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ANY191212- Have Faith in the Power of Faith®

2019-12-12.  Have Faith in the Power of Faith.

Oregon, US of A, December 12, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Have Faith in the Power of Faith.”

ANY #191212

Message received by Anyas.

The Impact of Fear: (1) Physical Health: It weakens the immune system and can cause cardiovascular damage, gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, and decreased fertility. It can lead to accelerated aging and even premature death. (2) Memory: It can impair the formation of long-term memories and cause damage to certain parts of the brain. (3) It can interrupt processes in the brain that regulate your emotions, allow you to reflect before acting, and act ethically. (4) Mental Health: It can cause fatigue, clinical depression, and PTSD.

Thought Adjuster: “You can grasp by personal experience that fear is a massive stressor with many unpleasant repercussions. Life on your world seems to shape up as relentless warfare where human souls are called to cope with frequent episodes of inner devastation and turmoil that trigger disorders of chronic fear.

“Faith is at the Antipode of fear, and therefore, most qualified to turn things around. Research has shown a connection between spirituality and entertaining positive beliefs. Meditation and prayer yield a sense of comfort and inner strength and may promote healing.

“When the going gets rough, learn to quickly override the impulsive takeover by fears and to switch to a full-fledged ‘faith-mode.’ Instead of dwelling on the worst-case scenarios, envision positive outcomes. Hasn’t the Divine Hand that guides your destiny helped you through many seemingly unsurmountable life predicaments?

“Faith acts as the reserve tank of your soul, providing you with enough premium fuel to make it to the next rest stop. Have faith in the power of faith! Investigate it, ponder it, and ask Me to provide you with practical tools to fully activate it in your life. It will lift you above the molehills of the daily drudgery, and you will then realize from your more enlightened bird-eye-view that you were making mountains out of molehills.”

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