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ANY201201- Emotional Stability Goes in Pair with Spiritual Mastery

2020-12-01. Emotional Stability Goes in Pair with Spiritual Mastery

Oregon, USA, December 1, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Emotional Stability Goes in Pair with Spiritual Mastery”.

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “How do you recharge yourself, energetically speaking? It is a matter well worth pondering. Without the constant influx of divine life force—your most basic life support — you could not function as an animated being.

God’s vital force is inexhaustible. Yet you are subject to severe energetic disturbances. One moment you are soaring high, lifted by a positive emotional current, but as soon as it subsides, you hit rock bottom. It demonstrates that instead of mastering your emotions, you let them manipulate you, robbing you blind of your precious energies by their hostile take-overs.

Often, a small incident triggers devastating emotional tsunamis, acting as the symbolic drop that causes your emotional bucket to overflow in a nasty spill of unprocessed festering emotions that have built-up to their dangerous tipping point of implosion.

Your lives would be far more productive and enjoyable if you conducted diligent emotional course corrections. You always have a say in how you operate. Own to it! Instead of advancing lame excuses when you flunk a pop-up test, remain unwavering in your resolve to live mindfully, which is highly transformative.

Intense emotions — high or low — run havoc on your adrenal glands, draining you energetically. Emotional stability goes in pair with spiritual mastery. By remaining self-aware, you mitigate your unruly emotions with your cool-headed brain-power.

Since stormy emotions catch your human vessel unprepared, which safety measures have you set in place to ward off for such debilitating occurrences? When tidal waves relentlessly pound on his boat, the captain has to stay the course, remaining calm and collected to keep panic at bay while presenting a reassuring commanding presence to his crew.

Indeed, by swiftly regaining your emotional equilibrium, you are inspirational to your mates. You successfully role-model a dynamic maneuver of how to keep all your operative systems in check.”

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