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ARC233- Every Truth Found Brings You Closer To God

2006-05-29-Every Truth Found Brings You Closer To God
Arcadia #233


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Every Truth Found Brings You Closer to God
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Every Truth Found Brings You Closer to God
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer: Donna: Dear Father thank you for this time, and this place and this space. Thank you for this group gathered, please allow our minds and hearts to be prepared to hear the message from your teacher, JarEl. Thank you for all of your blessings, may your will be done. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL:  TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back again and it is exciting to see these inquisitive souls pondering questions, the mysteries of life.


JAREL:  Throughout your entire spiritual careers you will indeed continue to question and, in the same sense, you will continue to receive answers. For the universe is just and there is no question that goes unanswered. But on a personal level, you must learn to be patient and allow this answer to arrive. In the same sense, you also must prepare yourself to receive such an answer; for many times the answer comes and you do not recognize it. Many times it is there in your face and you do not see it. But the important thing is that you choose to ask. You choose to seek and you choose to find.

It is a brave soul who reaches out into the darkness to find the light of life. It is the adventurous individual who goes into the unknown to search for higher truths. For every truth you find, you become closer to God and closer to His being and source; for all of the answers lie within the presence of God. The questions that you ask are simply your inquiry in trying to define who God is for you and where you fit in the universe. We have answered this question many times for you and even in its simplistic form you are unable to accept it for you still ask many questions. But this is something that we completely understand. It is a predictable reaction from you.

For it is very difficult for many to accept the simplest of answers. Therefore, they complicate their lives with many other notions and questions. Even though I say to you that you are a child of God and your destiny lies within the presence of God, it is difficult for you to see this relation. Therefore, you create other questions, other inquiries, and to your relationship with everyone else depends. You constantly doubt the love that exists between you, God and everyone else. It is very difficult for you to accept. It is very difficult for you to learn just to love and to be loved. Many times this doubt that you create turns into defense mechanisms that you project out towards others, creating a wall of insecurity and making your journey towards the world of light and life much more difficult. These insecurities harbor only inadequacy and doubt.

But like I said before, it is very difficult for many of you to accept the simplest of answers, which is that God loves you, so we try to explain a little more of why things are the way they are, or why the world is the way it is and why you have to go through certain challenges and safely arrive at its desired end. We have been truthful if nothing else, we do not lie to you. We do tell you that the road ahead is full of challenges and setbacks. Life will not be easy for you and it is this way in order for you to grow and mature and become a productive citizen. The difficulties of life will be like the hard anvil in which we shape and mold you into the perfect instrument of life.

The love of God is immense and profound. If you search for it, it shall forever infuse your life with love and compassion and will give you the strength you need to continue on this journey. There is nothing that you cannot do on this world, you have all the possibilities at hand. You are only limited by your imagination and your creativity and you are never given more than you can handle. As you continue onward, as you pass this world into the next and as you continue your career towards the center of the Grand Universe, you will begin to understand how simple things can be. In spite of the complexity of the entire universe, the simplest thing will always be wise. There is no great mystery in this universe. There is nothing hidden for everything and everyone will one day be connected and all things will be revealed. But the one revelation that forever shall be relevant to all worlds and all universes is the revelation of the Father’s love.

The one true truth that exists throughout all the universe and it is this revelation that we continually expound to you for it is important that you and your planet and all of mankind learn this and accept this. God is not angry with any of you. God does not judge you, nor does He hate you. God loves every single one of you as His child and that is your relationship with Him. It is up to you to learn this, it is up to you to become aware of this sort of relationship. Until you fully have experienced this you will forever doubt your existence and your relationship with God and everyone else.

But once you have come to realize this immense love that God has for you, there will be no doubt and you will love God as well as all mankind. That is just starting with you. There will be a point where everyone comes to realize this. But it is an individual effort, it is the individual person who must come to realize this and they must put fear and doubt out of them and allow this love of God to enter their minds and hearts for that is the path towards light and life. Are there any questions here?


Lucille: Well JarEl, we know that God does love us and everything, but when we hear from you it really reinforces the message and thank you for your words.

JAREL: : Thank you Lucille. I just hope that these words are sustained within your heart to continually reinforce this idea for it shall forever be true that God does love you. Never forget that. Are there any other questions?

Donna: JarEl, when will The Urantia Book become more popular among the people of the United States or of the world? I know that from your spiritual perspective you can see more than we can and maybe you cannot even answer that question, I don’t know, but I am just asking it because I would love to be here when it becomes more popular, I guess, or well known or accepted?

JAREL: : TR, George. The moment it becomes more popular, that is the moment that light and life will have a sure ground. I will not guarantee that any of you will be around to see this. But I do say that when the individual discovers the source of truth, immediately in him or her, do they recognize the powerful significance of this particular book and in their own hearts it becomes the most popular book they have. Do not worry what the rest of the world thinks. In your hearts you have correctly decided the importance of this book and for you it is a world, for you it is a life-giving truth that will forever sustain you.

Allow humanity to come to grips with understanding truth and wanting to find truth. Many are just content with living their lives from day to day and working out a menial existence. But those individuals who search for truth shall find it and many will eventually find The Urantia Book.

But the moment the world decides to want to find actual truth and search for it, that is the moment you will see a huge upsurge in creativity, science, religion. All aspects of humanity will be affected. When that soil has properly been fertilized, The Urantia Book will take root within the psyche of the entire nation and the world.
Within your lifetimes you will be responsible for bringing many truth-seeking souls towards The Urantia Book and you will give them in their lives much to think about.

There will come a time when eventually many people will come to this book. But like I said, I do not guarantee this time for you and I will not set a date for we see things as they come. From our perspective, we have been able to gauge a huge response in acceptance towards this book. So be patient and allow things to take their course. At the same time, be progressive in your views and attitudes and be proactive in promoting this book of truth that is very important for many of you.

Donna: Thank you JarEl.


JAREL: : I will remind you again that as you search and search and constantly search for truth, there is one underlying factor in all your searching. If you allow God to sustain you in your darkest hours you will come to know what the truth is. You will find all your answers to all your questions. Until next time, goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl

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