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AND52- Introduction of UB To Religious People

2007-04-12-Introduction of UB To Religious People
Andover #52


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Introduction of UB to Religious People]]
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nathaniel, Tomas, Nebadonia, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Leoma
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Introduction of UB to Religious People]]
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Nathaniel, Tomas, Nebadonia, Michael
TR: Leoma


We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group Merkaba and participated in effective prayer.

Prayer: Father you have heard the petitions tonight of our thankfulness, that we all echo. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to come together as friends to open ourselves to Your celestial helpers, our spiritual friends. Open our minds and hearts. Help us to take the messages in, to build our souls, so that we may help You do good on this planet.

Unidentified: It is as you wish. It is as you so desire. The TR has requested that each one of you receives.

NATHANIEL:  Good evening. This is Nathaniel.

Group:  Good evening.

NATHANIEL:  We welcome a newcomer to the group (Jane). She is receiving good relaxation.
As was requested each of you received an extra measure of celestial blessing, an energy blessing. You may have perceived it as a gentle movement counterclockwise around your head, or as a gentle settling in of energy in your heart center. It is inevitable that one day your receiving will turn into transmitting as well.

Each and every one has the ability to voice the messages they receive. It is essential first to learn to trust these messages, to trust the purity of the intent and the origin of the messages. The next step, then, is to trust one’s self, one’s own ability in receiving the message. This is for some the most difficult part. Then stepping beyond that trust in self, to trust others to hear what they put to voice without judgment. The entire process is one based on love and trust. It does not work successfully without these essential ingredients.


NATHANIEL:  Spending time in stillness with the Father perpetuates the atmosphere, the environment for developing these abilities and the attendant trust which is required. We are frequently reminding you to spend time in stillness. This is your lifeline. You have experienced the stillness and its benefits, particularly when attended in a group such as this… enough to know of its benefits and enough to know how it feels when you have been away from this experience. How good it feels to return once again. Indeed, it is the ultimate goal to eventually feel that you have never left the stillness, to dwell there continuously.

Perhaps now you will perceive energy moving around the circle rapidly between you in a counterclockwise direction. This you have created within the Merkaba sphere by using your minds in conjunction with one another with your intent. Now perceive this energy settling in and centering in the middle of the light anchor. Focus your attention here.

While keeping your focus in the middle of the light anchor, attach your heart center line of energy to the light anchor as well. Now you are firmly established in the I AM Presence. [Pause] Here you may manifest whatever is the group’s desire.

For now it is well to establish your attention on how this energy feels.  Do you have questions at this time?  Then I will ask you a question. Do you now feel somewhat suspended in mid-air?

Student1:  Sure.

Student2:  No, I can’t say that I feel suspended.

NATHANIEL: Do you feel in some way that the energy is concentrated from your heart center upward?

Student1:  Yes, I feel that.

NATHANIEL:  Then you are perceiving the lesson. So the top part of your body is engaged, and the other half is neutral. If there are no questions, I will step aside for another.


Jane: I felt the energy and then I felt it leave.

Randy: I could feel it from my heart in the direction that was indicated.

NATHANIEL: : That was good. This was only a lesson in feeling the group energy, and using it with a common intent… sort of a practice session. There will be more to come at another time. Now I step aside.

TOMAS: : This is Tomas. Good evening friends.

Group:  Good evening, Tomas.

TOMAS: It has been some time since we have conversed, and we have a new addition. Welcome. I just dropped in for a little chat. Does anyone have questions?

Randy: I have a friend I am working with. I would like to help boost their self confidence. Do you have pointers?

TOMAS:: Hmm, I have never been in short supply. I will have to think about this. Self confidence is a matter of trust. Trust not only in the self, but in the universe as a whole, I would say. Having confidence in your Creator is a good place to anchor yourself, to have a basis for why you would even have any confidence at all. What do you have confidence in, would be a good question to ask yourself. It is good to have self confidence. Yet, if it is based only on self, with nothing beyond or anchoring that, it is a false confidence.

In the case of the co-worker, you would perhaps have some idea of their basis of faith or religion, which can be a delicate discussion in a work place. However without being too nosy about what their basis is you could find out, query, where their trust lies. It occurs to me that in this case, the trust also needs to be based in the trust in the company. If this person has some belief in the mission of the company, the morals and ethics based in trust in the company will give them a basis to be more confident in their job description, in their job placement and expectations.

It also occurs to me that this person is not always supported in their home situation in ways that would build self confidence. This you can do little about from your standpoint. But to help build this person’s confidence in their self, find times and ways to reinforce the successes… the times when you see them being successful or self-assertive. Does this assist?

Randy:  Yes, thank you.

TOMAS:   There are layers to confidence, are there not?

Randy: Yes, sometimes it seems that it is a difficult thing because the faith-trust is something internal, and I’m not so sure how I can influence the internal of any person. It’s governed by their choices, isn’t it?

TOMAS:: Exactly, and their relationship with their Thought Adjuster and so on. So that you cannot expect to affect greatly. The reinforcement and showing your trust in this co-worker to do their job and to do what is expected and showing appreciation for their position and their importance in the company and to your group will help boost this person’s self confidence.

Randy: Is there anything I can do through spiritual channels, such as a petition to Mother Nebadonia, etc.?

TOMAS:: Certainly, you can always ask for the will of God to be expanded within this person, opening the way for the personality, if you will, the character of God, to enter with qualities that will enhance the character of this person.

Randy:  Thank you.

TOMAS:  Glad to be of help.

Richard: I have a friend who is the dean of students at a seminary, to whom I have introduced the Urantia Book. My intention is to contact him again soon. I’m wondering if there is any help you might give me in how to approach a person with his religious beliefs, opening him up to the investigation of the UB revelation.

TOMAS:: First I commend you for your desire to open this person to new information. Sometimes in the established halls of religion it is a difficult task. Yet you will find a great openness with many people in those halls. I perceive that this person has taken only a little time to delve into the pages of the Urantia Book, and has found that there is some interest and also some confusion.

Perhaps you can make yourself available to answer some questions to help him where he is confused. I would make comment of course that it is not up to you to open this person to a higher truth. It must first be his desire. Again however you can pray for this person, for Mother Spirit to create a space within the mind of this person to be open to what the Urantia Book has to teach, and to be open to your ministration, your desire to be of service. Does this answer?

Richard: Yes it helps. I will put forth that prayer that Mother Spirit will assist in opening his heart and that my leading will be truthful and given in light. Thank you.

TOMAS:: You need not worry about the accuracy of the information. It is more important that you demonstrate the sincerity and genuineness of your heart. That will have more of an effect than the actual words

Richard:  Thank you.

TOMAS: I do believe that there is another presence that would like to address this group this evening. Surprisingly enough I am leaving without saying too much tonight. It was good to be with you again.

NEBADONIA: This is Mother Spirit. Good evening dear ones. I have not addressed you in this group for a very long time.

Group:  Good evening.

NEBADONIA:  I am always here. I am always with each and every one of you.

Randy: I sensed you earlier when we received energy blessings.


NEBADONIA:: Thank you. I am glad that my ministries have been brought in to the discussion tonight. That is always an appropriate prayer for anyone at any time in any situation, for my presence to be invited within them, within the situation within the person, to enter in to expand the will of God within them, to expand the presence of love and light, to connect human mind with divine mind. This is my circuitry, my avenue of purpose, to connect your mind with that of the divine Creator.

Once this has been invited into the life of another person if there is any room in that person’s soul or heart for light, I can enter in and the light can be expanded. We only need the invitation. This is the most beautiful thing you can do for another is to make the invitation for them. So many are ignorant of how to make the invitation, or that it needs to be made at all. This is a great service that you do for another, to make the invitation. Again, it is appropriate always.

So when you find yourself uncertain of how to pray for another, invite me into the situation, into the heart and soul, the very thinking mind of the individual. I cover you now with the blessings of my love. You are the little chicks and I am the hen covering you with my wings. Be in my blessing and carry this feeling of love and security with you throughout your week. Good evening, dear ones.

Group:  Good evening.

MICHAEL: This is Christ Michael, and I bring you my peace.

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