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ARC214- Guests From Senegal, What Is Needed For Light & Life

2005-08-08.  Guests From Senegal, What Is Needed For Light & Life

Arcadia #214

Topic: Guests from Senegal, What Is Needed for Light and Life

Group: Arcadia TeaM

Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.


Prayer: Norman: Gracious Heavenly Father we thank you tonight that you brought us all together. We thank you for the last few days for the workshop that Moussa has brought to us about deeper spiritual realities. We thank you for him be here and the love that you show through him, he is truly a man of God. We thank you for his teachings and that the truth of his teaching shall grow in our hearts. We thank you for all that has taken place and we thank you for Chita and Namukale that they have come to join us from their homes so far away. We pray that we may all become closer and that we may further your work and help to build your kingdom on earth. Be with us now as we hear what there is for us tonight in the messages from our teacher that we may become more like you Father. We ask all these things in Michael’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be among my friends again, it is good to see all of you. Welcome those who are here for the first time. It is not so strange that I am speaking to you, in fact it is very common. All over the world there are teachers who bring you similar messages. You are experiencing a transition period in which your world is correcting itself, adjusting to the new frequency which will enable it to come into the Age of Light and Life. New souls are awakening to the fact that we are all connected, we are all brothers and sisters here. We all journey to the same destiny and that destiny lies in the heart of God. Until we fully realize our potential we constantly struggle with challenges and adversities. These challenges and adversities are placed in your path so that you may learn and grow. The current challenge in your world is the elimination of war and the establishing of the brotherhood of man.


We are not much different from one another. On my world we had similar struggles. We grew and adjusted to the Age of Light and Life. Now my world is well established in the Age of Light and Life but it took many years and many struggles for us to finally realize who we were meant to be. Your world still needs to come into the realization of who you are meant to be. You are at the very edge of discovering this and when it finally comes to pass the people of your planet will finally accept one another and wonder why it took them so long. Never again will they want to resort to the violent ways of the past. Violence comes from not knowing, from being afraid, from attacking that which one fears.

When you know who you are, you stop being afraid, for you have a secure sense of feeling that God is all around you and everyone is your brother and sister. Even if your brother strikes you down and kills you, you should not be afraid of what is to come. For every action is an opportunity for us to grow, every consequence is an opportunity for the world to grow as well. If your brother was to hurt you on a very personal level, that is a good opportunity for one day both of you to learn, grow and to become closer to one another.

I know that it is difficult for you to understand this; just as it was difficult in Jesus’ times to understand the concept to love your enemy. How can you love your enemy if your enemy means to harm you? When you examine the root cause for whatever anger or hatred your enemy has for you, you will begin to understand what the real problem is. When you look at real problems you begin to develop real answers. It is too easy to discard motives or root causes. It is too easy to blame it on hatred, but the hatred stems from somewhere and it is important that you understand where this hatred comes from. Fear is the number one cause for most hatred in your world; fear of the unknown, fear of your neighbor. When you learn to love your neighbor and you learn to accept them and you learn to understand them, no longer will you fear your neighbor. It takes real work on your part to solve these problems that plague your world. Work towards real solutions my brothers. You will find that it will make your lives and the lives of others much easier. You must get past this age of only treating the symptom and not finding what the real problem is.

Your pharmaceuticals are a good example of what the world goes through. With the taking of a pill you imagine that all of your illnesses will be cured, but it only covers up your sickness. It only numbs the mind to what is the true cause of your illness, for it only treats the symptom and not the cause. The numbing of your senses will not allow the cure of your illness. The numbing of the world will not allow the world to correct or solves its problems. You must be wide awake, you must feel what is going on in the world, only then can you know the problems that exist. If you do not know, how can you solve the real problems that face you and the world? It is too easy for people to lose themselves in their own lives and not know what is going on all around them. I am not bringing any condemnation down upon you, neither is it a criticism for any of you. It is simply an observation on how one can lose site of the ultimate goal for this planet and that is peace. The Age of Light and Life, a time when humans will live in perfect harmony with one another.

We do not ask too much of you. We only ask what you can give. Never are the problems of the world laid on any of your shoulders, it is a shared problem that all of you have. Only working together with one another can you find real solutions for the world’s problems.


Are there any questions?

Anna: I am trying to understand money. Things have become so expensive, for me in particular. I just don’t make enough money, very little. I wonder is it me? I just can’t keep up with the way the world is changing and what can I do? The job that I am in is a nice one, the people are nice, I am giving service, but I realize that money has become an issue and that it is very important. So do I leave my present job to try to find a better paying job because it has no benefits or retirement plan? I am 54 years old and I have nothing set aside for the future and retirement. I am troubled about this and I want to know if you could offer some advice and answers?

JarEl: TR, George. Certainly, the responsibilities that you hold for yourself and your home are the reasons that you work, is this not correct? (Anna: Yes.) So you must prioritize in your life what is necessary, what is important. You must also realize that the healing power of God is a free gift. It is here in all the Universe of Universes, it exists all around you. God never asks of you financially. He is there for you, to heal; He is there for you to love. The responsibility that you hold for yourself and your own finances is a problem that you must deal with or else you will lose control. Everyone face these problems, everyone must manage their own money and their own finances. And they must use it wisely on things which they feel are important. I understand that you feel that your health is all important and I do not presume to tell you what to do with your own money, but I do know this, that the healing power of God is a free gift to all of His children in the Universe. If you were to tap into this power which exists in God, you will find the healing that you are looking for.

Anna: So should I not worry about retirement benefits or medical insurance and just rely on faith in God or should I leave the people who I feel I should be loyal to and look for a job that pays well and offers benefits? That is where I am confused?

JarEl: TR, George. You still live in the real world. You still have real issues and finances. Do not abandon what you know will give you security in the future. Retirement for you is important and to have a secure future in your life should not be disregarded, having said this you know what to do.

Are there any more questions?

Stella: What can we do to put an end to these wars?

JarEl: TR, George. Illuminate the real problem that exists in your world; find the strength within you to bring the light of God on the cancer that exists all around you. Find a voice to speak out to people who will listen and who will see. Many are convinced and fooled that the problems of your planet are due to something else, but if you know what is the truth, then speak out and illuminate this problem, so that the whole world can see. That will bring an end to all wars. For only when you look at the real problems that exists on your planet do you learn to deal with them in such a way that will not require any violence whatsoever. It is only when all problems have exhausted the human imagination that people resort to violence. There is not any problem on your planet that cannot be resolved. That is the real tragedy here for it is almost meant to seem that the other person did not want to deal or bargain with you and therefore your government found justification for going to war. But if you learn to dialog with one another to solve your problems, you would reach compromises with one another, you would soon be on the road to peace.

The illumination that you hold within your souls is important for this world to continue. The illumination that you see in your minds is important for the whole world to know what can be and what one day will be. All of you here hold the key to Urantia’s future. It is up to you to decide what to do with it, the more of you that awaken, the sooner you will enter this new Age of Light and Life.

Are there anymore questions?

Jerry: JarEl, it seems to me that there is a fundamental truth that I would like you to either confirm and expand on if it be such, and that is that we all acknowledge the free agency that we are all endowed with. However, what most people are not willing to acknowledge is while we experience the consequences of our own choices, we are not willing to accept the reality of the fact that we also experience the consequences of everybody else on the planet. Until such time as we come to that realization that free agency for everybody means that we are all experiencing the consequences of the choices of our brothers and sisters, many who we don’t even know, we can never find harmony.

JarEl: TR, George. The free will choice will always persist on your planet. There is nothing anyone can do about that, but the harmonizing will come once you all realize that it is easier to work with one another, then to work against one another. The effect that may you feel by the choice of your brother is only augmented by your choice to give it so much importance. It only affects you to such a degree that in your mind you expand upon it and make it greater then what it really is. Every person on this planet knows full well that whatever choice that they may make, good or bad, has its consequences. There are repercussions for good or bad choices, but the effect of such a bad choice made by others should not be augmented by you.

For only when it is augmented and given such great importance does the human consciousness, the collective consciousness fall into chaos and disorder. Once you begin to balance your own lives and find out who you really are, there should be no event that will affect you in a negative way. Ultimately all things work toward the glory of God. Even that catastrophic event on your planet will one day find its pure meaning, and that meaning will be rooted in the love of God. So learn to forgive your brothers and sisters, learn to harmonize with one another and learn to accept the choices that other people make. And accept your own choices as well. Learn to grow, learn to love and one day you will find yourself in a glorious light for the Age of Light and Life is on its way. Thank you, I wish you good night.

All: Thank you JarEl.

Moussa: Speaking about what I have heard, I have observed what concerns my own spiritual consciousness and what I teach people, I did not hear anything shocking. I didn’t hear anything false and I didn’t hear anything but encouragement. In which certainty could be analyzed by all of us to discover that it is truly in harmony with the truth of our being and the path on which God wants us to go. I congratulate the being who spoke through you. I found nothing false from what he said, that is my first reaction.

Of course I will become a little more precise. In my country too, a lot of people have the possibility of contacting directly other personalities, other beings and to receive suggestions, remarks and precise answers to questions which have been asked with precision from people. I do encourage you to develop that faculty that you have and also to develop the possibility that the question which I have been asked not only will meet some answers but the promise of some support to help people who have problems, to meet true answers and in unexpected situations where they could feel your presence and assistance from God.

My personal opinion of the answer to the question of the person with financial problems, I have met in that great brotherhood circumstances in favor to bring a solution to your problem. As far as to the problem of war, I would also say that those answers were good. Also men should learn to pray continually and also divine influences that are always accompanying them, to translate more reliably their society. There is still that divine strength which is all around us. In our quality of life which will always suggest new ideals, especially new promise of associations to involve us more like a frame work where we can see the manifestation of the divine. I thank you for the answers that you gave. I thank you all to give me this opportunity to be present to some techniques and to reinforce this community of thinking. I also pray God that each one of us who is gifted, whether it is to be with contact, whether it is to be with associations with positive beings to develop and to share for the improvement of each one and with the positive association of any group.

Once more, thank you. I drew from these two things, that they are beings of goodwill who are trying to help you and also I realize other aspects of the American thought, while this is important in the general problem of mutual comprehension and our common work to change the earth. I agree with him that we must forget what seems bad in some other person and that we should reflect a lot that which in that other person we must establish light from light divine in your natural human life. Once more I thank you and also thank the personality who spoke.

I will remember when I get home, on speaking on what Norman spoke about, there is something else. Although this one is important, generally when I give spiritual training, I share for a moment the meeting of our consciousness, especially the meeting of our souls between the people I instructed and myself; and the service for me, what God has taught me does not stop in the teaching. You must pursue the work through saying your own prayers to God so people will come to you to ask accordingly to the light of truth. As much you are certain to have taught truth, remember all of you that when Jesus finished teaching his apostles, while those who were either sleeping or resting, he went to the mountain nearby and he continued to pray to God.

It should make us reflect that in this particular spirit we should continue to pray to God for people that we have spiritual relations with, to live in God, to live entirely in God. To pray generally, that is good, but to pray precisely for one person, to have a particular effect for that person, that is true service. For those who have consecrated themselves in the service of God, to stay in that moral obligation, to constantly pray to God, so that those people may be helped constantly. Thank you for your attention.

Gerry: One of the things that I found extremely impressive when Norman told me about his encounter with Moussa was the fact that he has bridged between the Islamic faith and The Urantia Book. My question is this, what suggestions or recommendations would you give us to help us to communicate and establish a dialog with the people in our community of the Islamic faith? There is a gap between the communities. We don’t know one another and as a result we fear each another. Moussa has been very successful in identifying how to bridge these differences.

Moussa: Thank you, your question is very important and it is very relevant, it is worthy to be considered. I will say something about it. It would probably take me days and days to answer you completely. Moslem just like Catholic, when I speak about the problem of God, I try to escape the sectarian problem. I always pay attention first not to speak about God, not even the prophets considering a particular sect. So even the question about Islam, if there are people who would want to discuss with the Moslem people and want to keep the essentials about God and man because after all that is what is important. That is the truth, the relation of God and the relation with man which are essential. This is not within the cultural frame, the moment where this appeared, what men knew and didn’t know the problem of God and man in their nature, the divine and the human.

This has to do with social culture even though in our education we have found the values in our societies. The human nature which uses them as nature outside nature during those cultural moments, those of you who are used to philosophy very well know that human nature generates concepts, that it is human nature that is beyond the concepts. The human consciousness which will reflect about science is other than science. It is about human nature that I want to attract you to, your human nature. Everybody could see that this human nature is fundamental and, of course, belongs to all men, whatever the race, whatever the continent or their particular time. These are relatives which comes from God, as they are since Andon and Fonta.

Human nature has not changed, it changes society, but it is what it is and human nature also is what it is, even despite the human evolution in the progression of a religion. We must dare to come out from this frame work of sects. If you want to approach that problem from a clear way, otherwise, if you want to base yourself only on text, and I repeat always, those who are Catholic or any other religion should pay more attention to the text, Koran. They would realize if they understood the meaning that Mohammed never said anything else than what Jesus said. He never said things but that you would find in Moses’ words. Notice that passages from the Koran, we believe in Moses, we believe in Jesus, we believe in all Prophets, we are Moslem; this is the definition of the Moslem. Is there a problem there?

People read very poorly. Another observation, Mohammed said in the Koran, God is within you. He is closer than your jugular vein. Look for Him, whatever effort it is going to cost. In the Koran also the name of Mohammed is different; Mohammed means “the man who seeks the truth of God”, is that clear?

Gerry: Does Moussa have any writings on his teaching?

Moussa: My mission in relation to God is to bring light continually to man. If I wanted to write I would have to stop going and trying to enlighten other people. I have to make a choice. Now everything that I have said everywhere, in whatever nation I taught in, there are full recordings and videos of what I have said and people can make books out of that if they want to. For the past four or five years the Canadians have compiled all of my teachings. It is true in Belgium, it is true in France and it is true in Switzerland. You can consult them and see what would come from it. I think if you wanted to make a book out of all this, the material would go from the floor to the ceiling, but I am not the person to write at this time. I am made to instruct, maybe before I die God will tell me to write a book, I can do it! I am a Professor of Psychology and Philosophy writing is not unknown to me. I cannot do both at the same time, thank you.

Larry: Let’s hear from Chita and Namukale. How was the IC ’05?

Namukale: It was O K. We met a lot of people from different places. The fact that they were all Urantia Book readers, that was great.

George: How did you find The Urantia Book?

Namukale: Chita introduced it to me.

George: How did you find The Urantia Book Chita?

Chita: On the shelf at the library. Was it one of the Books that Norman placed in the library?

Chita: I hope so.

Norman: We have a picture at the Zambia Library where we presented it to them at the Library.

Larry: Chita turned Namukale onto The Urantia Book, he also turned on seven or eight other people. They have a UB Study group with nine of them who read together every week.

Norman: If you click onto the web site under Zambia you can read their stories.

Robert: What do you see as the biggest challenges in a spiritual sense in Zambia?

Chita: Africa is quite different from here. After observing since we came here you can just go to the internet and learn about things. The way Moussa does it is the way we do it. In Africa it is quite different, people learn from what I do. People learn from what people say. We learn some from the internet, but most people in Zambia learn from what people speak. So we learn in two different ways, you learn in a different way here in the Western World than in real Africa. Normally people learn by what I do. They always want me to be there to lead the activities, how come? People learn from the way you live your life. (Chita spoke very softly and it was hard to hear each of his words from the recording.)

Larry: Chita has a very slow and methodical way of teaching the truth from The Urantia Book. I learned this from reading his Bio and those in their study group. He first wrote Namukale letters while she was away at school. In his letters he wrote some of the concepts and quotes from The Urantia Book. Of course when Namukale came home she wanted to know the source of these concepts and quotes. Chita whets people’s appetite for the truth by sharing concepts first and waiting for them to seek the source before sharing The Urantia Book.

There is a lot that we can learn from our African brothers and sisters in their methods of sharing. I know after getting The Urantia Book my approach was almost shoving it into someone’s face and saying here read this book. But Chita lives and shares the concepts with his friends, until his friends want to know, where do these concepts come from? This is how he got nine people into his UB study group. He has been more successful in the few years that he has had the book in his missionary work than I have been in the 30 years that I been a reader. So we can learn a lot from our African brothers and sisters.

(This meeting when on for another hour of sharing and learning from each other how to share The Urantia Book. It was a great pleasure for all of us to share the love we each had for The Urantia Book with our friends and spiritual brothers and sisters from Africa and to hear of their love for it and the truths contained therein.)


Guests: Chita Nonde and Namukale Kitawanda, students & Urantia Book readers from Zambia. Professor Moussa N’Diaye, French speaking Moslem, Teacher & Urantia Book reader from Senegal. Jean Pierre Houtier, from Texas who came to translate Moussa’s lessons into English at a class that Moussa gave on Saturday and Sunday.

Chita Nonde and Namukale Kaliwanda.

These are young people from Zambia. Chita, a male, is 29 years old and has begun a Urantia Book study group in his country. He works and is also a part time student. He introduced Namukale, a female, 22 years old, and a fulltime student to the book. Now she attends his group regularly and they have become good friends. Chita found the book in the library in Zambia. He is not absolutely sure, but maybe it was even a book that our favorite missionary Norman Ingram placed there.

Larry and I first met this charming couple in Barcelona at the Parliament of World Religions in 2004. They also most recently attended the IC05 Conference at Villanova University in Philadelphia. After the conference we brought them home and we hosted them for a few days until other UBLA members took them over and they eventually went to Chicago and then flew home to Zambia. In appearance they are very young-looking, dark-skinned and their spirits are very spritely. Both speak good English as that is the language of their country and they are sweet, humble and enthusiastic about the Urantia Book and its potential to change the world. What a pleasure it was to get to know them better.

They were, therefore, also brought to Lucille Kettell’s home in Arcadia on Aug. 6th and 7th to hear Moussa’s talks and again to her home on Aug. 8th for our regular Teaching Mission group. That is how they came to be in attendance that evening for the group.

Professor Moussa N’Diaye

Now about Moussa….his full name is Professor Moussa N’Diaye and he is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Dakar in Senegal. He is a French-speaking Moslem man whom Norman had also met prior on one of his many missionary travels. Norman was so surprised when he first met him to find this black Moslem man in Senegal, who was also a professor at the university there, teaching Urantia Book concepts to a large group of students. Norman was impressed by the man’s intelligence and his demeanor, his sincere spirit and his wonderful work and has since tried to introduce him to the ‘rest of the world’. We had also first met Moussa in Barcelona at the Parliament of World Religions in 2004 and, likewise, he was at the Villanova conference. Norman had arranged to have Moussa speak for a couple of days (with the help of a French translator) at Lucille’s in August. So, after the conference, Norman and Stella hosted Moussa at their home and then brought him to Lucille’s for his two days of teaching (so we all could have a sampling of his work) and also, again, to the Teaching Mission group on Aug. 8th.

In appearance Moussa, age 75, is stately and elegant. He always wears a full-length white cotton gown (which I gather is the common dress for men in Senegal) and he makes a good impression. His wife died last years and he has four grown sons who are busy in their various professions. It is perhaps worth noting that although Moussa had studied the Urantia Book thoroughly for many years, he had not really experienced a Teaching Mission group. Nevertheless, he politely sat through the whole evening and said he could find nothing wrong or inconsistent with truth from JarEl’s words.

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