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ARC249- TR’ing Is Not New

2007-03-05-TR’ing Is Not New
Arcadia #249


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: TR’ing Is Not New
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: TR’ing Is Not New
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer, Larry: Dear Father thank you for our gathering. Thank you for all of the blessings that you have bestowed on each one of us. Help us each to be good stewards of these blessings. Open our minds and our hearts to the truths that your Teacher would present to us tonight. We pray for peace in the world and the coming of Light and Life and the coming of Monjoronson, your Magisterial Son. We love you Father. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL:  TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your Teacher JarEl. It is good to be back and welcome to those who are here for the first time.


JAREL:   Throughout the centuries we strive to bring you messages of love and comfort. It is as of recent that many more of you have been open to these messages and many more of you have been operative in getting this message abroad. On behalf of all of the Teachers we would like to thank everyone who is involved in this process. Rest assured that the work that you do here and now and for this generation will carry through to the subsequent ages. In a time when there is so much information being produced by the minute, you will discover in time that the quality of work in what is considered the Teaching Mission will be considered a valuable resource for all of humanity.
This process in which we are able to communicate with you is not something new. This was not just invented; it has existed for thousands of years. It only requires freewill and intention of the receiver to initiate this sort of communication and the general belief in a Higher Power.

What is amazing about these groups that you’ve formed is that all of you are most intelligent people. You do not become convinced so easily and you must at all times look at all possibilities and probabilities yet you have the faith and the devotion towards God our Father. Even though you cannot fully understand such a Higher Being, you can definitely experience Him through your heart. It is through this experience that you have come to know many things about yourself, about God and about life.

You are truly living in a marvelous age of discovery. Your world is changing by the minute; the ideas are shifting as we speak. Most of you are poised to act when needed. The time when most of you will be called upon is near. You should consider yourselves prepared for what is to come. Many of you have years of experience in the study and search for God and this long preparation has enabled you to discern the value of ideas and to give credit to truth in human progress. You will be called upon to validate genuine progressive ideas that will help usher this world into a greater age, an age that will be the precursor for the next age of Light and Life. As you grow and live in this world you also are part of this world and this world is part of you; when the world suffers, there is a part of you that suffers as well and when you are most happy and joyful, there is a part of the world that is joyful as well.

If you can find a way to multiply this exponentially and affect others in the same way, you will discover that you can change this world for the better. One man or woman can make all the difference. One individual can bring genuine change to this world. I am not speaking of radical change, I am talking about slow, progressive change; change that evolves through the years. Then at the end of your years you will look back and see the growth and see the effect that you had on other people’s lives, not just your own. For it is this message that has come to you, this revelation that has been laid upon your hands. It is this message that asks you to love others as God loves you.

In your hearts you will all search for your higher meanings and your higher values. In this search you will find the face of God in all the individuals of this world. You must pity those who hurt you and those who strive against you for they are truly lost and are without knowledge of what they are doing. But you are called forth to love others as God loves you. You are summoned to be ambassadors of this new idea and revelation that has been brought down to you. The message shall always be the same for it is something that Michael spoke of and which all of you already know. Are there any questions here tonight?


Donna: JarEl, for the sake of the new person who is here and also our prior discussion, we were talking about how Jesus/Michael, our Creator Son, came to be bestowed here on this planet and we were talking about what his DNA was or wasn’t; or . his mother being Mary and his father, according to the Urantia Book, Joseph. Could you just speak about this a little bit, help it to be clear?

[Editor’s note – The discussion was about the media mentioning that someone had supposedly discovered the tombs or boxes which contained the bones of Jesus and his family.]

JAREL:   TR, George. I will speak regarding this subject, but I must assure you that you already have all this information. The material body of Jesus contains the DNA of Mary and also Joseph. You can go and check these records for yourself. But what I must point out though is that much of this controversy regarding these supposed artifacts of the Master, are much to do about nothing. There is absolutely no value in any of this for it does not add, nor does it subtract from the reality of Jesus.

When Michael was bestowed on your planet, he came here for the sole purpose of completing his last bestowal. Once he finished he became full sovereign of his local universe and all this remains a fact on our records. What he did afterwards he did for the benefit of your world and most other worlds in this universe. But what he brought that was most precious to your world was the further revelation of the Father. This is the gift that Michael left for all of mankind. You must imagine our sadness in seeing a large portion of humanity focus on relics and insignificant details that have nothing to do with the actual message that was brought. When all this chaos subsides, what will remain will be the message of Jesus. When the supposed scholars satisfy their own curiosity, perhaps they can then begin to discern the message itself and not the messenger.

Just as I am of unimportance to the whole, the message that I bring to you is one idea that connects us all that is of great value to you and to me and the entire universe. The notion that we are all brothers and sisters, connected together through one God, who is our Father, is the one idea that has grounded me to the core and has brought me hope for an everlasting universe of possibilities. Michael came down to your planet and exemplified the mortal life and revealed the possibilities of an afterlife. There is so much to learn from his words and his wisdom and when you travel through his path, you will find God, for Michael is the way towards God. All of you here with this knowledge of your world and your universe can be the way for others; you can show the way towards God as well.

Mike: Will it take a billion years?

JAREL:  TR, George. Do you mean for your own personal life? (right) Perhaps. It is up to you. Let’s not look at it as a large lump of time; a billion years is inconceivable to your mind, as well as to all the minds on Urantia. You have not yet lived long enough to even begin to gauge actual time. In time you will gauge with experiences. You will measure your entire life with the valuable experiences that you have. Instead of quantity of time, you will look for quality of time. In essence you can stretch a minute into a thousand years and it all depends on how you look at it. In this lifetime you have the potential of a thousand qualities of time.

In other words, there are many possibilities for you in this world and there are many occasions for you to cherish and it all depends on how you look at it and how you appreciate it. For most do not appreciate the time they have here, most just waste it away. As you travel onward through the Morontia realms, you may find yourself wasting time away there as well unless you begin to appreciate the quality of time. Through this appreciation, you will discover the appreciation of friends, family, of angels and you may even appreciate your brethren, the Midwayers, who are working tirelessly to effect your world for the positive. The sooner you begin to qualify your life on this world, the more of it you will take with you onto the next world. So be truly rich with your life and appreciate the moments of time and bring quality to every second of your life.


JAREL:   That is all, I wish you goodnight.

All: Thank you and goodnight JarEl.

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