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AND58- Sharing Meaningful Energy Exchanges, Mota

2007-08-03-Sharing Meaningful Energy Exchanges
Andover #58


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Sharing Meaningful Energy Exchanges
o 1.2 Group: Andover TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nathaniel, Monjoronson, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Leoma, Keith
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Sharing Meaningful Energy Exchanges
Group: Andover TeaM
Teacher: Nathaniel, Monjoronson, Tomas
TR: Leoma, Keith


We have been reading in the UB about Personality Survival (UB 112:0.0). We continued with stillness, toned, and linked to the Merkaba. We were led in a group energy harmonization exercise; we shared light from our hearts while feeling emotions like peace, compassion, joy and love (not recorded).

Prayer: God, we are in gratitude of bringing so many people throughout the world into the realm of understanding this idea of light coming into the world and the healing time. We’re here to bring the light in. We ask that those who work off of greed and are trying to put strong arms around people of the world, that they would be thwarted in their efforts, that love will override their deeds. We thank you for bringing this group together. As small as it may be, there are so many more groups like this. We thank you that these groups are growing and that more people are becoming aware of them each and every day. We thank you that we have this freedom to express ourselves and the light and love you give us. Amen.


NATHANIEL:  This is Nathaniel speaking for the Most Highs.

Group:  Good evening.

NATHANIEL:  Good evening, dear ones. We are pleased to see the exchange of energy between you and the gratitude in your ability to physically be together in the same room. The worship from your hearts is visible to us. We feel your gratitude and we join with it, in rejoicing to the heavenly Father. The Most Highs congratulate you and encourage you to continue in your growth and understanding and using God-given energy for doing good in the world, to bring light intentionally into the world. There is no greater work than this to be done at this time. We simply encourage you to continue.

MONJORONSON: This is your brother Monjoronson.

Group:  Good evening.

MONJORONSON: Good evening, dear friends. Are you perceiving at this time a drawing upward of your awareness, of your consciousness and your bodily vibrations? It is occurring, whether you are aware or not. The harmonization of the vibrations as individuals is also taking place, so that you may more truly be one in body, mind and spirit. Groups who harmonize their energies or work to blend energies into one can be more effective in their spiritual work. Also, more effective then as you depart one from the other in your daily walk.

The people of this planet will soon come into a greater understanding of this principle, that to be an isolated individual without truly sharing meaningful exchange of energies with another is fruitless. To make these interchanges yet more effective and powerful, to invite celestials or the Holy Spirit into the interchange, increases the quotient of energy exchanged and the energy potential. With your intentions the potential creates an opening for greater good than if you were acting alone in isolation.

There are so many on this planet that operate in isolation, who seek mainly to provide for themselves with little thought of others. Once this principle becomes more widely practiced beyond mere knowing it will create a great change in humanity. The connections human to human will become more meaningful. More energy will be allowed to flow. Inter-communications will become more meaningful in that there will be a higher spiritual content and a greater interweaving of soul value, aided by celestials. Intercommunication between the Thought Adjusters will be more readily affected.

Thus, you received an exercise in harmonizing your group energy. It is meant that this type of energy exchange would come more naturally, without such overt intention to create it. But for those on your fallen world it takes a little work and awareness. There are groups who have worked in their own ways to be more cohesive within work groups, within support groups. This has been a step in the right direction. Though to bring in the spiritual element and to ask for divine help increases the fulfillment of the potential.


Keith: Do we need to ask permission in connecting with other people in our daily lives?

MONJORONSON: : I will give you a two-fold answer to that question. As always, you allow; you provide the permission for any celestials to work within the parameters of your intention. As always, in all things they cannot override your will. However, if you are asking about the exchange between mortals, this harmonization can take place without the other mortal or mortals in a group being overtly intentional or aware of what is taking place.

The energy exchange can take place between mortals simply as a natural outgrowth of their desire, of their caring for one another. This is as it is meant to be, though it is impaired as a result of rebellion and default on this world. So what we are instructing is that with your intention and with asking, inviting celestial aid, you magnify the effect that can take place naturally, and does, between people who desire to be harmonious. Does this answer your question?

Keith: Yes, and it brings up another question. Previously in this group, a dome of energy was placed over this house; when each person left the area, they took this energy with them. I took that as a lesson that this allows you to be open to the energies of all the people around you, so you can enhance better communication or send love in their direction if they’re in need. As long as the intention is good, do these two correlate?

MONJORONSON: : Naturally, what you are speaking of is certainly a desirable effect of making yourself available to reach out to others. Are you asking if this extra energy grid that was placed over the Merkaba established here facilitates this process?

Keith:  Yes.

MONJORONSON: It is not so directly related with what you were speaking of with interactions with people outside of this group. It is more intentionally, more directly effective between the energy exchanges and connections made of the people within this group, so that those who have been physically within this parameter of concentration of light, within this grid, that once they leave, remain connected with it and carry some of it along with them. You will now experience this when you leave physically from this place.

One facet of the purpose for the creation of this extra energy grid was to harmonize this group further. Now, with your intention, if you so choose, you may add others to this group who are not physically in proximity. You may with your intention include them in your circle. Does this surprise you?

Keith: No, but it answered the next question I had.

Richard: Must permission be asked, or do we discern that they are interested in being joined in the light, as we assume all humans eventually want to be joined with the light.

MONJORONSON: : Yes, with your intentions, you may include anyone whom you wish. It is always of course the prerogative of that individual, whether they are knowledgeable of your intention or not, to not receive the blessing of that inclusion. If you so choose to add people that you know personally to this group that would then be connected with energy that we are speaking of, you may also choose to inform them of this action so that they can attempt to be aware of any difference that may take place. In any case, adding an individual in this way energetically speaking, will harmonize them with the rest of you, energetically speaking.

Randy: Is this sharing of energies when we are with other people and communicating with them an earthly analogy to how we will communicate with our morontia bodies on the mansion worlds?

MONJORONSON: : I am smiling because I want to say you are catching on. It is an exercise that approaches the approximation of energy exchange in interrelationship on the mansion worlds.

Randy: When we practice this here, will we have a better understanding of mota?

MONJORONSON: : That would be one benefit. In fact, are we not speaking of mota?

Randy: Could you define mota?

Leoma: I thought that question was coming.

TOMAS:  This is Tomas.


TOMAS: I will attempt to answer your question. Mota is a concept difficult for mortals to grasp because that is exactly what we are defining here. It is understanding, grasping values and ideas that are somewhat beyond what your present material understandings can encompass. So it is a stretching, a challenge to your intellectual abilities. But that is not the domain in which you will gain the understanding of mota concepts, not in the intellectual realm. It lies more within the realm of the soul and the spirit, not rational understandings so much as feeling the value and the truth of a concept that may be new to you. Does this explain sufficiently for now?

Randy: It seems like mota is hard to define because of our limitation in our perceptions, especially if we keep anchoring our perceptions to our five senses.

TOMAS:: Exactly right. Also, when you anchor your perceptions trying to grasp the new values while basing those on the old understandings, it’s a natural occurrence, which is why it is difficult.

Randy: As it is en-circuited right now, is the human mind able to appreciate and grasp mota?

TOMAS:: To some degree, yes. The fact that you are attempting is an indication that you will be somewhat successful in your grasping to understand higher ideals.

Keith: Would it be beneficial to continuously ask for celestial guidance so we can understand how to do this better?

TOMAS:: That certainly could not do any harm. That is part of the progression of evolution that as you are able to develop the continuous kind of connection that you are speaking of is what we are all working toward. Along the way, you will gain understanding of mota as you gain in your ability to remain connected with spiritual guidance and to fulfill your desires to follow the altruistic nature of following God’s will. Does this answer?

Keith: Yes, it does answer the question. (But brings up another?) Does using stillness open up these channels? If these channels are open continuously, could that be detrimental; could someone else cause harm to the person seeking to be open?

TOMAS:: First of all, the stillness, yes, of course. The second part of your question, how could remaining open to spiritual guidance ever be anything but beneficial. If you do encounter those who have less than beneficence in mind, you will know how to approach or handle the situation. You will only receive harm if you allow it.

Keith:  O K.

TOMAS: Being open to spirit does not mean you are open to evil. You must be assured that with the opening of the circuits all outside influences that might cause you any kind of harm or broaching your will have been cut off. They are no longer able to have any influence on anyone on your planet. That kind of influence is over. Now, you may see or hear of instances where this seems to be contradicted, but you must keep in mind that the imagination of individuals is very strong.

All of you create your reality around you, so some who have very strong beliefs in things that are what you might term evil may create this for themselves. This is a very powerful thing, the human mind. People who create things they do not desire need to examine what is beneath, what is more deeply rooted in their belief systems, and in their desires for their life. Some of the effects that you see or hear of that seem less than beneficial, less than harmonious with God’s will, it is because their own will is being exercised so strongly. Indeed, each of you has strong beliefs that create your reality.

So, if there is something in your life that you do not like, change your mind. Literally. You can create what you what in your life intentionally. This is one of the hallmarks of an evolutionary being that has reached a higher attainment in living their life; they create beauty, abundance, goodness in their lives. This does not mean everything is always rosy. There are still the wills of others which intercede, overlap your daily living.

There are still accidents of time and place, as you living in the Minneapolis area have just seen, with the collapsing of the bridge. [Ed. note: The 35W bridge collapse was in national news.] This was an accident of time and materialism. All those who lost their lives in that accident are well cared for, well loved, and being helped in the transition that came so suddenly. They are being held with nothing but grace and love. We have digressed but we do want to honor all those involved in this tragedy, to show our compassion and love for the grieving. Now let us move on. I step aside for another.

Leoma: Is anyone getting a bump?

Randy: Let’s calm our minds and using what we just heard from Monjoronson, let us open ourselves to the celestial presences that are here and willing to open themselves to us. [Pause.]


NATHANIEL:  (Keith, TR): I am here to close this session with you, so that you can participate as a TR with this group. Your questions to Monjoronson and Tomas were very good questions.

My message is for everyone to continue to practice stillness. For those who are not going into stillness daily, find a little time even if it is just taking a break at work in a place by yourself for 5 minutes and become more comfortable in using those short periods of time and not demanding of yourself to take 20 minutes or even 10 minutes. In that 5 minutes you may do this several times a day and just open up and ask the spirits to guide you for that day, for that hour, for that minute, for the now.

Now is all you really have and you are aware of that. I remind you that staying in the now and bringing in your spirit guides with all of your encounters and even in your times alone can enhance your outlook on life and help change circumstances that are undesirable for you.
We close on that. May you all go in peace, prosperity and carry the torch of love in your heart. Good night all.

(Good nights.)

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