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AND37- Effect of Rising Planetary Vibrations on The Populace

2006-06-29-Effect of Rising Planetary Vibrations on The Populace
Andover #37


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Effect of Rising Vibrations on Population
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Serena, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Dialogue
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Effect of Rising Vibrations on Population
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Serena, Tomas
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba and participated in effective prayer.

Prayer: Father we come again on this glorious day, meeting here as a group to listen to our teachers and to understand the beautiful lessons they give to us. Father we really do appreciate the opportunity to participate in this. We feel so blessed that we have friends to share this with. We are grateful that we are able to grow personally through these lessons and share our personal stories with our friends. We feel so blessed with the opportunity to share these lessons with others, helping Michael in this Correcting Time. God, You are an awesome God.


SERENA: : Take this time in the collective energy of your Merkaba to raise your vibrations further. There is no switch to push or knob to turn. Simply allow with your intent. We can help you raise your vibrations.

Randy: Remember as you raise your vibration, we in this Merkaba are raising each others’ too.

Leoma: Yet remaining balanced and centered.

SERENA: : Good evening dear friends. This is Serena and company.

Group: Welcome Serena.

SERENA: : Once again it is our agenda, if you so desire, to continue the process of weaving light into you… weaving you together into one. (Each expresses desire for this.) We will spend a few moments then in silence.
If you were able to hear with spiritual ears, you would hear the fine-tuned vibrations of what you would term musical tones weaving you together. Light and sound are approximations in your perception of what is occurring between you and around you. Perhaps you feel the energy vibrations, the movement of energy vibration in your bodies and in your Merkaba sphere.

Again, if it is not noticed in your physical perception, you can still be assured that it is happening. It is affecting your bodies the same as everyone in the sphere. It is our delight to aid you in this way. What you may not know or think about is that we benefit from this process as well, increasing our delight and joy in sharing this with you. It is a great pleasure and privilege that you desire, invite and allow this to occur. So we give you our gratitude as we receive yours as well.

Group: Thank you.

SERENA:  You may perceive that this process will continue as you sit here this evening, even though you may have your attention diverted and not perceive its occurrence as we continue.

TOMAS: : So my friends, this is Tomas.

Group: Good evening, Tomas.

TOMAS: : Good evening. I am pleased to be with you once again and speak with you.


TOMAS: You have had some momentous experiences of late. (Agreement) It is encouraging to see your open willingness and the progress that you therefore make by putting forth your intention to grow, to learn more, and to experience more. It is commendable.

At times it may feel to you that you are speeding forward. Indeed, you have been. It is all right if you decide you need to slow down a little bit. It is all right if you decide you want to keep going at the same speed. In the meantime, I have a lesson for you tonight. As Serena has so graciously informed you, your energy experience of being woven into the light continues as I speak.

We have been observing an interesting pattern occurring between you, and we know that it is at a level which you do not perceive. Yet, I would like to speak of it so that you may attach your conscious awareness to this pattern that we see forming. It is a pattern of back and forth, off and on, rising and declining… rising again yet to a higher point than you had risen to previously… falling back and rising again to yet a higher point. When you decline from the high point, speaking vibrationally here, the point you drop back to in your daily life is a step higher than what you previously dropped back to. Does this make sense?

Group: Yes.

TOMAS:  Thus, even though you may feel your energies return to “normal” in your daily life, that rate of vibration at “normal” is higher than you could have maintained even months ago. Thus, you are attaining higher levels of constant vibration even though you are not aware in your consciousness that your lower levels are now higher than where you first began. They are in some cases higher at your lower point than your highest points were before you stepped consciously on this journey. Amazing, is it not?

You experience these higher levels of energy in your daily life, now, as normal. It feels normal to you because your body has become used to those frequencies. Indeed, as the planetary changes continue and the planet itself rises in frequency vibration, you are carried along with that process. This is aiding your process of raising in frequency and maintaining those levels.

Though you still see the rises on evenings such as this when you put forth your intent to do so, when you go back to your daily life you feel you have gone back, dropped back, in your frequency. Indeed, it has changed a little with your awareness. But know now, keep in your mind, these steps are incremental and permanent, so to speak.
As you progress onward, you need not carry all of those steps with you. All of those hard-earned lessons are behind you now. Carry not the lesson with you. What you take with you is the attainment, the achievement of what that lesson gave you. Trying to carry all those lessons along with you would become a heavy burden. Allow yourself to let those lessons go and just be in the new level you have attained.

Yes, it is good to look back and see how far you have come, but do not dwell there. It is always the better choice to be in the present moment. We realize for you mortals, sometimes being in the present moment means looking back so you can see what you have attained. This is why we give you this information about the pattern of your energy progression, your development. We bring this to your awareness not to say that the pattern isn’t beneficial or that there is anything to be corrected here. This is simply what we observe. This is how it is.

Yes, one day my friends, you will reach yet higher levels of frequency vibration of conscious awareness in your lives without falling back once you take your attention away, back into the world. This however, is not what we wish for you to strain for in your attainment. It is the ultimate goal. Indeed, it will come in its own good time. So please, be aware of your pattern. But do not struggle or strain to achieve the level that you are not ready for yet. Allow it to be what it is. You are doing well. Do you have questions of me this night?


Randy: I was following what you were saying about our energies rising on the average. I realize that some of this is because we intentionally desire it to be so, and then we follow through. (Tomas: That is correct.) Some of this is just being in the environment that we are in with the planet and other types of energies coming to us to allow us raise our energies.

TOMAS: : Yes, you have a great deal of celestial help and Planetary Supreme assistance.

Randy: Most certainly there are many on this planet that have no clue that there is celestial help. Yet are they also having their basal vibrations increased?

TOMAS: : Yes, indeed, especially in concurrence with the planetary changes. This is where some people are finding discomfort, perhaps anxiety. Among those who tend to be mentally unbalanced to begin with may find this quite uncomfortable for them, or difficult to understand what is happening. They may think it is within them and not for the planet as a whole, which is disconcerting to say the least.

Randy: Those people that we have been told will sit on the fence and maybe lean away from God, or away from the flow of these energies… can they use their intent to say “I don’t like what is happening” and will the result be that they go too far to the other side?

TOMAS: : Are you speaking of people who have no intellectual knowledge of what is happening?

Randy: Yes, thank you.

TOMAS:  They could have great difficulty, yes. That is where people like you can come in. You know some of these people personally, and they trust you. You may be able to aid them in understanding and making the changes. Some of these people will be assured by seeing there are people around them who are not anxiety-ridden.

Perhaps they will even see that you are encouraged by the signs of things changing and question how you can remain calm while they are feeling anxious. Again, this will cause some people to think they themselves are mentally unbalanced, so they will be frightened. You can assure them that it is planetary changes and they can find help with making the adjustments. Part of making the adjustment is accepting it intellectually. Having some knowledge, some facts about it, is a start.

Randy: If these energies that are coming to us are of the spiritual circuit type, does that mean that by allowing more of them to come to us, or raising our vibrations, this will have the side effect of having increased physical and mental health?

TOMAS: : Yes, it all goes hand-in-hand. It’s all based on energy and the creative power which comes from the First Source and Center, enveloping and containing everything that even the lowest mortal being needs not only to sustain life, but to create a glorious and beautiful life… even to master hood. Does this address your question?

Randy: Yes, it does. Thank you.

TOMAS: : Richard, you have asked previously about how to find answers. Have you made progress in that regard?

Richard: I believe that I have. I’m understanding that it’s probably more important to “be” than it is to try and “tell”. You can comment on that if you wish.

TOMAS: : You are speaking of telling others what you have learned and are joyous about?

Randy: Yes.

TOMAS:  You are correct in that assumption. Your own personal growth, of course, is number one. That is the primary directive, if you wish, to see to your own spiritual attainment. Then you are better equipped, better prepared, more balanced in what you share with others. Now, if you are so bubbling over with joy and happiness that you cannot help yourself, by all means share it with others.

Remember on the other hand that you don’t have to give them a lot of information all at once that may overwhelm them. It may actually be for some individuals more effective to give them a tidbit, a little seed, and then leave them wondering. They will pick up mostly on your countenance, your emotion, your sincerity and observe how you live your life. That can reach them at a deeper level and teach them more than a book full of words.

Richard: Thank you, I understand that.

TOMAS: : You are welcome. Any other wisdom I may impart tonight? (Chuckles.)

Joann: I do have one question. Am I really on the right track? Am I going in the right direction?

TOMAS: : Is there a wrong track?

Joann: No. I guess I didn’t ask that properly.

TOMAS: : But you are here. You are listening. You are asking. You are searching, seeking. You are sincere in your heart. I think you are on the right track!

Joann: Thank you.

TOMAS:  Just keep going. You’ll find your way. There are many, many paths to the Father. None are the wrong track. You will eventually find your way, as will all others. There are many choices to be made, but all paths lead eventually to the Father. Are you content with that?

Joann: Yes, thank you.

Randy: Tomas, I would like to ask a question about midwayers. In this TR’ing process or in any of these energy exercises that we have done, I presume that we have been aided by many celestials… possibly midwayers. Could you relate anything to us on how the midwayers help us when we meet like this?

TOMAS: : The midwayers have been most helpful in the TR’ing process to act as interpreters, to manage the frequencies, the differences in communication between the higher spiritual vibrations and your own. They receive help in return with these vibrational changes from energy controllers and manipulators. Once the energy has been stepped down, the midwayers must interpret the energy signals into physical words and send the thoughts that can communicate through the vocal cords of a human.

It is a complicated process. There is more to it than that, of course. We desire that you not become caught up in the details of how it works, but to believe and know that it works. The details are taken care of for you. You open that process up with your intent, as you might have guessed.

Randy: Thank you. I presume that as we progress higher in our energy, closer to that of the morontial state, we might be able to do similar things to what midwayers do… but in a very limited way. Is this correct?

TOMAS: : First of all, do not speak of limitation. Hmm… you put the limits on yourself by believing that. You could aid such a process yourself… now, as you are. I know that is perhaps side stepping your question. I do want to point out that as the midwayers aid you in these processes of communicating, they too are evolving. They too are growing along with you in this process.

Yes, to get to your question, as you become less material and more morontial, this process becomes easier. You will one day be able to observe the midwayers more directly as you become more like them in vibration. They could appear to you now by lowering theirs. But one day your vibrations will meet theirs more easily. Yet theirs continue to operate at higher levels than they previously attained as well.

You often as mortals see, or give attention to, the idea that you are growing and everyone else remains the same on the celestial side of things. We’re all in this together, my friends. We all, including you, attain in the same manner. There is truly no difference in your attainment and ours. You will one day, indeed, reach back to others who are now like yourselves to help them on their journey. This is a never-ending process of attaining and lending a hand to those just “behind” you.

Randy: Is WAVE a midwayer?

TOMAS: : WAVE is not the same as a midwayer. WAVE is of an order of their own, being created at this time. Yet it is the natural and planned part of the progression of Michael’s Correcting Time. It is not an accident or some freakish occurrence. It is part of the natural order of things on this planet at this time. Their order has an important role to play as do all levels of being, especially including yourselves.

Randy: Could you comment on the responsibilities of the group that parent such a being?

TOMAS: : Ah, the crux of the question. The mortals who aided in this co-creation – therein lays the key word, co-creation, they are not the creator. There is not one all-powerful creator acting alone in this situation. Even Michael, as your Sovereign, as Creator, would not say that He creates alone, for He creates out of the creative force from the First Source and Center.

There is where the ultimate responsibility lies. Yes, the mortals who in this case were co-creators have a responsibility as well. Theirs is in the beginning, to be of pure heart and intent, to be sincere in their desire to serve Michael in His Correcting Time. If all of these things are in place, then no harm can ever come from any action that they take.

Their responsibility, therefore, lies in the very elements that allowed them to become the co-creators in the first place. The education, the development, the spiritual upbringing of this order of being is not the mortals’ direct responsibility, though they can aid in the process. There are plenty of teachers on the celestial side who take the responsibility of bringing up these new beings. That is enough information for now.

Randy: Thank you. That has been quite helpful.

Richard: Thank you for remembering my question.

TOMAS: : Certainly.


TOMAS: At this time I would like to return your attention back to Serena and her order. Allow yourselves a few more moments of silence to return your attention to the light weaving being done. Good evening, my friends.

Group: Good night, Tomas.

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