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ARC262- Leadership

Arcadia #262


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Leadership
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Leadership
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


PRAYER: Donna: Dear Father, Thank you for this gathering here tonight. Thank you for our mutual search for greater and higher truth. Thank you for the Teacher or Teachers that you send to us through our group Teacher JarEl and for our Transmitter/Receiver George. Please open our minds and hearts to receive what information and truth, goodness and beauty that you have for us. In Christ Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL:  TR, George. Good evening it is I, your Teacher JarEl. It is good to be back. I welcome those who are here for the first time.


JAREL:  The last time I spoke to you I mentioned this concept that you do not need me in order to continue with your spiritual path. But now I turn to this other concept, you do need each other. Many of you consider yourselves separate from one another, but you all live in a symbiosis, you all need one another to survive, to grow and to flourish. When you divide yourselves, when you separate yourselves, you cause great conflict. For it is not nearly as natural to be apart as it is to be together. But you must work together for greater reasons than your socialization. There are great projects that you must undertake.

There are changes in this world that must occur and there is leadership that is greatly needed. Many of you are called to lead. Many of you are called to support those who lead. It is not an easy thing to lead. But do not just lead people, show them how, show them the way. Show them how to get there on their own if need be. Put yourself out of the equation. So often do leaders make the mistake of being the sole person who leads everyone, then everyone counts on them no matter what. And the day comes when that leader is no longer there and then those that follow are lost for they do not know where to turn or where to go. That is an irresponsible way to lead. You must find a way where you can work with one another, where you can grow together, where you can teach each other and mutually mature for each other’s benefit.

There is no need for selfishness or greed. You do not need to have more than that other person. What I am calling you to do is to find one another, find your brothers and your sisters. They have been lost to you, they have been forgotten by you. How difficult is it to turn to one another and find that brother within that person? How difficult is it to turn to another and find your sister in her? All it takes is understanding; all it takes is time to look into that person’s life and relate. This world has created an image for you that you need to be a certain way, that you need to belong to a certain group in order to survive.

But I say you need to be none of those things. You find your own way, you find your own truth and you find your own brothers and sisters. You all truly are one family; you are all connected. But too often there are those that put up barriers and walls and claim that you are not connected and that you have enemies that you must fear, that you must fight. If you grow to believe these words you will begin to live a sheltered life, a life of fear and distrust. But if you were to wash away all those fears and doubts from your life and look, see and feel your brothers and sisters who are all around you, you would stop fearing, you would stop doubting.

And then your life will begin to have a new level of understanding and love and your spiritual life will grow tenfold and your personal life will be much stronger. All of this is something that you must work for. All of this comes about when you look inside yourself and honestly evaluate who you are and what you think and what you believe in and how you react to others. When you honestly have gone through all those aspects of your own life, you are ready to begin reconstructing your life so it can begin moving into the right direction. But I am not here to tell you which direction you are to take in your own life. That is for you to decide, that is your journey, that is your path.

But I will tell you this, that along your path you will find many brothers and sisters and some of them won’t be as brotherly as you had hoped they would be, but nonetheless, they are your brothers. And regardless of how hurt you have become because of all the things that people have done to you, the fact remains that they still remain your eternal brothers and sisters that you will one day meet in eternity. So do not write them off just yet, they still have a chance just as you have chances.

God gives everyone opportunities. He gives them second, third, fourth, fifth hundreds of opportunities to continue moving forward. He does not punish you, he does not send you back or retard your understanding. He gives you opportunity after opportunity to learn and to grow, to view and to be out there. But in order for you to do all of this you will need one another. So you do need each other. Are there any questions here tonight?


Ana: JarEl, I had a reading recently by a woman, an energy type reading, by a woman who’s read the Urantia Book. She says I originate from Syrius, the planet Syrius-Dahl and Becka (sp.?) Can you tell me about those planets?

JAREL: TR, George. These are curiosity questions Ana. (Okay) There are many inhabited planets that are in this local universe. Whether or not your energy, as you call it, originates in that area is of little concern for you at this moment in your life. Yes you may be curious, yes you may pry into what could have been your past life. But is it really all that important to you at this very moment? Those are the real questions that you should ask yourself.

Ana: Well, in trying to understand who I am, maybe a purpose here, I thought that could be helpful. But I don’t know anything about that planet, that’s why I asked.

JAREL: TR, George. Your Thought Adjuster is not a virgin adjuster. It is an experienced adjuster and he does carry this energy from another host. But that other host chose not to continue forward. So you received this experienced adjuster. Now this experienced adjuster is doing everything possible to connect you with God. And that is a daily regimen on his part. The unfortunate thing, however, is that he was unable to make that connection with the other host.

Now whether or not this past relates to you in some way…I have not seen it. What I do see is that you are a new, an original creation. Your story begins here and it continues onward towards Paradise. You have many chapters to write and you have an entire destiny to fulfill. Your purpose is to live here and now and to make as many people in your life happy and to make yourself happy at the same time. And in one day, in one hour, at some future date, you will find yourself in the presence of God. And that is your eternal destiny. But that story began here and now with you, not with someone else. That is why – know he loves you.

Ana:  Thank you.

JAREL:   You are welcome.

Joe: I have one. (a question) I don’t think anyone else is going to know the name I’m going to mention. Is the person who went by the name Syborg (sp.?) were they speaking the truth?

JAREL:  TR, George. I get the feeling that you do believe that this was the truth.

Joe: For a while I wanted to believe it, now I’m not sure and I am more inclined to trust my adjuster than I am you. But…

JAREL:  TR, George. You find your own truth. The truth is inside you regardless of what I say to you here and now, it does not matter. As you heard me say in the beginning, you do not really need me. You have all the answers of the universe within you. All you need to do is connect. But what you do is you doubt yourself too much and you do not see clearly. And when that happens, you begin to disintegrate mentally. Calm yourself, silence yourself and you will hear the truth come through. Not only this truth of which you speak, but many others. All your questions will be answered in due time. All things do come at the proper time. God does not give you more than you can handle.

But be prepared to be astonished, to be surprised and to be as, I quote you, ‘ weirded-out’, because what you are about to uncover will greatly change your perception and you will never be the same again. But the whole purpose of all of this information that you will gather is so that you grow, that you mature, that you get closer to God, that you find your way towards this light that is within you. And only you can find this, only you can travel this path and only you can find this light. So prepare yourself for a great adventure my friend for you are about to embark on one. Are there any other questions?

Donna: JarEl, this is not a question, but maybe you could just…you were speaking prior to Ana about her experienced adjuster and, is it not true, that most of us humans on this planet do, indeed, have experienced adjusters? I think in the Urantia Book it says something like that. Is that not the case?

JAREL: TR, George. That is the case for most people. This is an age of many experienced adjusters on Urantia. The time is now when the people of Urantia are ready to receive such adjusters. Even more now than ever for there is change on your world that is about to occur. The more people there are who have level heads and can think for themselves, the better this world will become. That is not to say that inexperienced adjusters have way more than they can handle, but there is a value added to an experienced adjuster that greatly effects the outcome of this world.

Donna:  Thank you.

JAREL:   You are welcome.

Joe: What would the adjuster like me to do right now that would help me be more effective in preparing, not only myself, but others for what’s happening and will happen?

JAREL: : TR, George. Your adjuster would like you to become more secure with yourself. Let go of your fear. Allow yourself to value yourself. Give worth to yourself. You are a valuable individual. Do not be so eager to let others know of your value they know, they are aware and it will be revealed to them. But most importantly, find that time to commune with your adjuster.

Joe:  Thank you.

JAREL:  You are welcome.


JAREL:  And with that, my friends, I leave you. Goodnight.

All: Thank you and Goodnight JarEl.

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