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ARC217- Your Life Will Become A Constant State Of Revelation

2005-09-19.  Your Life Will Become A Constant State Of Revelation

Arcadia #217

Topic: Your Life Will Become a Constant State of Revelation

Group: Arcadia TeaM

Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.


Prayer: Norman: Gracious Heavenly Father thank you for this evening, for bringing us here altogether. We pray that the message that we hear tonight will bring forth your love into our hearts. We thank you for being in our presence.

JarEl: TR, George. My presence is among you. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be among you once again.


The question that I have for all of you tonight is how exactly can you measure your spiritual advancement? How far have you come since you began your search for God? This question should be asked and the answer shall always come forward in a positive way. Never will you see failures in this path that you have taken. For this path of searching for God is a path of progression and advancement, even when it seems that you have taken a step backwards, there are always many more steps forward. Even when it seems that you have failed to grasp God’s meanings, it is a victory in a way that humbles you. For God is very humbling to many of us. We have all been humbled from time to time.

Understanding the greatness of God is a task that will take many, many years, but beginning to travel on that path is the essential part which will allow you to continue surviving throughout eternity. So how do you measure your spiritual advancement? Very simply, you look back on your life and you look at the things that you understood and you think about the things that you understand now. How differently do you realize, how differently do you treat others and how differently do you treat yourself? Are you a lot kinder? Are you a lot gentler? Do you see more of the picture? Are you more tolerant of others?

The search for God is the search for one’s self. For it takes a brave soul to look in the mirror and see all of the things which one could do better and doing it. In many ways that is the search for God. Just look to God and know what you need to do to get there, and actually take that step in His direction. That is all that is necessary at this point in your life. Taking that step in the direction of God, for always are you getting closer to Him. Always will your understanding of God increase. Always will you meet many more challenges that will reveal more of the Father and much of what is in yourself.

Your life shall become a constant state of revelation. It is up to you to see the signs and to see the clues which come your way. It is up to you to understand the concepts and to learn the lessons which are presented to you in the problems you face in your life. It is up to you to take that step forward. You here in this room and those who read this paper know full well if you have taken that step towards the True Source and Center of all. So how do you measure spiritual progress? By now I expect you to know the answer. By now I expect you to be happy with the progress that you have made. All of you here in this room have come a great distance from imperfection to perfection. Even if you feel that you are unworthy of seeing the face of God, believe me that you are well on your way to getting there. We your elder brothers and sisters who view the small steps which you take, one step at a time, know the progress that you are making. We are very encouraged with your progress for we know that which you seek for we have traveled the same paths and know the outcome.

We are very happy to count all of you as our brothers and sisters for we see the sincerity in your hearts and minds. We know that what you do here on this planet will affect millions to come and what you do is good. That is why we are here to help, we are here to encourage you and to guide you.

Are there any questions?


Anna: I don’t know how tolerant to be of family members who are alcoholics and drug addicts? I have a hard time being in their presence without condemning them. I am trying not to condemn them or chase them out of my house, but I have a hard time being around them.

JarEl: TR, George. That is understandable, you are in a very difficult position. For at one level you have love for your family members and at another level you do not agree on the things that they do. It is not our place to condemn, but it is our right to live in our own space and to tell that other person what we find acceptable and not acceptable in our space. Tolerating a sickness will do nothing to help that person. Accepting a condition in which they have purposely willed to do nothing to help society. You can show love, but at the same time you can also show rules and regulations in which you will be tolerant. You are not saying that you no longer love your brothers but that they can no longer be as selfish as they are and not see the effect they have on their family. Either you allow them to indulge their own selfishness and sickness affecting the entire family or you put a stop to it. That is entirely up to you.

Anna: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome.

Dennis: Are there any humans existent today, that for whatever reason were re-personalized?

JarEl: TR, George. There are mortals who hail from distant parts of the Universe who once were mortal themselves who died and have come back in the form of flesh and are on your planet, but none who have left Urantia have come back in the flesh.

Dennis: Are they aware?

JarEl: TR, George. Yes, very much, in fact they choose this assignment.

(Editors note: As I transcribed the recording this is the answer that I received to Dennis’s question.

JarEl: TR, Larry. There are mortals that hail from distance parts of the Universe who once were mortal themselves who are here in Morontia form but not in the flesh.)

On 10/3/2005, which did not get recorded, I asked Jar El which answer was correct. He stated, JarEl: TR George. That both were correct, in the case of the first answer he was referring to beings who have materialized in preparation of the coming of Monjoronson. (Is this referring to Serena from the transcript from Northern Colorado Team #72, dated 9/24/2005?)

Dennis: Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. You are welcome.

Any other questions? Norman: The subject has come up on the net that The Urantia Book’s purpose is for the next thousand years. This being the fiftieth year of its publication, I was wondering if you have input on how will the outreach of this Revelation go in the next hundred and fifty years?

JarEl: TR, George. Norman are you expecting me to answer this question relating predictions of the future?

Norman: No. Will this book be successful?

JarEl: TR, George. Whether or not this mission is successful is irrelevant. What is in your heart is relevant, what do you feel? What you feel is going to happen with the message of The Urantia Book. As this message touches you in such a profound way, don’t you think it will touch many others, don’t you think that it will ring true to thousands and thousands of people once they are awakened? If I were to do any predictions, I would predict much success for The Urantia Book and its movement. This entire mission in not about winning people over so that they may read The Urantia Book. The mission that we set upon is to expand the knowledge of God and to make people aware that they are brothers and sisters.

This message is relevant in any form of religion and revealing that God is your Father is also relevant in every form of religion. So our mission remains the same, to expand the knowledge of God to the people of Urantia, bring peace and brotherly love to all nations and to one day achieve that state of Light and Life on this planet. So for the next hundred and fifty years I foresee many people working hard to try to bring everyone together. To try to stop wars and poverty, and to begin to tolerate one another in such a way that you no longer will you need to tolerate, for you will love and all that will remain is love. So be thankful Norman for God has given you such a life to plant seeds throughout the world. God has allowed you to begin to see the fruits of your labor. So rest assured that all that you have planted will one day bear much fruit and wisdom to overflowing abundance.


I make no conditions, for I see what is in front of me and I know what is to be done. I see all of you here in this room. I have seen all of you grow and I have seen all of you find that path within you and search for God. So I have a good measure as to your spiritual progression. Now it is up to you to do your own spiritual measurement. So take this lesson home for tonight and until next time, good night.

All: Good night JarEl.

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