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ARC210- See Yourself Through Eyes of Others

2005-06-13.  See Yourself Through Eyes of Others

Arcadia #210

Topic: See Yourself Through Eyes of Others

Group: Arcadia TeaM

Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.


Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for bringing this group together once again. Thank you for all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon each one of our lives. We pray for peace in the world, we pray for the end of wars and we pray for the time of Light and Life, Father. We would do your Will, please show us the way. Open our minds, our hearts and our eyes to the truth that your teachers speak to us. We love you so very much Father, in Michael’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, Jar El. It is good to be back once again among my friends. It is good to see familiar faces, familiar souls, people who I have become accustomed to. Part of this familiarity that I sense in all of you is a part of me. Every experience and every feeling that you may have, I have felt in one way or another. We have all had similar experiences, some to various degrees. All of these experiences are what unites us. All of these experiences are what brings us all together and makes us realize that we are all indeed one.


What your brother may be experiencing at this moment may not be so far from your own experience. Therefore, take into consideration their situation. Try to understand where they are coming from. Realize that you are brothers and sisters on the same journey, traveling on the same road towards Paradise. It is the Father’s Will if you so choose to complete the journey. When we reach the presence of the True Source and Center you will know every single experience that your brothers and sisters have gone through. You will finally realize all of their insecurities, all of their decisions and all of the choices that they had ever made. This realization is through the simple fact that we are all connected with one another and connected on a deeper more spiritual level. It is important to remember this.

Beginning to realize this helps you to fully understand what your brothers and sisters go through. It will help you later on to forgive yourself and forgiving yourself is the first step in forgiving others. Learning how to be one with everyone is the beginning of peace. Most of you pray for peace. You need to pray for peace within yourself for only then can you affect the rest of the world in a positive way. Only when you are at peace with yourself can you make an everlasting impact on the entire world.

This lesson I have said before and I continue to say it to you, for it is important. It is important that you see yourself in other people’s eyes. It is important that you look around, that you include others in your life for only then will you be truly alive. It is only when you share your life with your brothers and sisters that your life begins to mean something. Hiding yourself and your feelings will never bring any joy to your life but opening up and sharing who you are with others will greatly improve your happiness. Imagine other people as simply aspects of who you are, imagine them as being facets of your own complicated life. Once you begin to realize that other people are apart of you just as you are a part of them, you will begin to take care of that aspect of your life a lot better. You will begin to cultivate those relationships with them so that they may flourish and bloom and live.

Each of you has a million facets in your life and each facet is reflective in each and everyone of you. That reflection can be good or bad. It is up to you whether you decide to cultivate this relationship with one another. It is up to you to socialize with your brothers and sisters on this planet. It is up to you to open up and let other people into your life. It is up to you to bring joy into the lives of others. It is completely up to you to make an everlasting impact on this world.

My message here is that you have free will to create your own reality. You have the power to imagine and to create and you have the knowledge and the gift to give love to the world and have the world love you back. It will always be your choice. This is a very simple lesson to learn it is not very difficult to understand, but for some it is very difficult to execute. For they blame life for giving them the circumstances that they are in. Sometimes they blame God for the conditions in which they find  themselves, but it is not so. We all make our own decisions, we all make our own choices, we all choose to be where we are for whatever particular reason. You choose who you want to be, you choose where you want to be and at what spiritual level you are. Remember with each level of advancement you shall have greater challenges. Be prepared for if you choose a life of spirituality you choose a life of challenges.

Are there any questions?


Anna: Could you define love?

JarEl: TR, George. There is no clear definition. In life there is no real definition on your planet of what love is. Love is beyond comprehension and knowledge. Love is not something that can be pondered, contemplated or thought of. Love is not something which remains in the mind or is written. Love is something entirely felt and the feeling is beyond your words. Some poets have been close to describing it. Love will always remain with your Father, who is always sending it to you and you shall feel it. In your life you shall feel it in your relationships. Love will always be felt. So it is something that you will discover for yourself. If you have not yet had the experience of love in your life, please open yourself up so that you may receive this beautiful gift from the Father. Love is what holds the Universe together. Love is all around you, you just need to connect.

Are there any other questions?

Stella: When I was here last you mentioned how far away you are. Do you see us through some kind of reflectivity and do you hear us through some kind of a system like that?

JarEl: TR, George. It is very peculiar Stella that at this particular moment that you were asking a question of communication a more primitive form of communication was being received by your host. Be aware that our communications are far beyond anything imagined here on this planet. Our communication has been perfected. I can view everyone of you. It is true that I am far away from you and yet I am next to you here in this room. This is all possible through our superior technology which one day you shall utilize. At this moment have trust that this is possible, all things are possible in the Father’s Universe. Yes, I do witness you and I witness this group and it is recorded for future use for you and future generations. Everything you do here and now is very important for the rest of your world.

You are all pioneers, you are all traveling into an unknown destiny and you are bringing the rest of the world with you. It is enough that you are here listening, trusting the messages that come through. These messages have always been coming through, but never in the history of Urantia have there been such large groups gathered together to listen to the messages which we transmit. It is truly unprecedented. It is a milestone where your planet is at this moment. It is a testament that you are on the correct path towards Light and Life. Very soon more of you will be listening to these transmissions and more of you will have greater influence on this world to bring about Light and Life.

Remain interested and alert. Share your knowledge with those you know and love. Always remember that they are your brothers and sisters. They shall travel side by side toward Paradise with you. When finally the entire Universe becomes the Supreme we will all truly know one another as we will all truly know ourselves. Imagine yourselves here as children, even if you may be advanced in years you are still children, still learning and still growing. You may not still trust one another but the day will come in your spiritual careers that you will extend fully and unequivocally your trust to your brothers and sisters. This trust will be so solid, so grounded that you will have no doubt that your brothers and sisters have good intentions.


So learn and grow and remain open to new teachings, new ideas and one day we will all meet in Paradise. Until next time, good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

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