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ANY210318- About Whole-Hearted Singleness of Purpose

2021-03-18. About Whole-Hearted Singleness of Purpose


Oregon, USA


Thursday, March 18, 2021


Thought Adjuster

“[Jesus] told them that he had come to do his Father’s will and only his Father’s will. Being thus motivated by a wholehearted singleness of purpose, he was not anxiously bothered by the evil in the world.” [UB, 141:7.11]

Thought Adjuster: “Because he was all business about implementing the divine will, Jesus acknowledged the evil in the world without being ‘anxiously bothered’ by it.

One by one, he elucidated the spiritual dilemma that plague the human condition—consistently demonstrating hands-on the do-ability of their remediation. The Fifth Epochal Revelation of The Urantia Book provides a detailed account of his biography and the original flavor of his teachings, thus constituting a much-needed Owner’s Manual filled with practical tips for righteous living. As well, his Spirit of Truth bestowed on all flesh post mortem is forever freely accessible to all as an inspirational Life Coach.

How do you respond to the glaring manifestations of planetary evil? Chronic complainers sentence themselves to spend an unhappy life in the jail of helplessness. Those who emulate Jesus’ detached attitude as an observer of iniquity operate from a place of mental clarity. Their analytical thinking leads them to come up with proactive and realistic solutions.

Jesus was not conflicted about his earthly mission. What about you? Shouldn’t you demonstrate the ‘singleness of purpose’ that he brilliantly role modeled? The setting of clear intentions propels you toward their eventuation. It cannot be otherwise due to the supremacy of the cosmic rule of cause-and-effect.

There is a solution—a ‘soul-ution’—to every puzzling predicament. Start by enunciating your issue in minute details before scouting for the corresponding gems of living truth encrypted in Jesus’ exemplary life and teachings. You will become an expert at deciphering his ever-relevant subliminal input. As a man among men, Jesus was fully cognizant of the challenges of the human condition and well-versed in the matters of the heart.

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