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ARC260- We Are More Powerful Than You Know

2007-11-12-We Are More Powerful Than You Know
Arcadia #260


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: We Are More Powerful Than You Know
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: We Are More Powerful Than You Know
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


PRAYER:   Donna: Dear Father, thank you for our gathering here tonight. Thank you for our conversation, thank you for the Teacher, JarEl, who you are sending to us. Please help us to hear what words of wisdom you might have for us. Please guide us all on our path Father. We wish to assist in these early stages of Light and Life which are coming, hopefully, soon. We wish to assist in whichever way we can. Thank you Michael. Amen.

JAREL: TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back once again.


JAREL:  I am pleased to see that you are all continuing your lives in the most positive way possible. Even though minor doubts may creep up from time to time, you do all along remain with the idea that you are eternal beings and that you will continue on for all eternity. Now for you this is a concept that has not yet come to pass. It is an idea that you do believe in, however, it is not self-evident and it takes much faith on your part to make this into a reality in your mind. But this is something that you feel that is right. This is something that you sense in your heart that is true and good and, therefore, it is easier for you to come to believe in such an idea. And none of us are here to try to force any idea on you. That is not our purpose, nor is it our mission.

We are here to help you expand your own minds. We are here to help you grow and to allow God into your hearts and to help you see the connection that you have with one another, with all human beings on this planet, with all mortals in this universe and with all celestial beings who you will one day meet. The universe is grand and it is complex and there are many things that you will one day see and experience and they await you. But it is not in our nature to rush you. You have plenty to work with here. You have many experiences to discover. You have a whole life to live.

The idea of waiting for something that will one day become is, in a way, absurd. For everything that you’ve ever wanted is here and now; everything that you need is in your presence. And this imaginary day when all your wishes will come true is a day that is not worth waiting for. For you waste time and energy looking forward to a miraculous day when all your life will change. You can make the change. You can make everything come true here and now in this very moment. You have that power. You have that ability to make your life’s dream into a reality instead of just waiting for it to happen, you can actively go out and search for it and make it happen.

In the same fashion you can go out and search for God and find Him. If you always long for the questions to be answered, then they will be answered. If you always long for greater happiness, then you will have greater happiness. And God will give you the opportunity to accomplish this and all the energy to sustain you through all those trials. You have more power than you imagine you have. You have greater strength within yourself and you do not even know it. While you are on this world you may think that you are expected to live a certain life and you can very well follow this pattern of living; you can go along with everyone else and not make a big fuss about your conditions.

But you also do have the opportunity to live an extraordinary life, a life full of discovery and adventure and knowledge. You have the opportunity to change the world around you and to bring this world closer to a greater age.
Urantia will not one day miraculously be brought into Light and Life. It is something that you all will have to work towards. It is something that must be searched. So it is important that you pro-actively take your place in this world and decide whether or not you want to change it. It is up to you to be extraordinary. It is only a matter of intention. Are there any questions here tonight?


Dennis: I was wondering what you thought of this particular idea: If you had those of non-material origin, if they were given the opportunity to incarnate, or to be materialized, let’s say an infant, not born, but materialized as an infant. If they grew up as a material being and spent a lifetime (with their memories suppressed), what do you think of that type of a program being offered to certain classes of non-material beings as far as an opportunity for a unique experience?

JAREL: TR, George. Are you proposing a new program or is this purely theoretical?

Dennis: I was just curious what you thought of the concept? Based on the idea that to experience something, the wisdom and the compassion and all the various things that come from experiencing a thing are much greater than just observation.

JAREL: TR, George. To what purpose should this be accomplished?

Dennis: This would be for the benefit of beings that would experience this. It seems to me that there is so much focus on us as material beings evolving into a spiritual state that I wondered what it would be like for those who have never experienced that to actually have that opportunity to go through that? It would most likely provide a very valuable experience for them.

JAREL: TR, George. They certainly do have that experience through liaison. In other words, through the Michael Sons who bestow themselves on the planet as mortals. Through these experiences the nonmaterial beings are able to fully understand and comprehend the life in the flesh. It is not entirely necessary for them to fully immerse themselves in such an experience, for it is not in their best interest. We all are destined to some grander place; we are constantly evolving and growing. Those that come from mortal lives have a particular experience, they build them. Just as those that were created go through entirely different experiences. It is not meant for every single one of us to fill each and everyone’s shoes. Just as you will never have that experience of being created perfectly, in that very instance, you are working your way toward perfection. And so, perhaps, a perfected being is working their way down to mortality.

Dennis: I was thinking more along the lines of, not necessarily forms of deity, but, created beings, whether they be Seraphim or whatever else they might be.

JAREL: TR, George. There is a purpose for all the various orders of angelic hosts. However, it is not their purpose to become mortal. Just as it is not your purpose to become Seraphim. We all have our paths my friend. We all gladly take up this road.

Dennis: I wasn’t suggesting they take up the career path of an ascended mortal, but simply ‘trying on the shoe’ so to speak.

JAREL: TR, George. They are very close and intimate with your kind. Believe me they do experience all the sorrows and all the heartache and all the joy you have. It is not required that they be flesh and blood. Perhaps this is a question best answered at some future date for you.

Dennis: I was just curious what you thought of it. You have answered my question
Now I have another question. It seems that our emotions within us are electro-chemically generated. What about in the Morontial and spiritual realms? Are emotions derived from the mind or are they derived from the personality? Where is their place of origin? What generates emotions within the different orders of existence?

JAREL: TR, George. I would first like to take you back and make a correction. The chemical and electrical responses are secondary to the emotions. The thought and the idea are first derived in the mind and the imbalance that exists in your bodies triggers certain emotions. But the trigger itself, the idea, derives from the mind. So the emotions of love and hate that you experience on your planet originated in the mind itself and sometimes in the level of evolution in the personality. And this is carried on through until the Morontia realm, where these emotions continue to exist, and they have nothing to do with chemicals.

The chemicals are secondary reactions and they sometimes alter the pure emotion. As you continue on through the Morontia worlds, you will learn to balance yourself and moderate your emotions and to desire for the greater emotions in your minds. In other words, you will gravitate more towards love and service rather than hate and anger.

Those sorts of emotions, in latter times, will be repulsive to you. And you will learn how to be a better person within yourself. And each time you become up-stepped you will have greater capacity to enjoy all the feelings that you have. You will have a wider range of emotions and feelings than you ever knew were possible. And as you become purer spirit you will grow in those higher emotions, higher ways of thought. And, all of this, with no body to speak of, for you will be pure spirit. Hopefully that answers your question.

Dennis: Yes, thank you.

Mike: Hello JarEl. If I might elaborate on the discussion between material and spiritual, and sort of explore it further. There was something in the Urantia Book that I read at one point that very much interested me. It has to do with how the material relates to the spiritual.

I know from what I’ve learned that in the universes of time and evolution, energy and matter is dominant, except when mind acts upon it, while spirit is trying to gain mastery through the mind. I’ve always loved this concept, this interplay of material and spiritual trying to meet; this point of interception.

The Urantia Book makes reference, talking about the mortals, not just about brains, but about the pituitary gland system and the chemicals there. You were explaining how an emotion and a thought will trigger an effect and I was just wondering if this is not only something that resonates through the material brain, but is also something that resonates through the rest of the organs in the body? Is this centering that we are attempting to attain something even just beyond mental and beyond the brain and that sort of interplay of chemistry but also physically in terms of health and whatnot?

JAREL: TR, George. And your specific question was?

Mike: How do the other parts of the body, mainly my curiosity was in the pituitary gland’s chemistry, that they mentioned specifically as pertaining to spirit, go beyond just the brain? How that, with the other parts of the body, relates to this spiritual leading that we are trying to understand and stabilize with?

JAREL: TR, George. The rest of your body organs are there to function; to keep you alive, to keep you working. That particular gland of which you speak (pituitary), is there to allow you to connect to higher thoughts, to higher meanings. However, you must take note that all these are just tools, they are just what you have to work with at this particular moment. You will be given higher tools as you physically progress. Your mind and your emotions do have effects on your entire body. You can become sick simply by thinking it. And you can also achieve health with positive thoughts. It is an amazing tool because it connects you to the True Source and Center. This is something that your scientists will one day discover. They are just beginning to scratch the surface.

Always keep in mind that this body that you have is something that is perishable. The one thing that is in you, your spirit, your personality, will continue without it, will move forward. And you will find a new body in which to reside, but that body will never truly be representative of who you are, of who you truly are. You will find new facades at every stage of the way. And then you will discover that the person that you are is deeper and stronger and more powerful than the delicate shrouds that cover. And this idea will connect you to the universe. This idea will bring you solace and will lead you towards the center of God. Hopefully I answered your question Michael?

Mike: Yes, thank you very much.

JAREL: TR, George. You are welcome. Michael: I find sometimes, while thinking about the immensity of it all, it almost gives me vertigo to think about how much there is to experience, how much is going on, that even in all of our ascension we will still have yet to experience. It is quite amazing and at the same time very sort of, I guess, thrilling would be the word to describe.

JAREL: TR, George. It is understandable. Just take everyday as it comes my friend and you will be all right. There is much for you to expect and you would have this vertigo if you were to see even a hundred years into your future. It would simply amaze you to see what you will be up to. But do not concern yourself with this future day, for it is not what you are doing now. You will see and your future self will see as well, that what you did here and now is the most important thing for you to do at this moment.


JAREL: And with that I will leave you all. Goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.

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