your commitment is between you and Spirit. Do you want to work with other seekers, whomever they might be, or do you not? Have you really and truly opened yourself to Stillness spiritual guidance to the extent that you should? Spirituality is personal and so is True Religion.

I urge you to look at the Network with a fresh and higher consciousness starting now, and so give it a higher level of ‘reality’ in your mind. Transcend the flesh; identify with your higher self that embraces Spirit over human cacophony. Look down upon the steam pipe of noise below you, and parse it with the assistance of inner Spirit. Your Spirit of Truth has a mission within you.

So don’t marginalize your own mission with a lower sense of human ‘success’ evaluation, nor make it marginal with your own lack of commitment. You are what you make yourself. Don’t point to failures to which you contributed with your own lack of commitment, or because you were too busy with the ‘real’ world.

While you are indeed on a mission within this world to facilitate deeper spiritual awareness, you must rise above it in your visions and live in that awareness if you wish your mission to bear fruit. You don’t judge your own mission by lower human standards. You show people a higher reality that comes from above you in the ladder of evolution. As evolving humans, you must grow to meet it through the nucleus of spiritual guidance you carry within. Lift to the Light, and Live there.


MANTOUBE: I am here, in my place of rising Light, and I welcome communications with you. And while Prophecy is invariably a human activity, it suffices to quote from your approved text that you are all ‘quivering on the brink’ of massive change in the world. This should also be given a new sense of ‘reality’ within your minds. What part will you play? There is this Time of Correction within each of you.

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