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ARC246- Will We Remember Each Other Beyond Urantia

2006-12-18-Will We Remember Each Other Beyond Urantia
Arcadia #246

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Will We Remember Each Other Beyond Urantia
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Will We Remember Each Other Beyond Urantia
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer, Donna: Thank you Father for this gathering. Please help us to be still and receptive to the words you bring to us through the teacher JarEl and we thank you for all of our blessings. We ask you to help us to see and do your will. We love you. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL: (TR, George). Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back and welcome to those who have not been here for a while. All of you here in this room and those that chance to read these transcripts live very distinct and different lives. You all travel on your own individual paths. You all execute your own personal decisions and you all create your own destiny. But despite all of these different paths that all of you chance to take, there is still a common thread that exists in all of you.


JAREL:  This thread that ties all of you together at some point in some far off distant future will begin to tighten and bring you all down the same road of destiny. So imagine yourselves at this moment loosely tied to this thread. You can go this way or that way, you can travel all over the world and make whatever sorts of decisions you wish to make. You can even get lost if you want to. But at some point in the future, when your knowledge is fulfilled and your heart is complete, you will begin to recognize the individuals that you once traveled with as you begin to converge down the wide path of destiny.

If you do choose to take this path to Paradise, the convergence of roads is inevitable. In a way many roads do lead to Paradise. Every single decision that you make in your life, regardless of whether it is good or bad, will create the individual who you are. That individual will journey to Paradise and all the decisions and all the choices that this individual made will be with them for all eternity. So in a way you arrive home as do many of your friends. So do not worry my friends about the choices that you may make, for in time you will arrive safely in the arms of our Father.
When Michael was here on your planet, he favored three parables which he used to tell his followers. All of these parables dealt with God finding you, even when you were lost.

There are so many ways that you can become lost in this world. Sometimes you get lost by accident, sometimes you get lost on purpose. But no matter how you happen to get lost, God, in all His glory, reaches out to you and finds you wherever you may be. He calls you when you are in your darkest abyss and he guides you when you are confused and feel forgotten. There is not one moment in which God abandons you, there is not one instance in which you are completely alone. There is always that presence beside you. No matter where you may be, no matter what you may be doing, God is there with you to experience it all. You will be able to verify this in the records when you arrive on Paradise, you will be able to look back at those darkest moments of your life and verify this presence beside you. Then, only then, will you truly know that you were never alone.

It is only here, on this planet, that you can doubt such a presence. But do not doubt, do not fret my friends, God is by your side always and so are the myriad of helpers who are ever present to lend a hand. Are there any questions here tonight?


Lucille: It sure is comforting to know that He is right here with us all the time.

JAREL: (TR, George.) Yes it is, it is very comforting. As you spend these holidays with your families, try to understand that feeling of closeness you have with them, that warmth you receive just from their presence, and equate this exact feeling to the presence of the Father, for that is how he feels about you. There is a great joy in Him to be close to you, to be near you. Does anyone have questions?


JAREL:  Very well, there will be a long break until our next meeting and in that period of time, I would like for some of you to begin practicing your meditations and I will attempt to make contact with you during the break and if you are successful in your meditations you can begin to attempt the transmissions here in this group. So I leave you with that task, until next time. Goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.

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