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ARC258- Relative State Of Truth

2007-07-23-Relative State Of Truth
Arcadia #258


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Relative State of Truth
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Relative State of Truth
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer, Stella: Dear God, We thank you for this opportunity to be together before our new guest. We thank you for your blessings for the paths that you have shown us and we hope that we will be able to do your will as we go along in life. Amen

JAREL:  TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your Teacher JarEl. It is good to be back once more to this humble group of Urantians. I also would like to welcome those who are here for the first time.


JAREL:   You all have traveled a long road in your lives. You all have gathered experience and knowledge and you all have achieved a relative state of truth in your own minds, something that allows you to distinguish right from wrong, truth from falsehood. But your own truths are relative to your own existence and your own experience. As you travel inward and upward towards God you will begin to discover new and expanding truths that encompass a large number of sectors in your lives. You will be experiencing truths that span your whole lifetime and you will understand its origins and its makeup; the essential matrix of what your life is. These are all lessons that you learn as you grow, as you mature, as you become one with God.

So one cannot say at this point in your lives that you have absolute truth and absolute knowledge. There are no absolutes at your level of existence. Only in God’s existence is there an absolute. Right now you are still learning, you are still growing. You are still beginning to understand why your world is the way it is and there still remain many questions in your lives. You cannot come to any definite conclusions while you are here. And for the same reason, you cannot definitely judge one another. Judgment is only reserved for God. So live your lives in such a way where you are willing to learn and grow, where you become a sponge of life and you absorb every energy that exists.

It is very common for many of you to feel accomplished, to feel that you’ve learned and matured and that you should know better. But that is not always the case. Your ideas will change and your mind will grow, so stay in that frame of thought where change is constant in your life. If you were changeless, then you would be like God. But since you are not God, you must change, you must grow and you must mature in order that you reach the perfection that is God.

“Be you perfect even as I am perfect”, said the Lord. And so you must find that perfection in your life, so must you grow and mature. And learn how to love one another, learn to accept one another, and learn to grow with one another. You are not alone and you are not separate from one another. You must unite with your brothers and sisters in this common goal of finding happiness and perfection.

Many of you might imagine a perfect world as a sterile and lifeless world, a world where nothing happens and nothing grows. But that is far from the case. A perfect world is a world of great adventure, of great excitement. A world where you, my friends, are challenged to invent the greatest of things.
There is so much more to your lives than just what you think, there is so much more to you as an individual. The experience that you will gather throughout your lifetime, right now, is unimaginable for you.

Right now you can only look back at your own life and your own experiences and ponder on that. But imagine, just imagine a time when you will look back for thousands of years, where you will contemplate hundreds of lives, hundreds of thousands of experiences. That knowledge is what you have to look forward to. That knowledge is what you will one day experience. For now you live your lives on this world and you gather what little knowledge you can absorb of this time and space and it is enough for you to survive and for you to grow.

Always remember that the universe will never give you more than you can handle. The problems that you experience now are just the right amount of problems that you need. You must learn and grow from these challenges that arise and you must learn how to complete your task. For if you put away your problems, if you set aside your worries, all these will eventually rise again and they will keep coming at you in different ways, not always the same. But they will be there until you learn how to deal and move forward.
You have much help on your side. You have many celestial beings that support you and look out for you. Your brothers, the midwayers, are constantly moving back and forth throughout your world to help correct some of its deficiencies. Your friends, the angels, are constantly on guard to help you in your task for enlightenment.

As you live in this world you may think that there are many challenges that you must overcome. The world itself is a challenge; there are many problems within it and you might attach yourself to a particular cause. But the ultimate cause, my friend, the ultimate goal in your own personal life, will be that connection with God; that true and ultimate relationship with the true Source and Center. This is a task that will remain with you for all your eternal life. And so you must deal with other problems that arise in the meanwhile so that you may learn from them.

But always keep in mind that every problem that you face and deal with brings you closer to God. This is not to say that God puts these problems in your way. He does not cause accidents, nor does he make you suffer. These are natural out-workings of your life here on earth. However, the simple act of you dealing with them, gives you the experiential quality of bringing you closer to God. All things do work for the glory of God and so will your life one day attach itself to that great mass of energy that is forming in the universe. You are an individual and you always will be, but you are connected to all of us and through you we will all experience the greatest adventure this universe has ever seen. Are there any questions here tonight?


Stella: Were you, or were the celestials aware of us before we were born, and what paths we would likely take?

JAREL:   TR, George. No. There is no way of us knowing who you were before. Your personalities are formed through a mysterious way and so is your Thought Adjuster kept mysterious before it arrives in you. If your question is whether or not you existed before, the answer is yes, you did exist before in God. The energy that comes from God was introduced into your life, into your personality. But you were born here and you were raised here and you shall die here as well and be resurrected on the mansion worlds. Does your question have in any way a relation to the current controversy of abortion?

Stella: Well, partly, but also that the Mormons believe that there are children waiting to be born and, of course, in the abortion issue, what happens to these souls? I guess these little fetuses never get a Thought Adjuster because they don’t live to the age of 4 or 5? That’s the way I understand it.

JAREL:  : TR, George. One day your world will adjust itself and put laws into place in order to protect those that cannot protect themselves. But always remember that God protects all life and He holds them dearly in His bosom until that day in which humans can mature and learn to love one another as God loves them. Are there any other questions?

Larry: I have a question JarEl. Last week many of us got up at 11:11 GMT to Fire the Grid. There was supposed to have been millions of people around the world who also did this, to pray for the healing of the earth. Did the Teachers and the Celestials also participate during this Firing of the Grid at 11:11 GMT on July 17th, 2007?

JAREL:  : TR, George. We acted as observers of this event and we can generally tell you that there was a substantial layer of activity on your planet. For a brief moment, by our standards, there was a blanket of white energy that enveloped the entire world. This energy lasted for quite sometime and in those people who were praying for a miracle in their own lives, something did happen. Even for those that were not aware of this mass prayer, their lives were changed, their ailments were healed.

Perhaps you may not find this news widespread through your mainstream media, but rest assured that people did find small miracles appear in their own lives. This mass prayer event should be done more often for it does work and it has the potential to change the world if done on a regular basis. So, yes, my friend, it did work. (Thank you) You are welcome.

Larry: If you have any questions Michael, feel free to ask.

Mike: Yes, I do. First I wanted to thank this group for having me here. I am really excited to be a part of these teachings. I have a question concerning problems in our lives. I have noticed that as I’ve begun to experience an awakening to truth and the love of the world, problems that used to be so intense to me began to seem a little more trivial and new problems have come up that seem to be much more important to begin with. And I wanted to know, as we progress in this manner, entering Light and Life, and as our planet changes, will new problems begin to arise that sort of challenge the times, or will things begin to settle down in terms of the difficulties of the world?

JAREL:  : TR, George. There will always be challenges to deal with, including in the ages of Light and Life. The only difference is that the problems that arise will not be on a survival status. In other words, you will not be facing the annihilation of your planet or the destruction of certain sectors of your world. What you will be dealing with are higher types of problems, problems that you, yourself, searched for, that you, yourself, are aware of. These problems exist even now only that most people do not have the time or are not willing to even begin to deal with these problems.

But they exist in your society nonetheless and they have to do more with a higher type of thinking, higher types of problem solving. I am not sure if you understand this but it is of a more advanced nature. Suffice it to say that when the time comes your society will cross this bridge of problem solving. For now you have many other problems to deal with, many other issues to sustain.

As you, personally, travel towards Light and Life, and towards Paradise, you will find many other challenges in your life; challenges that deal with psychological problems, even spiritual problems. There will be a point where you must transcend that bridge of understanding God completely. And this problem might not be solved immediately. It might take quite sometime, but they are problems nonetheless, they are challenges. And without challenges life would be very boring.

And so your world, even in the stages of Light and Life will always be challenged to advance itself, to better itself, to progress in such a way where the lives of their children will be substantially upstepped. That is the challenge that should be posed to your world, how will you improve the lives of your children? As we see it now, many people chose that the lives of their children and their grandchildren did not matter as much. So your world is heading for a very bad place.

But there will be a time when the lives of your grandchildren, the future generations, will matter substantially. And every single human being will think like you and will want to change and your world will get better, it will improve. But as we see it you have many challenges now and many things to deal with. And we are ready to help and serve you in whatever way you need us.

JAREL:  : TR, George. Are there more questions?

Donna: JarEl, I have one more question. Regarding the Firing of the Grid, that was mentioned earlier, you said there were many miracles in peoples’ lives, even little miracles, I guess my question is, was the Firing of the Grid also a help to the planet earth itself? You have described the earth in the past as being a living organism, and that was supposedly one of the purposes also of Firing the Grid, not only a healing for people, but for the planet earth. Could you tell us a little about that please? Was the earth helped, the planet?

JAREL:  : TR, George. Yes, I do understand your question.

Donna:  Thank You.

JAREL:   What the unfortunate part about this is that it does not help substantially. For many of the problems that exist on your planet, environment-wise, have already been set in motion and it would take a large amount of energy to reverse such an event. Perhaps this is not good news for you, but the praying that was done, the Grid, helped many people in their lives as individuals.

As a whole the planet needs much help. As a whole the planet needs many more people to pray, not only that, but to reverse the effects, to change, to act. And since your planet is a living organism, you would need the whole world to participate in this prayer. The best that you did in this Firing of the Grid, was to slow it down somewhat. But the actions, the setting in motion, its still intact and its still progressing in its course. And for you to reverse this would be to aggressively act as a planet to take this as of the utmost importance and begin to change it if any.

Donna: Thank you JarEl.

Larry: So JarEl, are you saying that this is just the beginning of what we need to do to heal the earth? That whether there was 500 or 5,000 or 5,000,000 people praying, it is just the beginning and we all need to come together, all 5 billion of us?

JAREL:  : TR, George. Exactly Larry. It is just the beginning. Prayer is effective. But action in people is even more effective. If you pray to change, shouldn’t the change come within you as well? Shouldn’t the change be visual? So, yes, you may pray to change and it may begin to change people inward, but they still need to bear those fruits of change and those fruits are seen and also felt.

Larry: Thank you JarEl.


JAREL:  : TR, George. I must thank all of you, for you do strive to better this world. You do show genuine interest in changing the lives of your brethren. We are most appreciative of how you care and love your fellow brothers and sisters. And it is our intent to continue to aid you in whatever way possible so that you may accomplish those tasks in which you are engaged. And thank you and goodnight.

All: Thank you JarEl.

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